Reviews for When Fate Intervened
spamari1181 chapter 17 . 5/26
I hate the underage sexual implications as well as underage drinking.
spamari1181 chapter 17 . 5/26
I hate the underage drinking aspect.
Revati Natu chapter 34 . 5/25

why did you kill neville.·()·.
spamari1181 chapter 6 . 5/24
I love Wally. He's great.
spamari1181 chapter 1 . 5/24
Harry is out of character here. That being said he. DESERVES. To. Go. The. Fuck. Off.

That was satisfying to read.
stevem1 chapter 27 . 5/10
Another good chapter. And more evidence that Sirius and Remus may have taught Harry magic, but not discipline or how to fight.
stevem1 chapter 26 . 5/10
Moody’s ‘spare spare spare wand’ was hilarious. But he forgot his knife. And backup knife. And the back up to the back up. And knuckledusters, garrotes, etc..

Harry has learned a valuable life lesson. Never enter a locked bedroom door.
stevem1 chapter 25 . 5/10
William Weasley and his goblin-wizard crew went out like a boss.
stevem1 chapter 22 . 5/9
I’m really enjoying this story. It’s easy to see that Remus and Sirius taught Harry magic, but they coddled him on discipline and focus.
stevem1 chapter 21 . 5/9
Clever Voldemort is scary.
stevem1 chapter 20 . 5/9
Evil Voldemort is scary Voldemort.
stevem1 chapter 18 . 5/9
Voldemort enjoying mindless tasks to control his anxiety is a nice touch.
stevem1 chapter 10 . 5/8
Sirius and Remus being proactive.
stevem1 chapter 9 . 5/8
Another excellent chapter. Dumbledore’s grandfatherly image just took a beating.
stevem1 chapter 8 . 5/8
It makes sense that Hermione’s rational mind might block her from becoming an animagus. On the other hand, Occlumency should be right up her alley.
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