Reviews for Arts and Antiques
Harmony Avery chapter 1 . 10/10/2017
Grandmaster Glitch gets sprayed by Skunk!Chowa

Grandmaster Glitch:Hey, who the hell knocked over the garbage ca-(sees Skunk!Chowa)Whoa, hey, hey, hey! I don't want any trouble.

Skunk!Chowa:Well, you in the wrong pkace if you ain't looking for trouble, ol' boy! Nothin' but troubke out here! A big ol' hoot owl come down, scoop you up, take yo' eye out!

Grandmaster Glitch:Alright, but can you clean this stuff up when you're done? Otherwise, it's gonna start to smell.

Skunk!Chowa:Oh, you don't like smell, huh? Well, sniff on THIS!(sprays Glitch, stinging his eyes)

Grandmaster Glitch:ARGH!

Skunk!Chowa:(laughs)Yeah, you got that stink all up on you now!

Grandmaster Glitch:(goes in the house and runs crazily and running into furniture, startling Lars and Captain Sinker)

Lars:Oh, my god! What is that smell?!

(Glitch runs into more furniture and runs to Lars' legs)

Captain Sinker:Ah! It's like a burning tyre dump right in my nose!

Lars:Glitch, why are you doing this?!(cries)We're sorry!(hits Glitch with Captain Sinker)

Captain Sinker:Argh, you bastard!

(Glitch keeps running into more furniture)

Grandmaster Glitch:I can't see! I'm blind!

Lars:(screams)(punches Glitch)

Captain Sinker:(pukes on him)

Kyan:Oh! What is that smell?!

(Glitch runs into the wall.)

Foz:Oh, my god! Glitch got sprayed and Glitched by a skunk girl!(to Skunk!Chowa Nice thinking, Chowa!

(Glitch rubs his face on the wall.)

Kyan:No! Not on the wall! You're gonna scare off the cockroaches!

(The cockroaches crawl out of the house.)

Kyan:Oh, that's not good! They were 70% at structure of this house.

(The house collapses.)

Foz:Kyan, please tell me this is covered by our insurance.

Kyan:Sorry, Foz. It doesn't cover acts of dog.(walks carefully to the drum and cymbals and does the rimshot)
Harmony Avery chapter 1 . 10/5/2017
Oh, my Geography! I wanted to see and read some LGBT shipping of Kyan x Foz! I ship them ever since I saw lots of cute moments from them and I'm a huge Go Jetters Fan!