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MeMeMooMoo chapter 1 . 1/22
Have you ever heard of a comma? Good god. This is trash.
Qhaq chapter 40 . 1/13
Fam this is a masterpiece and definitely needs to be read. And incredible job Author-san and keep up the amazing job you've done so far
Guest chapter 2 . 1/12
Harry as Secret Lannister Targaryen Loyalist is
Guest chapter 40 . 12/8/2021
Wow! Thank u so much for this. I've been rly enjoying this the past week. This is by far in my top 3 of fanfics ive ever read and definitely the best ive read in a very long time. Your an incredible writer!
nessiesmith2012 chapter 25 . 11/28/2021
this story has been great. why did u bring a past love from a previous life that he is instantly loving to? neither are the same. so this just makes the story weird and cliche.

the only positive is that least his past and now future [because we all know they will end up together again despite being different people and barely knowing the new selfs] lover was not ginny. that was always a creepy pairing. a spiting image of his mother.
Dayside chapter 40 . 11/27/2021
I'll be honest. There was just too much going on in the story. Especially the final four chapters.
Still, pretty good but kinda dropped off.
Dayside chapter 27 . 11/27/2021
Releasing magic was an incredibly poor choice.
agdery007 chapter 34 . 11/21/2021
Ramsay Snow could not have shot a bow with only one hand as his father had cut the other one off.
Squarekiddo chapter 30 . 11/14/2021
It feels kinda lame that you would just boost the White walkers power like that because you have powerful people like Luna and Harry.
It gives the impression that it dosnt matter how strong a faction becomes because the other faction will get boosted in order to be a match, not saying its that bad of a thing really, but it makes the coming conflict kinda cheap for me, feels a lot like forced drama.
Oh well, one mans opinion.
EchoAvis11109 chapter 40 . 11/11/2021
This is such an amazing story! I binged read this for two days with not much sleep (or work haha). Thank you for sharing this. Kudos for giving justice to the long night that the show never gave its viewers.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/9/2021
Septa Mordane and Catelyn are the reason Sansa's painfully naive.
vigilent chapter 1 . 11/1/2021
I like this story, but some things like the fact you call Aerys the mad king when harry is reborn and emphasize Tywins dislike long before there was any bad blood between the two of them. Tywin at this point hasn't been slighted insulted or passed over. they were friends together known each other as Tywin was king Aegons cup bearer. Tywin was likely Aerys best friend Duskendale had not happened. you miss the nuance, neither Aerys or Tywin were born the villains they became. life shaped them into men the men they were.
Guest chapter 10 . 10/30/2021
Later, after Ned had returned to the tower to retrieve what was left of his belongings he had gone and tracked down Ice. Which seemed that Ser Ilyn Payne had taken a fancy to his family's ancestral sword and claimed it for his own but Ned had swiftly retrieved his blade and was in the process of cleaning it to try to relax his mind, however, it didn't do any good. He had always valued family above everything else, his wife and children meant the world to him and he wouldn't have traded the years, he had had with them for anything and he hoped for many more years yet to come and perhaps even grandchildren if his children obliged him. Even if Jon wasn't his own son, he (Jon) was still included in his family and he'd protect the boy until death, telling no one the boy's true identity to keep him safe from those who'd kill him only for who his father had been.

However, what Sansa just did had shaken him to the core. He doubted that she'd done it maliciously but regardless of her motives, the damage was done which means he'd (he would) have to make sure Sansa understood the consequences. He wasn't looking forward to what he was going to have to say to his elder daughter but all too soon the time came as Sansa and the newly orphaned girl, Jeyne Poole both entered his room. Seeing Ned, Sansa rushed over to eagerly throw herself into his arms, crying with relief that he was alright after everything happened. He (Ned) held his elder daughter but not as tightly as he might've done a week ago which made him terrible. His eyes moved to Jeyne Poole, the orphaned girl who stood at the door with tears in her own eyes. He was worried about the young orphaned girl because this world was a terrible place for a child like her (Jeyne) to be all alone in. However, Sansa regained his attention by telling him how much she wanted to go back home to Winter-fell (the North) and forget everything that happened which was too much for Ned, the Northern lord who removed himself from his elder daughter's embrace much to her (Sansa's) surprise. She (Sansa) was unsettled at his (Ned's) stern expression.

"Do you know what you have done?" Ned demanded. "You told the Queen that we were to flee King's Landing by betraying us. Our entire retinue was wiped out because of what you did behind my back, Lord Vayon is dead." Sansa's eyes widened before she'd shaken within horror at what he (Ned) had found out from Hadrian, the terrible realization gripped her.

There was a moment of silence as his words have sunk in, however, it was neither of them (Ned nor Sansa) who ended the silence, but instead, the silence of the room was broken by a scream filled with rage & grief. Therefore, Sansa found herself being hit by the fists of none other than her enraged, orphaned ex-best friend, Jeyne Poole, another girl who'd known she (Sansa) sold her (Jeyne), their fathers and Winter-fell's other Northerners to Queen Cersei once she (Jeyne) heard that from him (Ned), she (Jeyne) started screaming at her (Sansa) like an animal till she (Jeyne) was pulled off by Ned. She (Jeyne) struggled for a moment before she (Jeyne) freely burst into tears after her (Jeyne's) anger collapsed, she (Jeyne) sobbed onto Lord Stark's shoulder, especially into Ned's arms.

"They killed my father because of her!" As he (Ned) carefully wrapped the grief filled orphaned child in his hold, rubbing her (Jeyne's) shoulder, he (Ned) reassuringly told her gently. "Do not worry, girl. I will make sure you are well cared for at Winterfell." He'd make Jeyne his ward because of Vayon's loyal service and the fact that she (Jeyne) had no family on her own in this world anymore thanks to her (Jeyne's) ex-best friend. He (Ned) regretfully turned to mournfully tell Sansa, the Southerner at heart who was suddenly distraught. "And you, you are guilty of treason. Under Northern law, death is only one punishment…. I cannot change that without angering all of our vassals. Which is only elsewhere in the North. As long as you stay here in the Southern Neck, I have no choice but to opt for the lesser punishment of exile. Perhaps, I would try to find a place for you to live elsewhere in the Riverlands with your uncle, Edmure or elsewhere in the Vale with your aunt, Lysa, but you can never set foot in the North again. Otherwise, the Northern lords will kill you on sight." he really did love her (Sansa) but unfortunately, this was the only way to save her (Sansa's) life. To send her away…to deny her the land of her birth because if she ever returned there and the truth about what she did came out, he'd probably face the ire of his own lords and if they didn't kill her, they'd make him do it instead. However, the look of utter desolation that his older daughter was giving him made his heart shatter into a million irreparable pieces.

Sansa felt like her entire world was leaving her alone in a vast, empty wasteland with terrible predators who filled her with terror. Ned's words had cut deeper than any blade, filling her with total, absolute devastation as the full impact of what she did threatened to overwhelm her. Her real home, Winterfell, the one she arrogantly dismissed, assuming that it'd always be there for her was now beyond her reach. The cold Northern winds but warm, loving atmosphere of her family's home was now stripped from her. Her family would be so far away and she might never see them in person again…her loving, caring mother, the Southerner who soothed her tears, told her such wonderful stories. Her brothers, Robb, Bran and Rickon all so full of life and mischief that secretly they made her laugh with their bad jokes. Her dire-wolf was sent home to protect it after she foolishly lied to earn Joffrey's affection in front of everyone. With Ned's grim but loving aura that always made her feel safe and protected. All was lost now. As her own tears filled her eyes, she felt Ned's warm hand grip hers tightly and she held on for all she was worth, scared that he'd be gone the moment that she let go.

The following morning after the secret meeting, Ned had bidden one of the most painful farewells that he had ever bidden in his life when he brought his daughter to meet Willas Tyrell in person so he could take her to meet her new betrothed, Ser Loras Tyrell in person. The tears that stained his daughter's cheeks have torn his heart. He wished he could take her with him back to Winterfell, however, it'd cost his daughter her life if he did. So he pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead gently as her arms wrapped around him. The pain he felt was unbearable as he held her in his arms for what could be the last time in a very long while. His darling daughter would be some man's wife when or if he saw her next. He'd always see her as his small angel who'd make him smile with her pure innocence and joy. He felt his own eyes teared up and he hugged her closer.

Sansa was feeling more wretched than ever, too. Her own stupidity separated her from her family forever. Never again would the halls of Winter-fell be hers to wander. Nor would she ever see her brothers' spar in the training yard, never would she sit in her rooms and sleep in her own bed ever again. Now she was being cast adrift in the brutal world that seemed to be so large and cruel that it'd swallow her up any moment.

"We will ride south to visit you, write to you as often as possible and I promise I will be there on your wedding day." Ned had sworn to his daughter lifting her chin carefully so she'd meet his gaze and her tears made him hate himself more.

"Father." Sansa said, tightening her hold on him as if to stop him from leaving her behind.

Ned embraced her in return. "I love you, my sweet wolf." Willas Tyrell and the small group of other Tyrell men who had accompanied him, all looked away from the uncomfortable scene which unfolded before them. They were intruding on something very private between father and daughter which seemed like an eternity before they finally separated by dispersing and Sansa reluctantly climbed onto the horse that had been provided for her. With fresh tears ready to erupt any moment, she'd taken one last, final look at Ned before she started off down the road accompanied by Willas Tyrell, the heir who'd sworn on his honor to protect Sansa. He told Ned that his only sister, Margaery would be there to help his daughter through this and his cousins would be there as her new friends but that didn't at all reassure the Northern lord who only felt like the lowest creature in all of creation for sending his daughter away and as he had ridden away back North, he was accompanied by Jeyne Poole, the silent orphaned girl who never even bothered to bid her ex-best friend goodbye. He had known neither Catelyn nor their sons would ever forgive him.
Guest chapter 10 . 10/30/2021
Lord Stark rushed over towards the Tower of the Hand and his steward, Lord Vayon Poole and Septa Mordane were there. They both looked surprised at his abrupt entry but he wasted no time until he told them.

"Pack only what we need and ready the horses. We leave the capital as soon as possible." He was unprepared to tell them in explanation when they looked ready to ask him, however, a familiar voice at the door prevented him from doing this.

"Father?" He turned around to see Sansa standing there. She (Sansa) looked upset. "Why must we leave? I love it here. The Queen and Joffrey have been so kind to me." Ned nearly begun to grit his teeth, not wanting to have to put up with this instantly thus he snapped at her (Sansa).

"Do as I command. We must leave immediately." he told her shortly until he had gone about his own quick packing. Renly had already fled the southern capital and was no doubt on his way to High-garden or Storm's End to call his banners. He had no intention of being here when Joffrey had taken power since that boy had a sadistic streak as wide as the Narrow Sea. He wouldn't allow his daughter to become intertwined with such a monster, but he (Ned) was so focused on getting out of the southern city.

Sansa's face screwed up in anger at Ned for treating her (Sansa) like a child. She (Sansa) just nearly shook with anger at the thought of it. She (Sansa) swiftly turned around to storm downstairs/out towards the Southern Red Keep. If he (Ned) wouldn't explain himself to her, then he'd (Ned would) have to explain himself to the Queen.

"Thank you, sweetling." Cersei appreciated her (Sansa) gratefully as she smiled at her (Sansa) kindly after Sansa Stark told her that Lord Stark was prepared to flee the capital. The Queen had taken the time to clean herself up and now looked as radiant as ever at least in her own mind. "I shall deal with the situation but do not fear, you will not have to leave the city. Now while I speak to your father, perhaps you and Joffrey should take a stroll around the gardens." she suggested and although he (Joffrey) had given her a look that told her he could think of nothing more tedious, Sansa brightened considerably and held out her (Sansa's) arm for Joffrey, the Southern prince who had had taken it, led her (Sansa) away. After Sansa was out of sight, Cersei gritted her teeth and Baelish, the man who had kept his mouth shut at the back of the room, came forward.

"If Lord Stark returns back home to Winterfell, Your Grace, you will lose the North and getting it back would be how difficult the North is to invade." Baelish told her as his scheming mind worked, he stated with satisfaction in his eyes. "I have brought eight hundred of the most vicious Mountain Clansmen from the Vale to serve at your side in exchange for gold. They are yours to command against whoever you decide. They will make everyone fear you, Your Grace." Starting a war with the North surely would result in Lord Stark's fatal death and if he was able to arrange a suitable end for Lysa, it would leave him as regent of the Vale and with Catelyn a widow, he would finally have the opportunity to make her his.

Afterwards, Cersei was compiling a list of all the people she wanted dead here in the Southern capital and where they would be right now.

Back at the Tower of the Hand, Ned and his retinue had thrown whatever they needed into whatever boxes they could get their hands on and sent them to the outdoor carts. Ned looked around to make sure there was nothing more than needed to be packed until he wondered how much time they had to rush his daughter's room to make sure she was ready. When he had gotten there, he was astonished to find out that Sansa was not there and nothing had been packed. Everything was exactly where it had been earlier today. As his daughter's absence worried him, he rushed out of the room when he was alerted by a scream from one of his guards, he rushed downstairs and came across a horrific sight…his unprepared men have been torn apart by Mountain Clansmen from the Vale. In the midst of their packing to flee the capital, his men were completely unprepared for attack and unable to protect themselves against the vicious. Ned hadn't had time to think on why the clansmen were here until he was compelled to draw his sword, Ice and fight for his life.

Two of the Clansmen tried to double team him but despite the confined quarters, Ned was able to stand his ground against the two vicious but relatively unskilled savages and he easily dispatched them, however, four more piled on him, reigning down blows with their fists or battle axes. None of the axes hit, but he received a vicious blow to the head and managed to stay conscious only long enough to see Jeyne Poole, the newly orphaned girl who screamed, was dragged downstairs by a Clansman, followed by another Clansman who held Mordane's and Vayon Poole's severed heads.

At that moment, Sansa was locked up here in the Southern Red Keep room. She was completely obvious as to whatever was going on which somewhat scared her. Ned had yet to find her.

Earlier that day…

Sansa just finished her lovely walk through the gardens with Joffrey when he had led her to a disused room, he shoved her in, he locked the door from the other side. She banged on the door with confusion in her eyes, however, all she heard was Joffrey laughing as he walked away. The room was bare so she had to lower herself to sit on the floor while she waited for someone to come and let her out. She knew Joffrey liked to make fun of other people sometimes, however, she couldn't understand why her golden prince had done this to her. Which had been hours before the door was finally unlocked, she looked up, getting quickly to her feet until she brushed off the dust from her dress.


She felt slightly relieved to see Joffrey standing there when the door finally opened with a member of his Kingsguard, Ser Meryn Trant. She was about to smile at the sight of them, however, something stopped her after she'd seen the looks on their faces. There was something about the way they were smiling made her feel uneasy. She stayed wherever she was.

"My Prince. Is there something wrong?" she asked, not understanding/wondering why Joffrey was doing this. His unsettling grin widened as he offered her his arm, he told her.

"I have something to show you." Therefore, she had to force herself to take it. She didn't know why but something about his touch which made her feel warm once, now she felt uncomfortable, however, she'd shaken herself, she tried to put these silly thoughts aside and walked at his side with her arm in his, all the same, she felt that something was wrong just kept nagging at the back of her mind regardless of how hard she worked to suppress it.

Soon, they approached the walls of the Southern Red Keep and Sansa nearly managed to convince herself that nothing was wrong, however, they walked up the steps on to the wall before Sansa stopped at what she'd seen with horror in her eyes.

There on the wall mounted on spikes were the heads of her beloved Septa Mordane, her family's steward, Vayon Poole, all her family's guards and servants that they've had brought here to King's Landing. She would've screamed if not for Joffrey's hand wrapping itself around her elbow so tightly, she winced.

"Quite the collection, do you not think?" Joffrey asked her, looking extremely excited at the sight of the mutilated heads on display. However, Sansa was unable to reply and unsure what she would've said, even if she did. Suddenly, a horrible thought popped into Sansa's head and her eyes flittered from one mounted head to another before she realized that Ned wasn't there with a small sense of relief, however, she was unable to take her eyes away from the gruesome display in front of her no matter how much she wanted to.

"Where is my father?" she asked desperately just for her to feel the hand of Ser Trant to knock her to the ground and she could not even look up in her shock as Joffrey raged at her.


Suddenly, she felt the boot heel of Ser Trant in her right side which was like the veil had been pulled from her eyes and she could see things in the clear light of day, who Joffrey really was on the inside, what he was really like…all the things she waved off/ignored suddenly came into focus like a tapestry by revealing his true character. He was everything she was warned about; greedy, sadistic, willful, vicious and cruel. Masked by a golden façade, he was a monster in disguise who had fully taken her in. Sansa realized the fact that Joffrey cared about no-one but himself. Sansa was nothing more than a foolish girl who betrayed her own family so he'd like her. Those heads were on that wall because of her much to her own horror.

As day turned to dusk, Sansa, a bruised girl who was forced to walk to in the Southern Red Keep room wherever she was shoved through the door, groaned as her bruised body hit the hard floor. As she struggled to her feet, she felt gentle hands helping her get up and a female voice that brought her a small measure of relief.

"Are you alright, Sansa?" Jeyne Poole asked her as she (Sansa) managed to get to her feet with her (Jeyne's) help, she (Sansa) nodded in reply and stumbled over to a bed on the other side of the room. She'd seen Jeyne pour a goblet of water and press it into her (Sansa's) hand wherever the Stark girl gratefully took some careful sips of water. Taking a moment once she drained her goblet, she (Sansa) could see that she (Sansa) didn't need to tell Jeyne what happened, the bloodshot eyes told her that not too long ago, Jeyne had been crying hard. However, she (Sansa) could not meet her gaze. Vayon was dead just like their entire entourage because of her (Sansa). She (Sansa) told the Southern Queen that they were fleeing the capital. If only she just obeyed Ned's commands, they'd be far safer away from Joffrey and Cersei. Instead, all their trusted servants were dead, whereas, she, Ned and Jeyne were the Southern Queen's prisoners.

Sansa knew Jeyne was worried about her despite all the grief that she must surely be feeling at this moment, however, she (Sansa) dreaded the time if Jeyne found out who betrayed them to Cersei. She was about to lie down to get some sleep or at least as much as she could when suddenly and without warning, Lord Varys and other two men appeared in the corner of the room seemingly from nowhere. She would've sat up, however, her body protested too much and Jeyne nearly screamed but the bald eunuch said quickly. "My Ladies, I must apologize for my abrupt entrance but we have little time. I have been sent on the behalf of Lord Tyrion Lannister to ensure that you do not remain in the hands of the Queen and her eldest son, but we must move now or we will certainly be discovered. I know for a fact that the Queen intends to simply give young Lady Poole to the owner of a brothel." Jeyne looked terrified at sheer idea and was keen to go with them to avoid such a fate, whereas, Sansa struggled to her feet and demandingly asked him.

"What of my father? We must rescue him." But Varys shook his head in explanation. "Your father is currently being held elsewhere in the Black Cells but if the Queen and the crown prince do not have you and Lady Poole, they will have nothing to use as leverage against him. Now, My Ladies, we must hurry." he urged them and Sansa reluctantly allowed one of the men to help her, whereas, the other contrastingly helped Jeyne into a hidden passage which had been concealed in the wall of the room. The dark passage was unsettling in how far/long it seemed to stretch illuminated solely by Lord Varys's torch. However, the eunuch knew where he was going and soon, they emerged near the manor houses on Rhaenys's Hill. The dark streets were surprisingly quiet as they carefully made their way up the hill to the same manor house that Sansa and Arya once visited to meet Tywin Lannister in person what seemed like a lifetime ago.

Soon, they arrived at one of the side doors rather than the main entrance and Varys knocked a series of times which sounded like the first few lines of the Rains of Castamere. There was the sound of a lock being undone and the door swung open to reveal Ser Barristan Selmy, the knight who ushered them in. He frowned when he saw the condition Sansa had been left in by the still to be crowned king. Once they were inside, he and the rest of the servants in the manor re-secured the door and moved them into the drawing room. The maester who just finished changing Ser Jacelyn's bandages when he saw them come in with Sansa, went straight to work as they put her down on the available couch. Now Jeyne almost completely drained curled up in the adjacent seat and quickly fell asleep.

Tyrion Lannister approached her (Sansa) as the maester had gotten to work and she never thought she'd be so glad to see the Imp in all her life. She derided him in private whenever with Cersei and Joffrey because of their hatred of him, but right now, he was the most welcome person in her eyes outside a member of her own family.

"Lady Sansa." Tyrion greeted her warmly. "Welcome to Lannister House. Do not worry, you are safe here. My brother is at this moment riding for King's Landing with his men, soon things will be put right." he assured her, however, she (Sansa) shook her head.

"No I do not think things will ever really be alright ever again." Her eyes drifted over to Jeyne, the other girl who's newly orphaned, already looked like she was suffering from some kind of nightmare.

As his men secured the Southern Red Keep and have begun to gather the Gold Cloaks in an effort to regain full control of the southern city, Hadrian walked in one of the rooms of the Southern Red Keep and was much relieved to see Lord Stark being tended to by Grandmaester Pycelle, the elderly man who'd finally crawled out from whatever rock he'd been hiding under. Seeing the wounds on Ned from his time in captivity made Hadrian frown but he kept his face straight and asked briskly.

"Lord Stark, I hope your time in the cells was not too complicated. I was appalled when I discovered what my sister and nephew had done." He sat down opposite the Lord Regent. "I had ridden here as fast as I could."

"Sure you did." Ned stated bitterly. "My friends and the others I trusted were slaughtered, my daughter's friend was left recently orphaned. My daughter herself was traumatized, I do not see why I should believe any of the words that come out of a Lannister's mouth." He glared angrily at Hadrian who merely raised his eyebrow, not rising to Lord Stark's anger. Pycelle looked ready to say something but a glare from Ned silenced him and with his job finished, the old man excused himself, keen to get away from the two lords who were sure to argue given what had happened.

Ned was about to blow his top when Hadrian said first eager to head him off before the Northern lord said something they would regret. "When I discovered the slaughter of your retinue, the imprisonment of yourself and your daughter was down to the advice of Petyr Baelish." Ned was shaken out of his anger for a moment in sheer surprise at that piece of news. "When she heard that you were fleeing this city, he convinced her that you were plotting against her and Joffrey and that she needed hostages to ensure that the North would bend the knee to her son."

"And how did she know I was planning to leave the capital?" Ned inquired as he was annoyed with the fact that the arrogant Mockingbird had been behind this whole thing.

"Your daughter, Sansa told her." Hadrian revealed which caused Ned's annoyance to turn into complete disbelief.

"No." Ned was unable to wrap his head around the fact that his daughter betrayed him. "This is another trick…Sansa would never go behind my back like that."

"But she wanted to marry Joffrey and be his queen so she went to tell Cersei, hoping that she would stop your departure which she did it her own way of course. Which it is not the first time your daughter lied by going against her own family to win my sister and my nephew's approval. She lied about what happened at the river that day with Nymeria and Arya. No doubt she has been saying anything the Queen asked of her ever since."

Ned didn't want to believe Hadrian but he couldn't deny the fact that the signs of betrayal were there so now that he looked at them in a different light, she'd spent with Queen Cersei and Joffrey without her family there all the time. She was trying to mimic the Queen no matter how much he had tried to convince her not to. Those pieces and others like them that he had dismissed at the time now came together to form a terrible picture in his mind. He groaned in realization.

"If you still intend to return home to the North, I will not try to convince you to remain here because you all have suffered here and I will make sure that the bodies of your retinue are sent back for proper burial, but I hope you will stay at least till tonight, there is a meeting that I would very much like you to attend." he stated but he added the last part quietly in case anyone was listening. Ned glared at him suspiciously as he asked, he whispered.

"What quite of meeting?"

Hadrian smiled until he told him. "The secret kind."
Guest chapter 10 . 10/30/2021
If only someone could warn Ned Stark not to beat himself up.
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