Reviews for Curse of the Black Lagoon
Xahraxs chapter 3 . 7/24/2017
So he speaks. Cool.

Universal is planning a reboot as they already revamped The Mummy and so on recently.

What if he then began to physically revert back to what he used to look like? His DNA wants to go back to what it was. He's still the same as Marcia knows him personally, just he physically reverted back. This also makes him deadly to enemies,but her protector too.

Besides the trailer for the new movie by Gullmero Del Toro, The Shape of the Water has a woman fall in love with a similar creature. It will be R rated for violence, language, and as best I've seen in the trailer, hot and heavy romance between the woman and creature. In a way this is kind of Del Toro's remake of the classic movie,but in another his own fantasy film that is completely new.