Reviews for Love's Highway
soniabell chapter 5 . 2/19/2017
I'm reading this for the 4th time!
leftmywingshome chapter 23 . 2/13/2017
This was perfect! Please come back and take that road trip! I absolutely love this universe!
leftmywingshome chapter 22 . 2/13/2017
I blew through this story and I'm so sad to be leaving this little universe! It was a sweet and I loved the dynamic between Daryl and Beth.. and all the love! Daryl, Beth and a cabin is a reoccurring theme in Bethyl fics that always makes me happy! Thank you for sharing and it was definitely a 1st fic! Now I have to go read the bonus chapter!
leftmywingshome chapter 18 . 2/12/2017
I'm so glad they're going to tell Michonne the truth. Nothing good ever comes from a lie! Now Beth really can move on and heal.. I have to say I love this twist, Beth being the one whose broken and Daryl, even though he's got his past issues, he's Beth's hope!
FanOTheFang chapter 10 . 2/12/2017
Still here - still loving this - getting so romantic!
leftmywingshome chapter 5 . 2/12/2017
I am seriously neglecting life for this story right now! It's so sweet! I'm not looking forward to the run in that is bound to happen with Phillip! I hope Daryl takes care of him!
FanOTheFang chapter 6 . 2/11/2017
Ahh! That happened quick - a surprise is always good!
FanOTheFang chapter 5 . 2/11/2017
Ohh - I love the conversations - so cute!

Slow burns fics are always the best

FanOTheFang chapter 3 . 2/11/2017
I haven't read FF in a while - but thought I would start this after your win - Congratulations!

I love the details - the route and the planning - It's clear you've worked hard on this. It reminds me while writing my first fic I had a moon/sun calendar for Louisiana constantly open.

I love an OC too - and yes I let our an audible "aww" when Claire said "Milk."

Looking forward to more - Thank you!
leftmywingshome chapter 1 . 2/11/2017
I had to come and read this.. you know first prize and all! ;) I've read some of your other fics so first prize isn't surprising! You're a talented writer and I am enjoying this one so far! I am a huge AU junkie!
Angela.Rayleon chapter 11 . 1/25/2017
She called him daddy! I cried! So sweet! This story reminds me of a movie called barefoot, just a little bit. The movie isn't even a big rig truck lol! And there is no child, but yeah. I want this to be a movie, and I've also wanted a bethyl big rig fanfic ever since I (spoiler for vacation movie) saw Norman redus in Vacation
Angela.Rayleon chapter 4 . 1/25/2017
I am in love with this story.
fanficlurker chapter 18 . 1/9/2017
Story is good, I'm just confused about 1 thing... Is gneebee someone else that is being quoted or are you quoting yourself in a second author note?
LivingDeadGirl87 chapter 14 . 12/31/2016
Love this chapter funny thing is I work at that flying J in the story in Birmingham Alabama
Guru115 chapter 23 . 12/29/2016
Thank you for a beautiful Christmas present :)
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