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bkerrmom1 chapter 26 . 5/14
Absolutely brilliant story !
Kai chapter 26 . 5/4
Hm, I'd like to know which zoo Rikki escaped from. Would've been a useful information for someone who wouldn't have expected an anaconda in an African jungle where she doesn't belong. All anacondas, the Green one among them live in South America. How would she survive with different prey, and different predators?

Sorry, but I studied zoology at uni and such things are important to me.

Anyway, nice story. I prefer Harmony, or even better, Lunar Harmony, but as long as Hermione and Luna get nice guys in the end it's okay. The Dumble bashing was well balanced between evil plans, incompetence, and capable opponents.

Thank you for writing!
Marj123 chapter 26 . 5/6
Thank you for an entertaining story, beautifully written.
Kai chapter 20 . 5/4
The information they need is right there, and the snake even later vocalizes it: Whatever the beast is, and it really should be a snake, must be able to reach an age of almost thousand years. There's not many of those around.
Kai chapter 17 . 5/4
Regulus being one of the good guys because he derailed Riddle's plans is a fallacy as well.

It's easily possible that the mutilation of one's soul is so evil that not even the Blacks dabbled in that kind of magic, or even that all soul magic is considered taboo by all the old, traditional families.

It's equally possible that Regulus found out about Riddle's ancestry and was furious that that halfblood mongrel of a filthy muggle beast and a disgusting squib DARED command and perhaps even punish he, a pureblood of the highest pedigree, heir of House Black.

And still relished raping little muggle girls to death because it's so funny when they scream! And why should he feel bad about torturing a few mudbloods to death for sport? That's all they're good for. And of course cleansing their world of that muddy blood. So, being a murderous Death Eater is okay, as long as it's not under that dirty halfblood anymore.

I like Luna's introduction. Hopefully her life is going to be better than in canon. She's my most favourite Potterverse character.
Kai chapter 16 . 5/4
What Lily wrote in her will is often found in fanfics. Too bad it's not the truth.

If a meteorite falls down in Godric's Hollow, or a plane crashes, both knowing nothing about magical means to hide something from other magicals, and the Potters' house is hit and destroyed, and the Potters are dead, is Peter automatically a traitor then? If he's tricked to give out the information by someone under Polyjuice who(se genetic material donor) had been told already and "just wanted a reminder", or if it was tortured out of him, is Peter automatically a traitor then? I don't know if it can be found by a legilimencer, but does veritaserum work? If they are found by Riddle, Pettigrew must have told him. But that doesn't automatically mean it was voluntary, or even conscious.

If James and Lily even acknowledge the possibility of Peter being a spy, so possible that they write it down in their testament, and they still make him the one person their child's life depends on, without a very detailed oath of silence, then they're not nearly as intelligent as they're usually presented to be.

And then giving away the absolutely undefeatable artefact that could've hidden them even from Death himself is the height of stupidity.
Kai chapter 9 . 5/4
Bah, it's easy to explain what Dumblefumble did with James' Cloak of True Invisibility. It's self-evident that Dumbles' academic curiosity was loads more important than the Potters' survival. So it was clear that James would give away an absolute perfect way to hide himself and his family in case of an attack instead of making sure his family would survive. It must, somehow, be For The Greater Good.

No, really, Dumbledore needed his weapon and its parents out of the way. Whatever mind magic he used to get that cloak would've been acceptable. It's interesting that everyone who could've told how Dumbledore really came into possession of that cloak is dead already.

Btw, a gift is the transfer of ownership of an object from the giver to the giftee. The presentation of a wrapped object on Christmas day lying under the tree is a gift. There's no other explanation possible. So, the Cloak went from owner Dumbledore to new owner Harry as a Christmas present. Only, it wasn't Dumbledore's, he was just in possession of that Cloak. But purporting to have been the owner, irrespective of the card in the package, is theft. Theft of a family heirloom of inestimable value, that has been in the family for centuries, should be punished extremely harshly. Since keeping the stolen artefact was the reason the previous owner was killed not even the death penalty would be too much, especially considering that you get the death penalty in magical Britain for simply being more popular than the minister.

I hope the sick thief gets his in the end.

Oh, and I think "what if" is not the most damaging expression in English language. In my opinion the highest award goes to ... *drum roll* ... "told you so"! That's absolutely devastating.
Kai chapter 8 . 5/4
I like this Moony a lot better than most others. It isn't even rare in a fanfic that Harry takes him to task for abandoning him after his parents' deaths. Sometimes Harry just accepts that Remus gave a shit about him after he landed in Durzkaban. Although he gets a little benefit from me for having crawled into a bottle or becoming depressed. I know about depression first hand and accept almost all mistakes based upon that. However it's not rare as well that Remus tried and tried and tried and just Dumblefumble's manipulations kept him away. Those are the only ones I can think well of.
Kai chapter 1 . 5/2
Ah, yes, the omnipresent owl cage. I really wonder why so many fanfic authors copy that absolute shit idea from canon. And even in canon ... if a kid doesn't like something they throw it away. If Harry doesn't like Hedwig being locked in a tiny cage, he should've thrown it away. Would've probably had her survive the even shittier seven Potters idea, too.

What does Harry need that cage for? Bubo scandiacus is a very large bird and needs a large cage. Harry (canon Harry) is a very small boy. He can't even carry the thing well. Even without the owl in it. And it's completely unnecessary. In Surrey he can't keep the owl in a cage because an aviary large enough for a snowy owl has to be as large as my one bedroom bathroom kitchenette flat. Everything below that is animal cruelty. And even then my ceiling isn't high enough for such a large owl. The RSPCA should've had the whole Dursley/Potter tribe arrested for that. During the travel to Hogwarts he doesn't need the cage, because an owl is kind of a bird that's even kind of trained to fly kind of long distances. As in, from Surrey to Scotland, for example. During the travel back from Hogwarts the same is the case. Hedwig can easily fly the distance back, too. And in Hogwarts the owl isn't in a cage anyway, because they have an owlery. Buying that cage is stupid, keeping it and carrying it around eternally empty even more so.

The rest of the story up to that moment, however, is much more consisting of actions based on common sense than canon. Okay, Rowling wanted the "evil stepmother", and it's a children's story that needs "the good" and "the evil". But if they continually torment Harry for years, don't they think that he will come back with hatred in his heart and revenge on his mind as soon as he can? And don't they know that indulging a child, and always giving him everything he demands, and never setting boundaries, and never punishing him themselves, and always get him out of trouble from others (listen well, Lucius, that means you as well), creates violent sociopaths? Is it normal to deliberately create criminals?


Oh, and I love it when Hedwig has more personality than the whole teachers table full of "learned people" in Hogwarts!
Josey1998 chapter 1 . 4/30
kimjo2 chapter 26 . 4/29
What a great story. Thanks so much
Noy chapter 3 . 4/22
Yeah... I'm stopping this story here. I just really dislike the main characters so far, in my opinion they are what Draco Malfoy would have been if he has been born a muggleborn. They are just the other end of the intolerance spectrum : they think that the muggle world is superior to the magical one and sneer at it at every occasion they get.
In short they are just a bunch of bigots and really made me remembered those tourists I had the misfortune to travel with a few years ago and who spend half their time explaining how everything was better in their country. It was truly an unpleasant experience.
Noy chapter 2 . 4/22
Harry isn't famous for surviving when his family didn't. He is famous for surviving the killing curse which is supposed to be impossible.
So no, it's not "stupid".
Guest chapter 26 . 4/21
I like this story and I'm glad you wrote it (even if it did have Harry with Daffy instead of with Hermione). Great job!
Guest chapter 20 . 4/21
So many wrong word choices (using "site" when it should be "sight", etc) in this and the last chapter - not going to insult you by listing them all but you might consider revising this whole story to get rid of them.
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