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Martial Arts Master chapter 25 . 4/29/2017
I enjoyed this story very much! I'm glad Kotomi was able to put her intelligence and creative thinking to good use to solve problems; Kotomi can be a difficult character to portray, but you did her justice.
Thorion223 chapter 15 . 11/19/2016
So far an enjoyable read with a interestingly realistic spin to it (well kinda). Overall a solid and fun story to read
Qwertymann chapter 17 . 9/16/2016
Wow so many emotions between this chapter and the last, I feel completely overwhelmed. That's not really an exception when reading this story, though; I tend to enjoy it. Just that it makes writing a concise review difficult.

I was worried for quite a while there during all that. It's so heart breaking seeing sweet Nagisa in that state, so I'm very glad she's awake. And I particularly enjoyed how cute she was when she woke up, too.

The illusionary world scenes were also really surreal. Lots of dead Tomoya's is pretty sad, too. Winter Tomoya is pretty cool, though. Both literally and figuratively, hah. Making sure Ushio has someone.

Witnessing this emotional struggle altogether from the characters was awesome to read. All the details, thoughts, conversations between everyone felt so real. Also the savior effort was fantastic. But I do wonder, why did none of the characters choose to call the emergencies? The idea wasn't even brought up by anyone, they all seemed to have a quiet agreement to be doctors in a bakery. Pretty amusing, now that I put it like that. Also, YAY for Fuko's condition improving! Maybe she'll join our characters (in person) one day. :D

Well, as always, keep up the excellent writing and I'll be waiting for more.
Technotronic chapter 17 . 9/6/2016
Oh thank goodness! Everything is looking brighter :) I really liked the hospital scene! Yousuke being dramatic always makes me happy! I hope we get to see Fuko again soon!

Keep it up!
Qwertymann chapter 15 . 8/23/2016
Oh my god everything is taking a turn for the worst. I think your sadism is showing in this chapter again, haha.

But on a serious note this is insanely depressing. What even is going on? What lies in store?

I have a feeling that Tomoya was in the illusory world before... and it seems like he'll be going back there. Can something happen in there that may change or make things better in the real world? At the very least I'm interested to know more about that place if it'll come up.

The night is the darkest before dawn. Will it be true here... or will someone die? Absolutely can't wait to find out.
Qwertymann chapter 13 . 8/23/2016
The chapter flowed well, I didn't find anything particularly wrong with it. The events seem well constructed, thought out, and interesting. The character interactions are a pleasure to read, and I like that tease at the idea of a Youhei/Tomoyo relationship (personally I ship them :D) but he's with Yukine, so no Tomoyo for him this story.

I really enjoyed the conversations between the Fujibayashi family, the emotional intensity was tangible, but things came to a sweet resolution that I absolutely love. Now to see what Kyou's resolution will be when they all sit down and talk.

On Kyou in specific, given her mental state throughout and up to this point in the story, angst and despair have been domineering factors of her personality. In this chapter, the turn happens where she's lost and leans on others to be her crutch, a very real continuation of someone's mindset when in the depths of despair. Her character was excellent here. And finally, she seems to be doing better than ever in the end.

ah, speaking of development, Youhei has really come a long way himself. The fruits of everything that has happened up until this point are showing now, as he kept his cool with Tomoyo and didn't insult her and approached the situation very well. And Tomoyo is even warming up to him. The power of friendship and clearing up misunderstands is quite strong.

Ryou was great this chapter as well, I understood exactly her unwillingness and horror as she realized she made that decision for Kyou, then tried her hardest to convince her that Kyou's decision is her own to make. Wonderful sisterly love.

Tomoya, Youhei, and Kyou handling that classroom situation very well. And poor Nagisa... and her condition. She has Ryou to support her, though, so I'm sure she'll be okay.

On to the next.
Qwertymann chapter 12 . 8/11/2016
Once again your story amazes me. Your characters are so perfect, I love it. Every little thing they do is so realistic and pleasing to read. I particularly liked the Ferris wheel scene, it was so heart warming and I could feel the deep feelings there.

I really like this development of bringing Kyou along with them to America, as well. It would bring peace of mind to Kotomi and would help Kyou in the long run as well being near Tomoya. Well, as long as her wistful love doesn't get the better of her. Also, I wonder if Jun will help alleviate any concerns she may still have.

Everything so far has been a little bumpy but has been proceeding in a mostly desirable direction. Great emotional struggles with the characters, and I wonder what the conversation between Ryou and Kyou will be like about her going to America? And Kyou's reaction to the relationship still. I bet it will be cute.

Youhei and Yukine are adorable together. Her casual dealing with those ruffians was quite hilarious too, haha. The confusion from the others was well done too.

I'll be waiting future content.
Qwertymann chapter 9 . 7/23/2016

I slacked a bit by taking my time to read these updates but I finally got around to it, and I'm highly pleased with the direction everything has been going. Your pacing is spot on. Not too slow, not too fast... just beautifully cruising.

At first I was really worried Youhei may had forgotten Fuuko again, but luckily he had that note in his room to keep his memory in-tact. And poor, innocent Sanae. Just wanting someone to love her bread even though she almost inadvertently caused some serious damage. But no one will hate you, dear Sanae. I liked the perspective we got from Yukine here, the battle happening in her heart as she asked about Fuuko. Youhei's explanation felt so very Youhei-like, even though I am sure it caused Yukine some trouble understanding up until he clarified things. There be hope for them now; but I feel bad for Fuuko.

YURI HYPE! Just kidding. But the boiling point of Ryou's and Nagisa's feelings reaching this point was wonderfully handled, even though we only seen Ryou's perspective up until the final point where Nagisa also realized she loved Ryou. I can feel fragility of Ryou throughout this chapter and Nagisa's tenderness towards her. It's like there is a complete understanding between these two characters, and one can truly savour all these sweet, sweet situations. Looking forward to more. And I'm also looking forward to how this relationship's themes contrast as opposed to Tomoya and Nagisa getting together.

Speaking of Tomoya, and by extension Kotomi... what a development that has been had. Although I understand how it got to the point of him asking to marry her, I can't say that I particularly liked it. Not that it was bad, but it simply felt abrupt. More like it was asked on a whim. The situation wasn't romantic either. It makes me think of when Tomoya asked Nagisa to marry him. He had been pushed to a point where he couldn't handle it anymore and his only saving grace was her. That moment in time he realized he needed her more than anything. The emotions to describe from that scene are very difficult... and unfortunately the marriage proposal here felt nothing like the emotional power punch delivered at that point in time. Not saying it has to be, of course, but the emotion in this particular scene was simply too weak. I didn't really feel much at all. Definitely the weakest part of your story thus far.

Aw, look at Mei helping Kyou understand things better. Who could not agree with Mei when she puts things as simply as that? Even though we didn't get to see much of Mei, she made an impact already that's helping Kyou, and every little thing helps. Also, I'm very interested in seeing Kyou's reaction to learning of her sister dating another girl. Well, everyone's reaction really, but Kyou the most. At the very least, it will certainly be another thing to distract her from her angst.

Ahh, reminds me I have to get around to reading that Toradora story of yours. Hm, well, in any case keep up your awesome writing. I'll be eagerly awaiting further content.
Technotronic chapter 9 . 7/22/2016
You're hitting me right in the feels! I love their interactions! Keep it up!
Qwertymann chapter 7 . 7/12/2016
Another excellent chapter, very enjoyable. This time around my review isn't going to be as long or as detailed as my initial one (and future ones will be relatively short as well) since there's less to comment on overall; alas, here are my thoughts.

The dynamic between Yukine and Youhei is rather intriguing. Coming together through the mutual witnessing of Fuuko, a slow ride builds up. He seems to be taking strides just to see her now. Will his interest in her develop further, or will he get bored before that? Personally I'm hoping for the former. And speaking Youhei specifically, he proved quite useful in this chapter overall. A rare moment of great wisdom and intellect for him surfaced. Perhaps this mental battle with Fuuko hardened his maturity? Perhaps he's distracted with Yukine... also, surprising he got to have a conversation with Tomoyo.

Ah Kotomi. Such a wonderful girl, why can't I find a genius with that kind of empathy? Hah. No one can compete with her. 'twas all planned from the start in that large brain of hers, wasn't it? Calculating. Some things she's great at, but most others take over to say things that needed to be said and that's okay.

Hopefully Kyou's mind has a stable place to stand now. It seems Kotomi is fine with letting Kyou rely on Tomoya, and in the future it seems she might need him a bit more before she can properly stand on her own two feet. But with everyone's support, she can overcome these demons and evolve as a character. And Tomoya is right. We don't need a fake Kyou! So keep struggling, everyone awaits your glorious return, Kyou.

Nagisa and Ryou still mostly playing support, so I don't have a whole lot to say on them aside from things that have been said already. I am sure their time in the limelight shall come, and I'll be sure to give my in-depth thoughts there when it happens.

Tomoya seems like he's handling everything well as well, and he isn't forgetting about appreciating Kotomi. As expected, implied from the novel more than the anime he is a very caring partner. Well, anyone with eyes could see that though. Can't wait to see what the next big stepping stone in their relationship is.

And now, we add another ingredient to our delicious cooking pot of characters. Here comes the ever-adorable Mei. And now, Fuuko's presence enters more people's minds... what will this lead to? Excited to find out.

Keep at it.
name chapter 3 . 6/29/2016
i ship it this works well because there similar and it extends nagisa overall life span
Qwertymann chapter 6 . 7/1/2016
Incredible. It's the first word that comes to my mind when writing this review, and it sums it up but doesn't do it enough justice on its own. I'm already wishing there was more to read, as it took me right in and I could not find myself stopping until completion. Truly, you have a talent for writing. It's almost unbelievable this is the first story you've written (but maybe it isn't?), but wow. Of course, my review isn't going to be as simplistic as that.

I'll start with the primary relationship of the story. The development that has happened in these few chapters has been most pleasing. From Tomoya's early insecurities to Kotomi slowly abolishing them (along with help from Jun, of course), it seems to move at a realistic pace as barriers are slowly broken and bridges build up between these two. The bargaining they did isn't very surprising, and expected that he would give in to these demands and try his utmost best for her. Very sweet, very moving. I anticipate the further development planned.

The lengths Youhei is going through to try and remember Fuuko is rather impressive. But credit must be given where credit is due, and it's totally reasonable to assume he'd do things such as this. He's a good friend, just in different ways than our other delinquent. He is putting up with a lot mentally with trying to remember, I feel, and with this chapter seems he doesn't fully understand either. But with time, I'm hopeful he'll come to remember her permanently. Also, I am immensely enjoying the interaction between him and Yukine. Funny and charming, I like the differing foundations here from Tomoya/Kotomi's relationship. Are there sparks between him and Yukine, or is that simply her caring nature showing up? Oh, and of course she'd be the one to remember Fuuko, it would be hard to imagine anyone else doing it, at least so easily. Except Koumura. Just from what the show displayed, I'd definitely think he'd be able to see her as well.

Speaking of Fuuko, however, I don't really have a ton to say about her at this point in time, but the essence of her is very much there and I am liking how you are portraying her. I believe Fuuko is the type to never use sarcasm nor tell jokes really, not to mention she doesn't understand them. She's serious to a point of exaggeration that the things she says can often seem like she is joking. That's about it.

Ryou's development of her feelings here is... quite unexpected. Then I thought about it. The situation may have been played up as a joke, but she was 100% under the impression that Nagisa was going to confess to her and was ready to say yes. And that is a part of her character, and I can absolutely see her developing in that kind of way. After all, it's quite difficult not to fall for Nagisa. With Tomoya and Kotomi together, it gives Ryou a chance. Slowly, but surely, it would turn into something like this. The question is, now, how does Nagisa feel? I'm going to go on a bit of tangent here, but if they got together I could absolutely see Akio trying to take pictures of them sleeping in the same bed, or of them holding hands or something. Entertaining thoughts, but moot until things actually (or don't) happen.

And finally, Kyou. Oh Kyou. At the start, I thought it was going to be more slapstick comedy what with the dictionary thrown at Tomoya. Then, you go full sadist and play up the situation further and further, then it turns into something extremely serious. Now Kyou has this deranged mental battle, feelings of despair and torment, grief, guilt... whatever you want to call it. And DAMN, is it absolutely fantastic to watch her go through this. Not in like, I'm taking pleasure out of it way, but a development that I would never see coming onto the seemingly comedy filled violence Kyou normally displays. Oh no, we are going deep into her mindset, as we witness her emotional destruction. It breaks my heart seeing her in such a state, and the self-loathing she commits upon herself. It seems something more grand may be required to fully pull her from the deep pit of despair she had set upon herself. To me, this is the most gripping part of the story thus far, and I think your most superbly written character. It is the essence of excellence, now I'm curious as to how the others will proceed.

A few minor comments on other characters but nothing too big, lastly. Sanae still always Sanae, which is comforting. Akio's still great with his comedy routine, but perhaps he should be a tad more dependable. Nagisa's as cute as ever, eager to see the response to Ryou's feelings, if she can muster the courage to confess again. Will there be a cliche and Nagisa was actually awake?

And finally, Tomoyo was only seen briefly. Will she show up again?

Thanks for the read, can't wait for future chapters.
Technotronic chapter 3 . 6/7/2016
They're so cute together! I like the fluffiness in this chapter to offset the last chapter.
Overall this chapter flows very well. The edit you put in about Kyou's whereabouts was very helpful.
Looking forward to more!
Technotronic chapter 2 . 6/7/2016
This chapter was an emotional rollercoaster. It starts out light-hearted and with self betterment the part of Tomoya, then quickly descends into kyou's self deprecation, finally, it finishes off with a cute scene of Kotomi taking care of Tomoya. I appreciate the juxtaposition of light-hearted joking as seen in the anime with real consequences to actions that aren't usually seen in that Medium.
I'll be interested to see what this means for Kyou and Suncharacteristically. How will Kyou's normally violent tendencies be able to help Sunohara become a better student.
Keep up the Great Work!
EarthyBendy chapter 3 . 6/5/2016
Now i ship Nagisa x Ryou :3
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