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1zasF chapter 1 . 9/4/2018
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Guest chapter 2 . 3/4/2018
The Danger Rangers were upset about Burble and Rusty's fall Sully, Squeaky, were sad don't worry big guy we got you back Squeaky said, Sully, flew the ship to an icy tundra ok Rangers we gotta find some really cold ice for burble and Rusty, he said, they got ice bags and ice picks .

Ran into a cave they broke a whole chunks of ice when Kitty, saw a beyblade with a color of a Five nights at freddy's Sister Location it has a 4 bladed metallic white attack ring, with orange and purple accent stickers a metallic white beyblade base, a metal wheel and a bit chip with a female fox named Lolbit on it wow is that a beyblade it's beautiful she said, while breaking the chunk of ice then she placed it in her .

Pocket Kitty, did you find something said Sully, they brought the bags of ice back to the ship so they can make some smoothies sully, went into the kitchen while the others are taking care of Burble, he ate some soup and drinks water thanks guys i feel much better he said, meanwhile kitty, was in her room melting the ice a few minutes later of thawing the beyblade she gazed at it when the bit beast is calling out to her she grabbed the beyblade and launcher ok Lolbit let's do .

This she said, while launching it the beyblade starts spinning until another beyblade appeared out of nowhere she didn't know who's beyblade it is what's this she asked? looking at the design it's yellow with a three bladed attack ring kitty, saw a note on it she read the note it says kitty, I'm giving you my Pierce Hedgehog take care of it sincerely Mathilda, she decided to fuse them together into one unbeatable beyblade .

She saw a machine on the dresser i never seen this machine before she said, it's called the merger 4000 kitty, placed her two beyblades on the platform while the machine scanned both beyblades and she pressed the merge button fusing them together after it was finished her new beyblade has been created wow Lolbit and Pirece hedgehog are now one .

Incredible bit beast kitty, gave her beyblade a new name Pierce Lolbit she went to the training room to test out her new beyblade a giant bowl appeared while a beyblading robot showed up challenging her are you ready to battle he said, pulling out a white Galux beyblade kitty, began to countdow let it rip she cried, launching her beyblade then the .

Robot launched it's beyblade they clash to each other go peirce Lolbit, piercing claw attack the battle took 3 minutes when she destroyed the Robot's beyblade shattering it to pieces as a white Galux bit beast came out of the bit chip and went inside kitty's beyblade wow white Galux is beautiful she said, the rangers took rusty, back home ok rusty, remember stay safe and no dangerous stunts said burble, ok i promise no stunts he replied, they went .

Back to headquarters to relax alright rangers it's time for some relaxation GB, flew to the training room to Check on kitty, hey kitty, are you ok asked? the hummingbird yes Gabriella, I'm ok guess what i found a beyblade in a block of ice so i thawed it and test it out she replied,

The danger rangers had saved Burble's life returned rusty, back to New York city kitty, and Gabriella, are doing a beyblade battle she got pierce Lolbit and Gabriella, got black Dranzer they battled for hours and hours when squeaky, appeared he'll be the ref ok are you ready he said, let's do it GB. you betcha kitty, begin i let it rip he cried, as they launch their beyblade go pierce Lolbit go black Dranzer the bit beast came out of the blades getting ready for one final battle .

The End
Punk chapter 1 . 7/18/2016
Will thee be another DR story? This archive needs more to increase I must say!
Guest chapter 3 . 6/7/2016
Brilliant ending to this story. The 9/11 bit took me by surprise, but it added a nice emotional touch and background for Rusty and Squeaky. I also like that Rusty kept his promise to Burble at the end. I would like to thank you for making this story, it was written out perfectly. I hope you take my other idea, and thank you once again. This story was awesome.
Guest chapter 2 . 6/6/2016
Oh My God! thank you so much for using one of my ideas. I think you played this out brilliantly. Gotta feel sorry for Burble and Rusty, though. The parts where Burble comforts Rusty are just so...sad, but emotional. Good luck on chapter 3: Redemption. This story so far is awesome.