Reviews for Harry Potter and the Unexpected Lordship
Mauricio Cuellar chapter 35 . 3/22
Es bueno autorización pronto
BrewsterMcl chapter 27 . 2/26
So her father assaults a 14 year old and knocks him unconscious, then asks for 100 M pounds and everyone then is okay with this?
SSSra chapter 35 . 2/14
great story
JackFrost1213 chapter 4 . 1/17
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StonyTrail chapter 35 . 11/21/2023
Sorry it seems to be abandoned.
Capros chapter 35 . 10/9/2023
Very enjoyable story. Are updates planned of is the story abandoned? I certainly hope the former. Engaging characters with depth - a rarity in many FF stories.
Ultach chapter 23 . 9/3/2023
As it's almost 5yrs since the last update perhaps you should declare this tale abandoned.
Of course, should you have been so remiss as to 'shuffle off this mortal coil', or kick the bucket, perhaps even cock up your toes for a lengthy 'dirt nap', without having the foresight to so designate your masterwork, one may perhaps regard this as a tolerable excuse.
Absent such a dismal excuse perhaps you should round up your reluctant muse and nail her (or him) to a suitable surface adjacent to your computer until your tale 'be told'!
Fenchurch1 chapter 21 . 8/29/2023
Looked up Antrim Houseweird! Looks kind of American. I didn't see it when I went to NZ, but we did stay in a very solid building that had once been a nunnery! Lucky when a scale 4 cyclone happened! I wish I had one of Harry's bank accounts! I feel a bit sorry for Siriuseveryone seems to be a but harsh with him when he just wants to have fun, now that he's out of Azkaban.
Halfrican18 chapter 35 . 8/20/2023
I really enjoyed this story, seeing Harry grow and interacting with the world is a nice change. Having a semi decent Dumbledore is also a nice change. Hope you come back to this.
Charlee56 chapter 29 . 7/24/2023
Great attention to important detail... and NOT "trivia"... in re: the old board pictured within the tapestry.
It establishes old family members and sets the stage for more going forward.
And Harry's victory over the Ministry shows the Wizengamot's supremacy over the Ministry and the DMLE also.
And the snogging wasn't bad either!
Charlee56 chapter 27 . 7/24/2023
Another cliffhanger! And one hundred million pounds! Wow! Now that's some real money!
Charlee56 chapter 26 . 7/24/2023
This was a very telling explanation from Albus as to why he didn't go after Voldemort back in the "bloody neginning".
And logical
Charlee56 chapter 24 . 7/23/2023
"It has been my privilege, your Highness"... EHHHHRRR!
The proper title is ALWSYS, and forevermore. "Your Majesty".

And this is a great story!
griffinhawk chapter 14 . 7/10/2023
I’m just reading thru the story now. The first task seems to have been skipped over entirely. I hope it’s covered in a flashback in the next chapter..
falconcoderspam chapter 35 . 6/27/2023
please update.
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