Reviews for Hadrian Lannister Lion of the Rock
Soraslove chapter 17 . 2/18
Ya, i agree with harry, sometimes you have to war aka kill people to bring about less suffering. And all the iron born's did was cause suffering, tbh.
Soraslove chapter 16 . 2/18
Hedwig?! Does that mean magic is returning to westerios?

Jesus, catelyn is a hot mess. She has no political acumen whatsoever, like i said before she's probably the worst woman a man like ned could have married, tbh. The fact that she offered herself to mediate between stannis and renly... ya she's totally retarded. And the thing is that she does so much damage without even realizing it, it's actually hilarious.

I like that sansa is FINALLY thinking, and using her brain and not making thing worse like her mother. Hopefully after arya hears this, she learns to tolerate sansa again, maybe it's too much to forgive her. After all, she literally treated arya badly just cause she wasn't her 'mother's perfect little lady' catelyn is actually fucking idiot, idk why anyone would want to be like her.
Soraslove chapter 15 . 2/18
It was interesting how tyrion dealth with cersei plan to murder him, gg.

Catelyn is once again out of her mind, but no surprise there. She literally just causes problems where ever she goes and lacks: foresight, loyalty to her husband, and political know how. I felt like she was the worst kind of wife a lord paramount could have in the canon, tbh. Then again, sansa was much the same, at least now sansa is starting to realize that are mothers insane plans are just that. Not only does catelyn not know arya at all, she also now doesn't know sansa either.
Soraslove chapter 14 . 2/18
Ngl, i hope the bolton's get wiped out. They were traitors in the canon, and honestly ramsey is fucking sociopath... it was probably all the inbreeding but seriously that line needs to be wiped out.
Soraslove chapter 13 . 2/17
Ya, i always thought it was terrible how robb didn't stand up for his own 'brother', jon. Just cause catelyn was a bitch and treated jon like shit, didn't mean his family had to let jon be mistreated as well. Catelyn is probably the most disliked character in GoT for me, tbh, along with cersei, they're very similar.

I also thought it was mistake that ned didn't tell jon and robb about his actual heritage before he left to go to king's landing in the canon. Maybe that would have made jon stay at winterfell and fight for his cousin, during that war.
Soraslove chapter 11 . 2/17
I'm glad that SOMEONE said something to ned's wife this time around. Bruh, i hated how in the canon she just did, said and acting like a stupid and no said anything.

Also, i also feel that sansa wasn't held accountable for her actions early in the canon. Like her mother she did whatever she wanted and thought she could get way with it. I disagree with what margaery said, while it's truth she was played by cersei the fact that sansa is ambitious and greedy enough to betray her loyalty to her family say's more about her than anything. It was sansa's fault and tbh, she got lucky that she didnt' lose her entire family for her mistake.

Once again, hadrian saved her stupid family and not only did they not see that, but ned treated him badly for saving his life, after all its not harry fault sansa is a disloyal cunt, if it its anyone's it's ned's. He allowed his wife to get away with whatever she wanted, including poisoning her family.
Soraslove chapter 10 . 2/17
Bruh, sansa is such a fucking idiot, and greedy to. She could have literally caused her father's death, and the bitch literally was the reason their entire household at king's landing died like.. the arrogance and conceit of that girl is astounding. I guess it's partially ned's fault for telling her anything at all, i honestly thought it was hilarious he was packing rather than taking his annoying daughter and running, lol. He's so lucky harry was there to save him, of course in the canon he died for his mistakes.

So other than little finger, a pirate, well technically 2 pirates i guess what more is greyjoy really, and frey the weasel all plotting aganist the lannisters and of course cersei the cunt is there causing problems to. I wish someone would just kill her off, all she needs is to be poisoned after all. She's hated by so many people it wouldnt' be surprising if someone slipped her something. Also the fact as long she's alive she'll cause some problem for harry/hadrian along with her bastard son.
Soraslove chapter 8 . 2/16
Cersei is a fucking idiot, doesn't she realise that by killing off her father she gave harry even more power?

Not only that, jamie seems to be more loyal to harry than to her. So, her rancid cunt are shit out of luck, lul.

I always thought ned stark was stupid in the canon, his fucking loyalty to robert meant more than the lives of his children. If ned survives this shit at king's landing, it's going to be solely due to harry. I hope someone or mulitple people point that out to the fucking moron, cause it definitely will not occur to him.

Rip i hope harry can get back in time to protect his family, especially his children.
Soraslove chapter 6 . 2/16
Wow... well harry doesn't have to do anything now, the cunt cersei did it. I like it how she first though of framing harry for her father's murder that she caused, lol. Talk about biting the hand that feeds her.

Well... i know harry bares down on her.. now that tywin is dead there's no one to stop him from putting jon the throne, get fucked bitch.
Soraslove chapter 5 . 2/15
Tywin def has just of cersei, she thinks too much of herself and has spoiled joffery to the point of incompetence. I also think some of the cruelty that he displays is linked to his inbreeding of his incestuous parents.

Sansa was so, weak minded in the canon until unfortunate circumstances such as her rape, knocked her out of it. But even then her younger sister had the right of it, and she was more loyal, intelligent, ruthless and less naïve than sansa was, and maybe ever could be. Not only that, sansa showed far more jealousy towards jon than arya ever did.. she's definitely more tully than a stark, imo.
Wayne chapter 1 . 2/15
A classic. However the other hp/asoiaf fic of yours was not nearly as good.
ladyres chapter 6 . 2/15
(mockingly smirks at Sansa tauntingly): Well, he (Lord Twyin) wasn't lying about you being a horrible queen, was he? Oh boohoo, cry me a river. (continuously smirks at Sansa Stark) Too bad Lord Twyin knew you're unsuitable as queen because of your blind ignorance of how southern court politics actually work, your overly trusting naivety and your lack of understanding of the importance of family. (until I earn a defensive, scolding glare from Ned Stark himself, I ask him innocently) What?
Guest chapter 6 . 2/15
(mockingly smirking Sansa Stark tauntingly): Oh boohoo, cry me a river. Too bad Lord Twyin knew you're unsuitable as queen because of your ignorance of how southern court politics actually work, your overly trusting naivety and your lack of understanding of the importance of family. (until I earn a defensive, scolding glare from Ned Stark himself, I ask innocently) What?
Guest chapter 6 . 2/15
Horse hooves pounded into the ground as a party of men in flying the flag of House Tully rode into King's Landing. At the head of the formation was Lord Edmure Tully, the only son and heir of Lord Hoster Tully, the lord paramount of the Riverlands. He rode his horse on as they passed through one of the city gates and into the capital. He took no time to admire the city before arriving at the Red Keep where his brother in law Ned was waiting for him.
"Edmure." Ned was happy to see someone he could trust after being in this snake pit for weeks. Edmure meanwhile noticed the considerable shadows under Ned's eyes and was worried for his brother in law's health and how much strain was being placed on him by his new position.
"Ned." Edmure swiftly dismounted from his horse and took off his gloves. "Have they arrived yet?"
"Not yet." Ned told him as the two men walked into the Red Keep. "I take you heard."
"Heard? Ned, the entire kingdom is talking about it." Edmure referred to the recent invasion of the Stepstones by three of the great houses. "Some of the rumours flying around are getting out of hand. I need facts to calm down my own lords. How come the King was not leading the invasion?" Edmure asked Ned, knowing Robert Baratheon would never have missed a chance to fight.
"He did not know about it. Nobody did. How they managed to keep it so quiet till after the fact is beyond me. We did not even know those houses were talking to each other." Ned surprised Edmure even more. Ned himself was astonished by the massive but swift invasion that seemed to have been planned out to the last detail and faultlessly executed. To have achieved something like that without attracting the attention of anyone before the event was an amazing feat in itself.
The two men soon reached the Tower of the Hand where Edmure was met with an enthusiastic welcome by at least one of Ned's children.
"Uncle Edmure!" Arya cried out as she was happy to see her mother's brother. She ran over and he had given her a one armed hug.
"Hello there, my dear niece." Edmure warmly smiled, remembering how much this girl's rebellious nature drove his sister to near madness from not only Catelyn's letters but on rare occasions, he had actually visited Winterfell in person. He saw his other niece, Sansa give him a swift nod, however, her face remained impassive. She neither even said a word of greeting nor familial affection to him before she walked off into the Southern Red Keep which caused a frown to formed his and Ned's faces.
Ned was growing increasingly worried about how little time Sansa seemed to be spending with her own family these days, preferring to spend nearly all her waking moments with Prince Joffrey and Queen Cersei much to his own discomfort. Which had gotten even worse since her lunch with Lord Tywin Lannister although the fact Tywin had invited his daughters to lunch without consulting him first had angered Ned he was not so ignorant to make a fuss about it. What had been said he did not know but he knew Tywin was going to meet him later so he intended get some answers.

Meanwhile, in the North, Robb was feeling the strain of running a kingdom as large and harsh as the North. Now he had known what had made his father start to go grey before his time if this was what he had contended with for years. He sat in his temporary office, looking through the mounting pile of papers and frowned as he read the letter than had just arrived from Bear Island.
Maege Mormont was interested in building a closer relationship between their two houses despite already being one of the most trusted houses that the Starks had under their wing. She wanted her daughter, Lyanna to marry his younger brother, Bran. He couldn't deny that it'd be a good match for Bran, he had heard of the strong, capable young lady from House Mormont. And as the reports on the reconstruction of Moat Cailin with its twenty towers and wall that was nearly as high as those of Winterfell had started pouring in, Robb realized Bran might be in a position to gain one of the biggest, most important strongholds in the North with a strong wife at his side so the betrothal was a good choice in his book although he'd have to write to his father for permission.
He might've asked his mother, Catelyn for advice but she hadn't been in the best of moods, however, she had been in the worst moods lately. She was feeling like a mother bird whose chicks have flown away. Only he and his youngest brother, Rickon remained at Winterfell. Bran was being fostered elsewhere at Casterly Rock, whereas, Sansa & Arya were elsewhere in the south with their father, Ned. Hearing the news that Arya had been betrothed to Tyler Lannister which had sent his mother into such rage, Robb had nearly gotten Maester Luwin to sedate her and she had been ready to ride south to give her husband an earful only for him (Robb) to stop her with a desperate plea to respect his father, Ned's judgement. Which had assuaged her anger somewhat but Robb felt that it was only a temporary measure.

"Thank you, My Lord, I am glad Sansa was up to your expectations." Only for the patriarch of the Lannister family to tell him in no uncertain terms.
"Not your older daughter, your younger daughter, Arya. That girl has a smart head on her shoulders and a fierce attitude that I can respect. If she learns to channel all that energy of hers, she could truly become something great. With all due respect, your older daughter is unsuitable as the queen. She is too ignorant of how southern court politics actually work, too trusting and does not understand the importance of family. Although I may seem distant and uncaring to my children…I do love them and my grandchildren. When I'm dead, they will be all that is left of me." Tywin said and Ned could only nod. Although they saw the concept somewhat differently the importance of family was something that both men could agree on.
Bran, the Stark boy who listened to the exchange with interest was happy to hear a rare compliment paid to Arya, the younger Stark girl who often found herself on the receiving end of other people's scorn although displeased to hear the slight against his oldest sister, Sansa, but he thought maybe given how full of herself she had gotten with all the praise heaped on her by their mother, Catelyn, Septa Mordane and more recently, Queen Cersei, she could use something like this to bring her down to earth.
Unknown to them, Jeyne Poole, Sansa and Arya heard every word. Arya was stunned to hear the Lannister lord thought of her so highly, whereas, Sansa was near tears at the slights against her, where, Jeyne tried to comfort her, not understanding what she had done wrong.
Guest chapter 13 . 2/15
As his thoughts turned darker with anger directed largely towards himself, he arrived outside where he saw the new blacksmith that his father had sent from King's Landing, Gendry Waters. He didn't know why his father had brought the young man to Winterfell or the young woman with a baby who was now the personal maid of Jeyne Poole but he felt his features tense as he saw Theon smirking and from the look of it taunting the younger man with his status as a bastard.
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