Reviews for Quamquam Absens
Guest chapter 9 . 7/9
Im crying so much you don't understand. Why!? Why did theyhave to die!? I cant realky see what im typing right now because my visipn is blurred but i love this story so much- you've done an amazong job at it 3
Guest chapter 22 . 6/25
Imminently readable. KUDOS!
Guest chapter 20 . 6/24
I doubt it was on purpose but Adam seems like he could beat Harry's immature, little-boy ass.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/13
Bad start, bad plor mean crap story. Do not even complete the chapter.
DiagonAli chapter 22 . 5/15
I love that you've opened up the entire world of magic for us to read about. that the American magical population would have something new and marvelous to share with Hermione. it was fascinating to read about. and dumbledore! the rat bastard! ! what a plot twist that he killed lily. loved the story ... now to read the remaining 70 stories you've written!
Guest chapter 8 . 5/14
Good good
aidansidhe chapter 7 . 4/23
I had to drop it at Adam.
pixelbun1 chapter 22 . 4/19
out of all the Hermione Harry pairings I've read, this is the best. Unfortunately HHr pairings tend to suffer from SuperHarry crackfic problems: nonstop "cool" things happening, no thought for pacing, no character or romance development. This does have some flaws, but I commend the author on a decent job trying to develop HHr relationship, and there was a cool plot, some decent pacing. It did feel a tad rushed, but ultimately it was a fun read.
minyu.xu chapter 22 . 4/6
Thanks for good story you have. I love your work.
Harry61 chapter 22 . 3/16
It's brilliant, but you could have done a little more at the end.
Harry61 chapter 21 . 3/16
Time heals all wounds it may be it's magic will heal our favorite couple
Harry61 chapter 20 . 3/16
Hermione turns out to be smarter than the two dark dorks!
Harry61 chapter 18 . 3/16
Albuts Dumbass Dumbledore won't have a year to wait for his next great adventure through the gates of hell he deserves
Harry61 chapter 17 . 3/16
Little Tommy and Albuts Dumbass Dumbledore will not admit it but they are two rotten apples that fell from the same diseased tree
Harry61 chapter 16 . 3/16
Albuts Dumbass Dumbledore will not quit sowing discordant lies to get what he wants, it's going to backfire this time. Brilliance utter Brilliance!
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