Reviews for The Allure of Darkness
Sherlock Harry Winchester chapter 17 . 34m
Oh my gods... Bwhahahahaha. Can't wait to read more!
bentenyson76 chapter 17 . 1h
Amazing, the Daphne storyline, Dramione, everything. you, sir, are amazing
Guest chapter 17 . 4h
That ending sentence though!
myleemarie chapter 17 . 11h
OMG YES. Props to Daphne for realizing her worth, and FINALLY some Dramione!
Son of Whitebeard chapter 17 . 13h
intense emotions
Guest chapter 17 . 14h
So glad you updated:)
Dramione;) those two finally got together
Hadrian seems too wrapped up in voldermort's world. Daphne made the right choice to walk away.
Cant wait to see what happens next especially with Destiny's vision.
Awesome chapter
UchihaIkeda chapter 17 . 14h
And they kissed ..XD
Aries no Kurama chapter 17 . 14h
What can I say? I simply love this Story!
Guest chapter 17 . 16h
estoy demasiado conectada con este fics, tu calidad de escritura es irreal, magnetica me encanta, felicidades has logrado un fic de calidad y con los personajes que adoro, harrison, daphne, draco y hermione, aunque en este punto no me gusta harrison, el pinchazo es demasiado creido espero que daphne lo haga pagar, aplaudo la manera en que has conectado y tomado partes de otros fics a modo de inspiracion como en el caso de la dark as night, me pregunto si daphne sera la persona que eligiran los jueces para la segunda tarea o padma sera la hija bastarda de su padre. ganas de a por mas no nos hagas esperar mucho.
Roostertheking chapter 17 . 16h
Ho..hoo...finally sexual tension between Draco and Hermione is out...superb chapter.. Let's see how Daphne deals with Hadrian... Its been three or more chapter gone.. No sign of Hadrian's twin seen...not in Yule too?
tiwari2041 chapter 17 . 18h
Finally after so long, I am seriously wondering how Lucius is going to react to her, but the last few chapters are seriously making Hadrian sound like a complete bastard, more than usual, but still great chapter, the dresses are cool and Draco from nappy did what he should have done a long time ago, and I am not even worried about what destiny has seen. Just wondering what it is.
Analena chapter 17 . 18h
Yay for Dramione! It's about time these two got together. :) Boo, hiss, Hadrian! Seriously though, it seems that he has morphed into the Dark Lord; so warped by his upbringing he has lost most of his humanity. Daphne is doing the right thing in walking away, having feelings for a sociopath is likely to end in disaster.
And it looks like things are only going to get worse if Destiny's vision is anything to go by. Fabulous chapter, more please.
DaddyChad chapter 17 . 21h
Kinda want Hadrian's eyes to flash red sometimes if he is angry(things like that get me going, y'know)
Guest chapter 17 . 7/14
you know hadrian has not really make it known if he really loves daphne or not. In first series he was the hearthrob who can make anyone like him but in the allure and last few ch. He is more cunning and manipulative like what a young voldemort should be. His feelings for daphne are either love or obssession to what he believes belongs to him.
Ginny Styles27 chapter 1 . 7/14
I love your story. You're absolutely great at it. But i think Daphne gets too much focus. Like she's the only strong one. Make them all a bit stronger. Like Destiny and even Hermione. When is the next update?
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