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Guest chapter 15 . 9/29
Seriously I am so hooked I can't think straight I literally read every chance I get. I do wish Hiei would grow a brain and fix his own reality because I know he could. He has learned a lot about those around him to repair broken relationships. I do kinda wish he would take the time to investigate the war and find a way to stop it besides going back in time. I just don't think it'd fix anything. Especially after knowing how the stolen moment worked in another fanfiction of yours. Hiei needs to get his act together. And Botan needs to dump crap Koenma on his butt especially after what was just revealed. I'd personally kill him. Hiei COULD be so much better for her! Anywho... I'll review after I've read some more. Keep writing amazing stories!
Guest chapter 2 . 9/25
I just started this and was not all that interested BUT I trudged through chapter one and fell in LOVE with this chapter. I freaking LOVE the world you have created. I am getting a kick out of Hiei's reaction to everything.
ReaperDemon chapter 53 . 9/21
My...fourth or fifth reading through this incredible fucking story and Ive loved it each time, more and more. Botan makes such a great mother. Even if her children are sneaky little thieves, she can keep them in line and they obey her!

Hiei's become almost an entirely new person because of Botan. A lover, a father, someone who truly cares for others well beings. Such an amazing change for him from the lonely miserable moster he'd become.
ReaperDemon chapter 52 . 9/21
Yeaaaaah! She said yes! As always, everything Hiei said to Botan made her fall in love all over again. That he gave Botan his hiruseki stone just made it all that much better.

Botan's sexual appetite is...quite large, even after her first time! It was very funny that Hiei said he was hungry, and Botan looked a bit panicked lol. Get to work Hiei!
Kuramag33 chapter 53 . 9/6
I cried tears of joy for this ending
You're amazing
Hurtin Yo Feelins with Flames chapter 1 . 9/7
Amazing. I love it! Nothing like a completed fanfic that ended the right way
Ayres91 chapter 1 . 9/6
Loved this! Wish I could have gotten a few snippets or mentions of Yusuke's family or perhaps even Kurama, but even still I loved this story
Kuramag33 chapter 52 . 9/3
rikku92 chapter 52 . 9/4
I'm so happy for the update! I just cannot express enough how well you write these characters and the plots for the stories! I started following your tumblr as well! I'm excited to see the last chapter as well as what stories you write next! Thank you very much! :D
Hurtin Yo Feelins with Flames chapter 1 . 9/3
Oh my gosh I am so sorry! I have read this from start to current and have not a SINGLE review! This is so amazing and has encouraged me to keep going with the sequel to my story. This is beautiful! -HYFwF
Ayres91 chapter 1 . 9/3
Words cannot describe how happy I was to get the email of an update to this story. I love it so much. I hated it at first honestly, because I didn't like how cruel Hiei was (him being a little softie and all), but then I got it and it's so awesome I can't wait to read the epilogue! I think I've said this before, I never liked the idea of Hiei and Botan before, but your writing is the reason I ship them now.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/22
Please update soon.
bob chapter 51 . 8/16
You have to finish this story
Guest chapter 51 . 8/13
Thanks for the smile. Still in need of mannnnnnnnny more...maybe a lobotomy. Then, I wouldn't cares what's going on in my fucking real life.

NewRyoko chapter 2 . 8/10
I only read 2 chapters and I almost died laughing at this story. I swear this made my depression fade away so fast.
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