Reviews for Harry Potter and the Unexpected Lordship
waya715 chapter 35 . 11/23
I await your next chapter most eagerly.
waya715 chapter 32 . 11/23
Happy Thanksgiving!
dude7000 chapter 19 . 10/15
Is my math wrong or did Harry pay for a £398 meal with a £2 tip? This isn't a criticism, I just read it and laughed, but I wanted to make sure I'm not mistaken
Nevarus chapter 4 . 9/14
so... I question the value of pounds in your head if you think 2500 pounds is more than enough to provide for a child every year... children are, and always will be, expensive to raise. the value of pounds isn't the only thing in question, because you have a paycheck of 77 galleons (which is equivalent to 770 pounds, according to your conversion). 2500 pounds is equal to little more than 200 pounds a month... and I doubt there's much of anything left over after food.
bruins35 chapter 35 . 8/27
I know it's been years, but hope you decide to pick this back up
mumphie chapter 35 . 8/23
Very good story. I think 'real life' must have hit hard since you haven't continued on. Sad, but that is how real life works! Ah well. If you didn't continue when the lockdowns hit, then you were a busy beaver! Hopefully, someday, you will get a brainwave and will continue on. I'll cross my fingers.
mumphie chapter 19 . 8/23
I've been enjoying your story. I do think that your monetary estimates are a tad off for ordinary things. The dinner was 390G for four people? Really? Waaaay to much. Also too much for the butterbeer. I know it is the best of the best, but 4G a pop? Average butterbeer is affordable by the Weasley kids who pay in sickles and knuts.
mumphie chapter 12 . 8/22
Hhmmm...Harry should have mentioned the money taken from his vault every year for the Dursleys...
SlowestTurtle chapter 8 . 8/19
Story 6/10, Grammar 5/10
HarmonyEveryday chapter 35 . 8/11
Thank you for sharing this.
I hope you find the time and inspiration to continue with this.
DrReadnoShit chapter 4 . 7/15
For a family being about 1000 years old, they are incredibly poor. I mean the amount of money you listed could be made within a single generation.
PottererFanfiction chapter 35 . 7/10
May I use this as inspiration?
TheHuntresss chapter 1 . 6/25
Hermione thinking she's so much smarter than everyone else... not a great start to learning the material.
Henry chapter 24 . 6/13
I'm curious how the Most Ancient and Most Noble lords whose family are the contact point between the 'royal family' and the Wizengamot handled it before James the IV and I in 1603, before that there are at least two royals with different kingdoms in Great Britain, for that matter even after the crowns were united there were separate muggle governments in areas for another century.

And since his family has been doing this for over a millennium that would put it into the 900s, I'm really interested in how they handled all the various royal from the many kingdoms active at the time. Or did they only recognize the holder of London? And not kingdom that Hogwarts was built in? This leads to so many questions and honestly it distracts significantly from your story.

While it makes sense that muggleborns and those raised in that world, such as Harry would greatly respect Queen Elizabeth II, I really don't see it for the magical community as a whole. The interaction we see between the magical community and the muggle one on the British doesn't look at all like parts of the name nation. It looks like international relations. It really looks like a codominion: the muggle government owns the land excluding specific probably treaty designated spots and has jurisdictions over those that choose to live in its world (magicals and sqibs that stay). It's also worth noting that Hogwarts catchment area appears to he the same as the area ruled by the ministry of magic, and that includes two muggle countries: the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.

If the muggle government of the UK was part of the same nation as the magical they did a poor job of helping in either war, even more incompetent than the ministry which is saying something.

From my perspective to the magical world Queen Elizabeth II in 1995 is a rich muggle grandmother. I fail to see magicals caring about a monarchy that isn't shown to be there own and a German royal family that arrived after the statute of secrecy that divorced any remaining connections of the two group, which look to be few to begin with.

The whole part was the queen was really jarring and took away from the rest of the chapter. Good to see Davies punished for what he did.

Ive enjoyed your writing even when ive disagreed on an idea and hope you return to this story. I've yet to read an attempt to include the queen or high levels of a muggle government that wasn't jarring, distracting, or bad. It opens up a huge plothole, and often comes across as nonsensical. That people who can cause firestorms, lightning, summon water, and tame magical beasts would bow to muggles or be defeated by them really stretches credulity. Could the muggles defeat magicals in the past century? Yes. In the 1 to 2 centuries ago? Maybe. Before the industrial revolution? No.
geekmodeboy.1 chapter 35 . 6/5
Cant wait for the next one
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