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gordhanx chapter 49 . 9/8
Time for the end of the flashbacks. Let's go out with a bang. Picking up where we left off, we get some nice development for Violet. While has been told not to blame herself before, I enjoyed hearing it from Slash, another one who's lost as much as her, with some good reassurance that she's better than she thinks. I really loved their scene together. They've got a great friendship going. Plus, her learning about Slash's awful experiences helped to better mature her emotionally. Her later talk with Haven, also great as she helped Violet through it all. The Ignis scene was good, showing her side of the complicated situation, trying to get everyone through this, while showing signs of caring to her pack mates. It made for and interesting contrast with Seeker's group.

The two parties meet, we have some interesting and pleasant introductions and the negotiations begin. I did enjoy seeing the Gang's first introduction to Dravos, long before the war. That was neat. Also great work on Seeker's talk with Mender, with the leader informing the insecure healer just how important she is, encouraging her to make her own decisions without turning to others all the time. That why I loved that rather than telling her what to do, he gives Mender two options fully supportive of both and letting her pick which one she wants. It's a great thing to do, to help her grow. Loved reading Seeker & Ignis' reunion, both of them playing off each other, demonstrating their leadership and just catching up after being apart for so long. And I appreciated the detail that we got both leader's POV on the events. Both sides make amends, recesses the situation and growing tensions, and ultimately managed to figure out the healing situation without too much fallout. That's good.

While that was going on, I really enjoyed watching Mender & Cynnil healing Ignis' pack, while demonstrating and teaching their craft. Became better once Ignis herself arrives, apologizing and making her request personally to her. And shortly after, they even get to witness a reaffirmation of the alliance between the two sides, as they being to open up trade with each other, with Cynnil becoming Pack Leader and Mender becoming the official main healer. A satisfying end to watch. And perfect close and book end for the flashbacks. And with the tale of the birth of the Alliance coming to an end, the group continues its trek towards their allies, as the final battle draws near. A spectacular end to the final battle. Can't wait to see how it all ends.
gordhanx chapter 48 . 8/9
Gonna do another short review, memory might be foggy, but the final battle approaches and the flashbacks near their end. Great work on the build up. I really enjoyed seeing the gang first meet some of Ignis group and in particular Cynnil, further building their relationship, her insecurities and why she left. The whole focus on Ignis' pack members, showing us more of them in the past, was wonderful. It was to learn how they adjusted after the Great War and how the aftermath affected everyone with Sawyer & Cynnil being in particularly shaken. Violet comforting Cynnil, the two sharing experiences and Mender shedding some light to her mate, about their faulty system, was a great bonding moment for the two, and a great way to develop the confused Fastbiter.

Watch Cynnil slowly get used to the group, as she joins their meetings, listen to their songs and learns more about them was genuinely very sweet. The brief little tale from Tracker's past was cute. It was nice to see what she was like in her youth. We get some great comedy in here, like the near killing of Viscond and the awkward aftermath. And it turns out, this was all just a big misunderstanding. Ain't that always a delight. Turns out the Valley's was getting pretty paranoid, after the attack. Interesting development, showing more of their flaws and causing further rifts between the sides. We get some more bonding with Cynnil and Mender, A nice hunting scene further introducing us to Slash and we get a nice cliffhanger ending, as Petrie tells the Valley of what they might've have caused. Given it's a flashback, we know it won't come to that, but good way to end this. Best of luck on Part 2.
gordhanx chapter 47 . 4/18
Going to go with a shorter review this time around, but wonderful return to form. You guys did a good job with the chaotic attack on Wrok's camp and how it was constantly shifting. Loved all the drama with Penol and it was great to see her reunited with Logos again. The brief existential moment with Ignis and Viscond was really interesting, as was seeing Davros' loyalties revealed though the POV of a random flyer. It was nice to have Mender still being the caring pacifist that she is, reuniting with someone she used to heal and the ending, despite what's about to come was really nice. Good chapter.
graystripe chapter 46 . 3/27
in song of the hunters story at chapter 6

Did dodger, tracker and violet appear in that chapter at the land of shallow waters?

Did Petrie meet those 3 and their brothers and sisters before mender’s tale story?

p.s just curious
gordhanx chapter 46 . 11/14/2021
Starting up with Questor eh? Feel like it has been a while, plus we've got Wrok's big attacking coming, so it pretty much was the perfect way to start things. And speaking of which, it looks like the attack's already begun, with Work taking out the scouts in brutal fashion. It was great to see more of his more compassionate side, trying to comfort the sole survivor before assembling his tropes for a counter attack. Really show more of his humanity for his fellow man, making him a lesser of two evils, despite his darker moments. And on the other side of Questor's army, our poor Chronos is struggling to explain the concept of a to his captors. Intentionally too. It was really great that despite his shitty circumstances, he manages to make the most of it, by confusing the guards with all his technical jargon and trying to find fellow prisoners to ally with. Great fun stuff. Hopefully, he'll live long enough to survive or escape.

Back with Wrok, it looks like the kids are going to be able to escape safely. Along with the army. As they rest for the night, Penol and Wrok have some more bonding, as their relationship continues to grow. The dynamic between them is still incredibly good. And while Penol is still forced onto Wrok's side, I liked seeing her try to convince her would-be mate, on ways to end the war without escalation. Glad, she still hasn't given up on that, even after everything that's happening. But, as Wrok explains things aren't that easy. You did a great job showing just how complicated this situation is, and how peace can't just fix everything. And then just to make things MORE complicated, it turns out Penol wasn't sent to kill Wrok or even be his fake mate. She was little more than a sacrifice, to help Questor escape blame and make winning the war easier. Damn, that is cold.

Back with our protagonists, Verant is doing his best being the leader, keeping everything afloat before the big fight. His scene was fun. Liked the brief break from politics, as we return to the siblings and their fun struggles getting the kids onto Path. It was a really cute, heartwarming side thing, while the politics and war is going on, and something I really enjoyed reading. Any family stuff with Mender, her siblings and the hatchlings is always nice to read about. Hopefully the kids will all make it out safe. While they prepare for battle, with something approaching them, it's Ignis' turn to get some attention, or more accurately Dravos, who's waiting at the sides unsure of what will happen next.

And over by the Hidden Rocks, we get another scene with the kids. Always a blast. I enjoyed seeing their Hide & Seek game, with their own little teams and friendships going on. Really nice stuff. And then finally, we return to Logos, stuck with Bluntbeak, and as you can imagine, they're not getting along too well. I enjoyed their brief dynamic, before the rainbow face was brought before Wrok. Now both sides have one. That's only going to make things way more awkward for everyone. And to make things worse…the attack on Wrok's camp has begun. Looks like we've got another bloodbath coming. I am caustically awaiting to see how it all goes. Great work on this one.
sol chapter 46 . 11/5/2021
You know, it will be interesting to see “tickle torture” makes its appearance especially when I chronos is the victim of such torture.

p.s chronos accidentally slip a very effective way of torture to get information without killing anyone

p.s I’m sure dinosaurs are ticklish.

p.s I can guarantee chronos will plead and beg for mercy when they gave him tickle torture.
D608 chapter 46 . 9/26/2021
Oh wow, I was surprised to see this got a few updates since I last read it. It’s fantastic to see your still writing this series and doing a fantastic job at that.

Hope your doing well, take care and be safe!
graystripe chapter 46 . 9/16/2021
If chronos ever decided to escape, he must make sure he won’t be pounced on by 3 to 4 hidden runners at same time. (the hidden runners don’t have pointed sticks at all)

3 to 4 hidden runners total weight combine is above chronos weight.

It is actually interesting to see chronos being pinned down by hidden runners who threw themselves onto his back and prevent him from getting up.


I’m not surprised if logos is being saved by seeker and co in the next chapter.

It will be interesting to see logos chatting with mender and her adopted children…lol.
The Mr E chapter 44 . 6/27/2021
There's a certain pureness and wonder evoked by seeing a character enter their world for the first time, before all chaos breaks loose and they're forced to deal with it. This is quite well-written, and does indeed function as a standalone. Getting inside the hatchling's head as he discovers that he can make 'me sounds', and registers Mender as a dim patch of light and so on strongly accentuate the impression. His labelling her as 'Mama' was a good transition point to her perspective. Little moments like the way he chose Mender's killing claw as a cuddling spot, or had his hiding instincts triggered help make it organic. Are your hidden runners somewhat different from the seemingly harmless one in the series? Within my canon at least, true hidden runners are a subspecies of utahraptor capable of active camouflage so as to appear nearly invisible. Camouflage techniques aside, I hope I didn't overlap with your idea too much. Are tiny biters compsaurgnathuses, or 'compies', as Jurassic Park nicknames them? Anyway, great work!
gordhanx chapter 45 . 6/6/2021
Oooh, we're starting with the kids! How delightful. Their opening was brief but cute. And with the flyers, Pterano gets to be a mentor to his other nephew Cloud, giving him the encouragement & advice needed for him to get by his mission in one piece. That was really cool. Glad to see Pterano doing stuff. On the other side, we getting the Bellydraggers involved as Seeker & Verant attempt to form some kind of alliance with them. To bad mostly everyone has no faith in it. I'm glad we're giving the Bellydraggers some spotlight here. I don't think we've seen too much of them in this series, or at least had a whole conversation with one. I'm also pleasantly surprised that the main dragger Groach was suprisingly intelligent and negotionable throughout.

And after the negotiations go smoothly, Verant finally learns about Mender's latest family members, and it's definetly quite awkward. I did really like how you handled it. He's annoyed, but still does his best to get used to the situation and help Mender along. The kids even have names and some signs to personality. Awww how cute. The whole was just so wholesome, as the whole community comes together to help Mender raise the kids. She's such a great mom, even demanding the Seeker rework the plan so that the kids can make it too.

But while they prepare to leave, it seems the baddies are dealing with their own stuff. Wrok's planning his next move on Questor, with Penol even helping him out on how to move the kids. Huh, fun bit of mirroring scenarios there with Penol & Mender. And Logos finally finds someone to help her find Chronus…Bluntbeak. Well, let's see how this goes.

Good work on this one.
TheOneWhoSaysMeep chapter 45 . 5/7/2021
graystripe chapter 45 . 4/17/2021
looks like someone wants chronos to be the kingmaker.

you know, i wouldn't be surprised if littlefoot and co ended up saving chronos and

hidden runners worshiping mender's sickle

how heavy is chronos exactly?
gordhanx chapter 44 . 4/8/2021
This was a super cute bonus chapter. Just loved seeing Mender taking care of her new hatchling. The opening bit, portraying their first moments emerging from the egg, was a brilliant move. Already Mender's looking to be a great mother. Kind, comforting and very gentle. Really sweet stuff.
gordhanx chapter 43 . 2/15/2021
Well this took forever to get to, so let's just do it. The opening was really nice. A great moment with both Topps & Castor bonding, while they talk about how things are going & give each other wisdom. It's always great to see more of Topps' wiser side, and Castor's inner reflection, to just how much more complicated and dangerous things are now, was fascinating to read about. Things take quite the turn however, when they uncover Numo's body, and Topps starts grilling his so-called ally, regarding his betrayal. I'm glad to see someone from the valley finally become aware of this, as we learn how and why Castor did this, ultimately having come to regret his actions. Great job handling this scene. You do feel bad for Castor despite everything, and it was touching seeing Topps seeming to forgive him, despite his fury at what happened, offering a way for him to make things right. I look forward, to seeing Castor's redemption.

Over with Wrok, he's picking up the pieces, making the most of his situation, and taking delight in each little development between him & Penol. Because, nothing's going to stop our sneaky little snake. Gotta say, I'm impressed by his tenacity. Even at his lowest, he's still plotting and able to come up with some quick and cunning observations. Goes to show, he's going to be around for the long run. We get another neat little exploration of his plans and philosophy, which clash really well with Penol's own thoughts. With this, and Penol sharing more of her past with Wrok, the two are growing ever closer, making Penol complete defection all the more likely. And on the other side, Ignis & Davros receive a surprise visit, from one of Questor's messengers. A man, he may have started out a bit scared, but I give him major props for standing up for himself, and even giving them a few clever remarks while he's there. At least, until Ignis fires back and scares the piss out of him. All the while creepy Davros schemes in the background. He continues to be an unpredictable player. I have no idea what he's planing, but I'm sure it'll be something big.

Back at the valley, Castor finally comes clean to everyone, who are not too thrilled by the sudden revelations. Unfortunately, just because they know what's going on, doesn't mean they can easily solve the problem. They need to convince the rest of the herd & doubters, and that's going to be tough on it's own. The whole dilemma was a really clever and realistic way, to make the traitor situation a lot more complex, so it's not just solved like that. Good thinking. Fortunately, they're able to think of a clever plan on their own. Having Cloud pose as one of the messengers, while the small valley members act as scouts. It's a great way, to give Cloud something to do, having mostly been a side player throughout this. And given he already managed to convince the Domeheads pretty easily, hopefully we'll get to see more of him later on.

And we finally head back to Mender, tending the eggs…which suddenly begin to hatch. Oh dear. Mender's become a mommy XD . Was not expecting this, but I'm not complaining. It was adorable seeing more of her awkward side, as she has no idea how to handle the new kids. Just seeing her struggle to figure out what to feed them, before remembering back to her childhood. It was a really sweet moment and a nice return to the flashbacks. We also get a very somber spotlight for White Eyes, as he mourns the loss of his close, but celebrating the victory & his memory through song. It was a very powerful moment. And while Cynnil, Orchid & Buse are trying to figure out what to do next, they stumble upon Mender's new family, briefly putting those worries aside. Really sweet stuff.

But, that's put to the side for now, as it's time for another meeting. Seeker & his deputies discuss what to do next, going over the state of everyone, when Grimace announces that he's stepping down from his leadership position. It was great exploring his aftermath, having lost so many including one of his friends. It was depressing seeing how much it shook him, but heartwarming to see Seeker & the rest coming together, to give him some words of encouragement. While it doesn't fully resolve Grimace's depression, it's enough to give him the will to do better. Hopefully, he'll be able to move from this and become better as a result. And it seems he's already getting his chance, by negotiating with Grievance. Let's hope things don't get too messy. And finally, Chronos is brought before Questor, who has plans for his new pet. That's not good.

Really great chapter man. A good aftermath to the big battle, with plenty of new developments.
Anagnos chapter 43 . 12/16/2020
It certainly has been a while since the last update. Although none of that is the fault of you, for this year has surely taken its toll on all of us and we all have certain things that must take priority over writing. That said, I'm glad to be able to read the next installment of Mender's Tale. I apologize if the review took this long to arrive. I was going to post it yesterday, but I got hit by a sudden influx of fatigue during the late hours of the day. To compensate for that, I thought I'd make this review as long and detailed as possible.

The young Castor certainly did not take his friend's early demise lightly, and because of that, he has now started to actively move against his former allies. I really appreciate that the threehorn grasped which was the right decision in the end, but part of me can't help but feel it wasn't enough of a reason for him to defect to the other side. Naturally, now that his friend has died in the hands of those he considered to be his allies, I can see him being ready to change his allegiances.

Meanwhile, Wrok is proving himself to be quite sneaky opponent to ward off. Even after being betrayed by Questor and taking the blame for something he wasn't involved in, you can't help but admire his devotion to the cause his pack has engaged in. I have to admit as much, that his goals certainly sound more noble than that of his adversaries. At this point I'm hard-pressed to not be rooting for him. In fact, I find myself allured of him more and more as the story progresses. However, something tells me that this won't be a war where he will rise victorious. At the same time on the other side of the conflict, we see Dravos scheming. Whatever his end goal might be, he's certainly proving to be quite the elusive character.

I feel like this chapter follows a trend of having side characters prove themselves to the cause they're willing to serve, as we have yet another individual eager to please, Cloud. His usefulness to the valley by catching the dissidents hiding among the populace is already starting to flourish. Although, I fear for the flyer's life now that he's in the midst of it all. Were something to go wrong, he'd be one of the first, if not the first, to perish. I'd hate to see him depart so early, now that I'm starting to like his character. Mender becoming a mother is something I did not expect to see, but it's certainly a welcome transition. I can't be the only one to think that she'd make a wonderful mother to her own children some day.

Alas, Questor's plans are moving along and even if Chronos were to resist, I don't think he'd last very long. Questor might be a brute, but he doesn't strike me as someone that doesn't utilize every resource in their possession. Simply put, he is a true villain in this story. I'll be looking forward to in which direction the story will go from here. I'm positive that we'll see some pretty interesting stuff along the way.
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