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YuiUsagi111 chapter 14 . 7/5
I agree Anna and Elsa are very true to their real characters on the movie tho I am a little sad that Elsa didn't get to experience love like Anna did with Kristoff :/
LockAndKey989 chapter 14 . 1/11
I dont know why but I feel the idea of Anna beign her older sisters queen kind of...attractive.
CoolNicNac7112 chapter 14 . 2/1/2017
why is elsa a lady instead of a princess?
Bragation chapter 14 . 1/21/2017
So, end of the story. It is beautifully written, very realistic (especially regarding the historical background), and it is maybe the best characterisation of Anna, Kristoff, Hans and especially Elsa I have ever read on a fanfiction.

My only critique at this point (but this is personnal) is that I would have liked the child of Anna and Kristoff to be a little Prince instead of a Princess, I can't really fathom why xD ! Maybe because there are already many women in this Royal Family, and with the exception of Kristoff your stories lack a bit of importants and friendly male characters. Actually female monarchs like Elsa were quite scarce in the XIXth century, mainly because most European countries at that time have chosen to follow Salic Law. It means that women can ascend the Throne only if all male members in the male line of the current dynasty, even uncles and remote cousins, are dead. It was a way to prevent a stranger from ruling the country. Among few exceptions at that time there is of course Queen Victoria of England, and also Queen Whilelmina of the Netherlands and Queen Isabella II of Spain.
jedijae chapter 14 . 12/28/2016
Well, it's been a long, wild ride!

One of the things I really love about grrlgeek's stories is the layered, intricate plots - deception, intrigue, plots-within-plots - that fit seamlessly into the realpolitik of 1800s Europe. I can very easily imagine her Arendelle as part of that political ecosystem, and one of the real treats of this series is watching how first Elsa, and then Anna, learn how to navigate those treacherous waters as young, inexperienced monarchs.

Speaking of Elsa and Anna: our two girls are wonderfully in character throughout the trilogy. Both of them have fascinating and believable character arcs that bring them to the happiness they both deserve so much by the end. I especially loved the way Anna developed as a character over the series - growing from a naive teenager who hero-worships her older sister to a mature young woman who becomes a capable and formidable Queen in her own right. And she does this without losing the big heart and endless optimism that defines Anna at her core.

A couple of things I want to highlight:

-Kristoff's character. He's a wonderfully supportive husband and father, but he's had his bumps. His reaction to Anna leaving him out of her machinations in "Dogs of War" is spot-on, cutting to the heart of the insecurity that he has about becoming part of the royal family. By the end of "Anna's Reign" he has settled comfortably into his role as Prince Consort, and brings a common-sense viewpoint to a family that is in sore need of it at times (like telling Anna that her 'surprise' for Elsa is a terrible idea). He seems to relish his job of reminding the sisters that "thou art mortal." (I laughed out loud at that).

-The relationships between Elsa and the supporting characters, especially Admiral Naismith. Sometimes I forget that Naismith isn't actually a canon character, because he is so much a part of the Arendelle of this story. The relationship that develops between them over the course of the trilogy is a very believable one, based on mutual respect and love of country.

I hope to see more stories in this universe, as it is rich with potential. I would be very interested in an AU of this where Elsa emigrates to the US, as well as the "Agdar bypasses Elsa and names Anna heir" possibility that we floated on Tumblr.

marvelousgameofdisneythrones chapter 14 . 12/26/2016
So I finally read this in a binge-read fashion...and I'll put my summary up front: Bravo!

In terms of Reign...well, maybe it's because I binged on it that it didn't seem as heart-wrenching as your other stories have been. Don't take that to mean I didn't enjoy it, because I did. Immensely. But the angst and sheer terror was not as ramped-up as I'm used to getting from your stories. And perhaps, with how often I've wanted to take Elsa and Anna (and Kristoff) away from you and not give them back until you promise to be nicer to them, that's a good thing. You finally DID play nicer with them! LOL

Glad to see Hans finally got what was coming, though I somewhat expected it to be a tad more drawn out (perhaps a nice drawn-and-quartered scene?). Amazing how, in so many iterations, he continues to get his hands on so many rare and difficult to find artifacts. Will he never learn that these girls...strike that, WOMEN, are not a force to be trifled with?

Also, I was hoping to see that the Baron might finally get his comeuppance for his complicity in the various plots against the Arendelle Royal House. Even if it was just a loss of title and wealth coupled with an eternity in the dungeon. Ah well.

Again, Bravo on another wonderful story! I have looked forward to all of your writing with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, and this one did not fail to deliver!
PascalDragon chapter 14 . 12/24/2016
Okay, you nearly had me snorting my breakfast tea when I read about the threesome :P (though I definitely do like that one fanart in which Kristoff sits in a comfortable arm chair with Anna cuddling him from one side and Elsa from the other :) )
Funny how both Kristoff and Signe tried to convince Anna that surprising Elsa was a Bad (TM) idea. Thankfully she took that to heart...
Nice point about the checks and balances that would be established upon Elsa's powers with Elsa being "merely" a High Chancellor or something.
I also loved the jibbe at Caesar from Kristoff at the end, or more precisely the diaper loaden extension of it :P
Thank you for writing this story and seeing it to its ending. I'm looking forward to see a version in which Elsa indeed emmigrates to America even though it probably means less or no Anna.
I also wish you a merry Christmas :D
Oh and one little question not related to your story, but more to your notes: how good do you think Elsa and Anna's characterization is in my story? (And be honest, please, I need some honest criticism after all ;) )
Brightness Davar chapter 14 . 12/23/2016
Thanks so much for a fab story. Well actually, stories. I've enjoyed them all so far. Your trilogy was written excellently. I'm looking forward to more :)
Concolor44 chapter 14 . 12/23/2016
You really stacked the deck with Feels this time, lady. Heart-swelling, tear-wiping, nose-sniffling Feels. The expansion of Elsa's character (and Anna's, for that matter) is just breathtaking.

It does feel complete now, though. They get their happy ending ... for the time being, at least. And comickergirl's art was basically perfect.

Allow me to elucidate the timeline. Please check my math.
Elsa was born July 14, 1819.
Anna was born in the Spring of 1822. (Exact date unknown, but likely late Spring, if the environment of "Frozen Fever" is any indication.)
Elsa was crowned in July of 1840 at the age of 21. Anna was 18.
Weselton attacked in October.
The second story arc ended with Elsa's abdication in 1841, on or about the third of April. Anna was almost nineteen.
They held Elsa's Memorial Service a month later, on the fourth of May.
Anna and Kristoff were married, and she crowned Queen Regnant in the summer of 1841.
Anna became pregnant around the end of August of 1841.
Hans enacted his dastardly plan near the end of March, 1842, when Anna was about eight months pregnant.
Krissi was born in early April. (And Anna made the statement during Elsa's confession of why she left, that she'd had the Crown on her head for over a year, but it was really more like nine or ten months, so she should have said "...nearly a year".)
The royal family was back home and comfortable in the castle by late April.
So Elsa was made Duchess around the first of May.

Did I miss anything?

Summing up: You are an AMAZING writer. I love your work. I'd marry it and have its babies if I were female. This arc (so far) is the capstone of your FFn career. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for sharing this glorious experience. Long may you write!
Dragunov888 chapter 14 . 12/22/2016
A good conclusion to a good story. I think I'd like to see stories on Queen Elsa/Anna's rule past say 1850, considering just how turbulent the Victorian Era really was, but beggars can't be choosers.
Also Elsa coming to America would be really interesting to see, considering she'd be arriving in a "Gangs of New York" Era New York City.
And happy belated birthday to Elsa, as always.
Onora chapter 14 . 12/22/2016
A wonderful, satisfying ending to a beautiful story.

There are so many nice touches in this chapter. Enjoyed Elsa and Gerda's reunion, it felt so right. Kristoff and Elsa had a nice ice bros feel throughout. I laughed out loud at the threesome joke.

You did a great job of showing the Anna we know and love, but also how she has grown as a sister and Queen. Nice character development. The way you handled Elsa's thoughts and concerns about taking a role in leading Arendelle was well done. I liked that she went to the Admiral for advise. You've developed a very believable relationship between them over the three stories.

The ending was perfect. Thank you for such a wonderful and enjoyable story. :)
jedijae chapter 13 . 12/20/2016
Sweet Auntie Elsa is so cute!

The long-overdue Conversation...painful, but necessary for both sisters. You do a great job of conveying both sisters' suffering in such a short, pointed conversation. Anna, finally realizing the depth of Elsa's broken-ness, handles it with love and understanding, despite her own hurt.

Great chapter as always.
Onora chapter 13 . 12/20/2016
Great chapter as always.

Love seeing Auntie Elsa bonding with her niece.

Elsa explaining herself to Anna was very well done. Her pain over the last thirteen years and the burden of the crown would be enough to completely destroy most. I'm glad she realized the need to heal. It's too bad she had to run away to do it, but her 'escape' makes sense.

You did a great job of exploring her fear of what might have been if she had not fled.

Again, well done.
PascalDragon chapter 13 . 12/19/2016
Good to see that the two women talked things out. There's hope that their relationship will come out even stronger due to this ;) And it's really lovely to see Elsa being the aunt and caring about her niece :D
Concolor44 chapter 13 . 12/17/2016
This is a facet of Elsa's character that REALLY gets glossed over in the movie: Elsa is "damaged goods". She suffers PTSD, and had yet to deal with it. Her description here of her pain and self-loathing and sadness and fear and ... yeah. She HADN'T been given an opportunity to learn who she was. She WASN'T ready to be Queen. It was, literally, more than she could bear. You showed that beautifully, in just one short conversation. Nice work!

I'm eager to see how the rest of the kingdom reacts to her return. The general feeling may be that since she already abdicated, things ought to stay that way. We'll see.
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