Reviews for Can't Go Home Again
john0222 chapter 2 . 2/17
well in back for what my 3rd or 4th read of this
vanfeefee19 chapter 100 . 2/14
This was so good! I haven't felt a draw towards reading since my depression got bad, but this made me like feeling creative again. Thank you for sharing this story with us! This is definitely my favorite fic, for any Fandom, on any platform :)
awesomesniper86 chapter 86 . 1/6
Well, I posted that review literally seconds before I saw Marion explain what the dream was. Nice.
awesomesniper86 chapter 86 . 1/6
Honestly, I’m surprised that Mike hasn’t asked about what the memory yet.
awesomesniper86 chapter 22 . 12/30/2020
Oh my goodness, I misread the AN at the end and thought it said, “So last night I had a stroke.” I missed the “of inspiration” at first lol
SpeedyTortoise2005 chapter 36 . 8/19/2020
This is one of the best fnaf fanfictions I have read! I love how you're able to fit so many great ideas into the story and still keep it clear. You have great writing skills and each chapter keeps me wondering what will happen next. Great job!
Evil Atlas chapter 100 . 6/27/2020
This was amazing. Excellent characters, broad FNAF lore coverage across all the games (with smooth integration of new games and revelations), real tension (I was sincerely worried that this was going to end in Chance's fire or with Mari's final suspicions coming true), and a happy ending regardless.

Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.

For a while I was expecting the Nightmares to show up, given what happened to Gabriel down in ARI. When Scott got that one suspicious call from Mari while waiting outside ARI, I thought it was secretly Nightmarrione. I'm... not sure that theory was ever actually debunked...

Well, I'll go look for that sequel now and see if... ianother hundred chapters?!/i
ColonelJayWrites chapter 1 . 6/25/2020
Wow... This was... wow...

I love the backstory you gave Mike and how much suspense was there during the chase scene. Like a certain other 'unexpected' story I just read and will read again, this was really clear and vivid. This should be higher, honestly.
Nobu chapter 100 . 3/30/2020
Best story ever
Cages21 chapter 1 . 1/23/2020
Heads up to any body reading this in 2020!
Purest of the Hearts chapter 100 . 12/4/2019
AAAAAA BEST ENDING! I feel like I should say more but I don't know what to. I've had your fanfic page open for a while now and finally found the time to read this. These have been some interesting all-nighters reading this story and I can say without a doubt that it was absolutely worth it. So many FNaF stories I've read in the past fall into this hole where they make their own canon with what we've got so far yet the moment a new game comes out and proves that canon false, they just stop writing instead of adapting or continuing with their vision. In fact, I think this is the only complete FNaF story I've read. That kinda drove me out of reading FNaF because of it but then I stumbled across this beast of a fic and you didn't trip at all. You didn't get caught up in conforming perfectly to FNaF canon (whatever the hell that may be at this point let's be honest lol), and you created this beautiful story that didn't feel stilted at any point. Thank you op for writing this story, and I'll see you in the sequel!
Purest of the Hearts chapter 99 . 12/4/2019
I have no words. This was such an emotional rollercoaster.
Purest of the Hearts chapter 98 . 12/4/2019
So Henry/Goldie is the one haunting the warehouse. That would explain why Mari suddenly saw Mike as purple when he was in there. But what does he want?
Purest of the Hearts chapter 95 . 12/4/2019
PREACH MARI I think this is my favorite chapter because oh my god that was SO good! Everyone banding together to get out of that hellscape, Chance being completely batshit crazy, "IT WASN'T ME"?! AAAAA THERE'S SO MUCH TO GUSH ABOUT JUST-I LOVE IT
Purest of the Hearts chapter 94 . 12/4/2019
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