Reviews for Apparently Videogames Really Are Bad For Your Brain
PandoraOfVanity chapter 3 . 20h
I immediately saw it coming lmao
Jolly giant 100 chapter 34 . 11/27
Great work so far can't wait to see more!
Rocket Fallout chapter 34 . 11/27
This is a pretty hilarious Story please continue!
OtroRandomDeInternet chapter 34 . 11/17
Please, please, continue this, this fanfic is awesome i cant stop laughing at the antics of Keiko, i want to read more, and most of all see the reaction of them, that Kirito and Silica have the same name, i dont know if you use that name for her for that reason
LunarLucy chapter 34 . 11/9
you should update this is really good
TheGrimDragon chapter 34 . 8/10
Can you please continue this story! It has been enjoyable to read and I want more.
Shadeymankey chapter 4 . 8/10
Okay hope the family sues and gets some of the advertising proceeds at least becaus you bet the government is going to be making money on this
Misabeth chapter 34 . 6/4
I just love the story so I had to read it again. Can't wait to read about Keikos reaction to the real identity of Heathcliff and what happens in the real world...
I hope to read more soon.
The MaeNaerdian chapter 34 . 5/26
This fic is amazing! I could NOT stop reading it from the get go! The characterization arcs are phenomenal, any changes only further elucidate and flesh out the characters and plot, and it’s true enough to canon that the changes are refreshing takes and spins rather than unknown entities! You are an amazing author and I’ve been going through your other works and personally I love this one the most but I’m going to read them all! Thank you for writing and I hope it brings you as much joy as your works have brought me and countless others! You’re awesome!
Misabeth chapter 34 . 2/4
Nice story. One of the few good SAO fics I found.
Please consider to continue. I would love to read more.
clarkdonavon50 chapter 2 . 2/4
KeikoWould you rather me be a broody introvert?"

ROFL, this always makes me snicker and go "Burn'
Rhyn3 chapter 34 . 1/1
god, this was great! a fun ride from beginning to end, I really liked Kayaba and Keiko's interactions, and how Kayaba shifted from mildly interested in Kirito to "this is my daughter now"
Rhyn3 chapter 14 . 1/1
so, is CARDINAL going to develop a fluctlight?
Rhyn3 chapter 2 . 1/1
tch. fucking coper. I hope he doesn't pull the stunt as he does in canon
ANBU Operative Goat chapter 34 . 12/19/2022
God I love this story, not only did you make SAO enjoyable, but the characters all have a place. I love the way Klein acts as an older brother and Kayaba is (aside from a mass-murdering asshole) actually doing a good job at helping (Kinda) Kiriko.

My only hope is that you continue this masterpiece.
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