Reviews for The Stormreaver
diablo chapter 147 . 1/21
nice chapter. but besides asking you not to kill Teg'Ramm, can I know where the Alterac ones have gone? it seemed to me that Nobu'tan had to talk to them again.
Guest chapter 147 . 1/19
Not kill Teg'Ramm please!
Guest chapter 147 . 1/19
*kill Teg'Ramm please!
Guest chapter 147 . 1/19
Andrew MacKenzie chapter 147 . 1/19
Not Teg'Ramm!
Fez8745 chapter 147 . 1/18
Crab Pulsar chapter 147 . 1/18
A short, but good chapter which wraps up the Burning Crusade. I was hoping for a little more interaction between Nobu'tan and Me'dan, but I'm sure we will get more later. I actually really liked the idea of an infinite loop of demons and fel energy at the Alter of Storms. I immediately got a nostalgic feeling, because it felt like something you would have a quest to destroy in WoW. "Reach the alter of storms, and destroy the fel orb!"
Artanis chapter 137 . 1/18
Beautiful chapter. When is the next chapter?
Guest chapter 146 . 1/18
Beautiful chapter. When is Hermione's next point of view? I've been waiting for it for so many chapters.
Chronolocked chapter 146 . 1/13
Somehow I feel like your about to pull the same shit on Nobu'tan that Xe'ra tried to pull on Illidans in Canon and if you do so it would be fucking hilarious regardless if it works or not.
Andrew MacKenzie chapter 146 . 1/10
I wanted to say you have one of the most underrated stories on the site. Extremely well done once again.
Nubitox chapter 146 . 1/10
Another beautifully delivered chapter. Well done. Happy new year, let's hope the new year brings with it better opportunities. Really looking forward to the next chapter.
Snowmaiden Freya chapter 146 . 1/6
What a cliff hanger!
Thristan chapter 146 . 1/4
human dragon chapter 146 . 1/4
An amazing chapter as always my friend great job :)
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