Reviews for Hermione Lupin-Black, Her Fathers Daughter
clennyfuller chapter 63 . 7/30
Where's the sequel! I need it!
I need to know now if all finishes up... great story
lMione chapter 63 . 7/28
Awesome fanfic! I just found it a teeny teeny bit boring when it when on about the real real story but overall it was the BEST. I can't say I enjoyed the SMUT but u know yh it was amazing. Wish I could write like that!
mitrosqueen1990 chapter 63 . 7/15
I really hope you finish this story or write a sequel. I absolutely love it
Lucie Lupin chapter 63 . 6/20
Are you going to publish the sequel? I absolutely adore this story. The storytelling is so great! Plz plz plz published a sequel!
babydoll.MK21 chapter 35 . 5/31
this is really good plssssssssssssssssssssssss update soon
Fiction is the Truth chapter 8 . 5/29
I’m going to assume that she’s the biological daughter of both of them because magic.
Aleaha of the Akatsuki chapter 63 . 5/23
AMAZING - I loved this story (couldn't find the sequel though) it just was amazing there was a few things I didn't agree with, like how the first and the second book played out - though I still enjoyed the story. For like 30 chapters I will say those little azkaban clips with Sirius were /HEARTBREAKING/. They were so well I like how you didn't go on and on about how azkaban ruins Sirius life and sanity but you still mentioned it in a way that was brilliant. All in all I loved the story and good job with it:)
rebelsrule1121 chapter 63 . 5/21
Please post a sequel to this soon. This was sooooo good and I really want to read more!
Guest chapter 63 . 5/16
I love this so much! Have you happened to make a sequel on a different website since i don’t see it on here would love to keep reading.
LilyKnowItAll chapter 44 . 5/12
I'll review

This is good and someone is using this story on Wattpad and I don't know if it is you.
DemonicFox6548 chapter 63 . 3/19
This was awesome loved it can't wait for the squeal eeep
Lucy Maud Montgomery chapter 63 . 3/16
Eagerly awaiting the sequel.
Stephanie MRV chapter 5 . 3/10
Omg. I was loving this plot. Loving it
But 5 chapters of this Hermione and I want to kill a child.
I hate how much she sounds like a whiny little bitch.
I know she is a kid but discipline is key
He never corrects her or disciplines her. He doesn't have to raise his hand to her but his voice would be enough
I hate a whiny Hermione
I had hoped a more magical home would have helped but it's the adults and her own personality that suck.
She is beyond annoying. The world is unfair and full of disappointments. They should have let her see that.
I'm sorry but I can't read more. I hope others will and have more patience than me
ChloeMcClure99 chapter 1 . 2/7
Please please please post a sequel to this
Guest chapter 1 . 2/4
Please post a sequal to this story
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