Reviews for But We Are Dating
Guest chapter 4 . 7/11/2016
Wow that was a great read so looking forward to the rest of this lovely story
Regards Dorothy
fanficfan452 chapter 4 . 6/28/2016
Great story and writing. Thanks so much for writing and sharing!
cruise1213 chapter 4 . 6/16/2016
Good story. Best wishes in your new home. Thanks for giving us enjoyment in reading this.
Eslssl chapter 4 . 6/6/2016
Thank you for sharing your gifts with us, during the most difficult time to be a Caskett fan. Wishing you and your family the blessing of "always"- always healthy, always happy, always wise.
finefinegoodgood chapter 4 . 6/6/2016
So enjoyed this. Wish it wasn't over. Good luck on the move and the new job, hopefully you'll come back to fanfic soon.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/5/2016
Already love the first chapter
Guest chapter 4 . 6/5/2016
Great story? I really enjoyed reading it. Best of luck to you in your new adventure!
Barbara Witte chapter 4 . 6/5/2016
I love each and every one of these #Castle Chapters they are super and totally awesome thanks for writing these
Guest chapter 4 . 6/5/2016
Enjoyed the story. Thanks for sharing it. Have fun with the move
shellee3 chapter 4 . 6/6/2016
I really enjoyed reading this story. Goodluck with the move and new job. X
theputz913 chapter 4 . 6/5/2016
Sorry to see this one end. Really enjoyed it and don't be a stranger. Would love to read more stuff from you when you have time.
enesbit70 chapter 4 . 6/5/2016
Good luck
DREAMWRITER 08 chapter 4 . 6/5/2016
Thank you and enjoy your new adventure
and city have really enjoyed your story...
Manxkid chapter 4 . 6/5/2016
Thank you for such a different take on this part of their cycle-I really enjoyed it.

Good luck with your career and have a successful move.
jag389 chapter 4 . 6/5/2016
nicely done, you did a good job.
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