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KnowInsight chapter 44 . 6/29
Severus reaction to this should be interesting. Will he react without thinking as he often had where Hermione is concerned or maintain his spy reputation?
Claria chapter 44 . 4/10
Can't wait for more of this fic. It makes me feel so many emotions.
PinkFriday28 chapter 44 . 3/22
Please update this when possible, I’ve been hanging in suspense for months :’(
Glass-NotCannon chapter 44 . 1/21
When will the next update be?
Smootsmokey chapter 44 . 1/14
JennKM chapter 44 . 1/9
Just wanted to also say I’m really loving this story! Hope the new year is treating you well!
JennKM chapter 43 . 1/9
Oh so impatiently waiting to see what happens!
WRose chapter 44 . 11/12/2017
Please tell me Snape comes in now!
Guest chapter 44 . 11/10/2017
Please someone stun me with a strong Stupefy because I am runnng out of calming draught and getting impatient LOL
Glad to be the 600th reviewer - would have commented since the first chapter, though.

Your faithful and deeply ensnared Storyeater.
SideSlide chapter 44 . 11/11/2017
Ok, to follow up on my earlier comments (again, re-iterating that I do really love this story), the Lucius scenes were a bit problematic in my mind even though I enjoyed them very much.

Ok, so Lucius comes across Severus f*****g his student. That probably wouldn't have surprised Lucius much, after all he knows Severus as an amoral death eater, one of his brethren in evil, a man fully capable of manipulating and seducing a student. And the story of teacher/student intimate relations has been around probably since the very first student sat down to learn from the very first teacher. But the leap from seducing a student to being able to pass her around to other adults like candy is a huge leap. I'm quite frankly surprised Lucius would have expected it. This isn't some girl the death eaters have kidnapped and carried away for their twisted ends never to return her to her normal life, a toy for their mutual pleasure and ultimate destruction, no this is a student at her school. A student apparently in a voluntary sexual relationship with Severus. But if Lucius, who has no relationship with Hermione, who hasn't seduced her, or laid any groundwork at all for a sexual relationship, violates her, and she reports it to Dumbledore or any of her other teachers, Severus's role at Hogwarts could be threatened. The Slytherin in Lucius would understand that immediately and would never risk the Dark Lord's displeasure that way.

But perhaps, nevertheless, Lucius did expect Severus to share regardless of whether Herminione would be willing, confident in Severus's skills of manipulation to keep Hermione quiet, and knowing after all, most victims of sexual abuse never report that abuse to anybody. In that case, instead of apparently going along with it, the realistic thing to do would be for Hermione to resist. To pretend to resist, of course, since she would not blow Severus's cover. Perhaps in that pretense he would have to seem to convince her to service Lucius, with the whip, the flogger, the cruciatus. Or perhaps she would simply be restrained and Lucius would flat out rape her. In any case, though, she would actually be pretending to resist, to preserve Severus's cover.

For the normal student seduced by a teacher being asked to service a friend would be shocking and something one would be unlikely to immediately agree to and so it is in voluntarily servicing Lucius that she looks suspicious, that it looks like they are in cahoots and working together toward some end - plotting against the Dark Lord, perhaps. It is in voluntarily going along with relations with Lucius that his suspicions should have been immediately aroused.

The story says that she goes along with it to protect Severus, but this seems like the exact opposite approach to take to protect Severus.

Hate to criticize those scenes, since I enjoyed them, and the look at how Severus interacts with fellow death eaters is invaluable in understanding his character and his actions, but it seems like some different groundwork would have made these scenes fit a bit better.

In any case still loving the story and hope to see more of it soon.
SideSlide chapter 41 . 11/11/2017
Ok, so this story is brilliant. Read through the lot in two sittings. Very well written and compelling.

I do have a few comments/critiques. Hopefully, our dear author will not take these too much to heart as I find the story and the writing bloody brilliant.

Chapters 41 and 43 had a few off notes to my mind. First, I'm just not sure, agreement or no, that Severus would, at the point that Hermione stormed into his office, allow her to refuse him. I think it much more likely that he would take her, whether she will or no. And I have to think if he persisted, that she would ultimately allow him to take her - although ostensibly she storms down there full of anger, she has to know underneath that anger that that's going to him is an invitation, an incitement to him. And on some level understands she's going there to submit to him. Dub-Con maybe, but there ya go.

However, if we accept that he would indeed allow her to refuse him, it seems to me that subsequently he would likely punish her severely for her denial. Or possibly he would consider the agreement broken and stop her instruction altogether. (And wouldn't that have been interesting? Despite her threats to educate herself without him she needs (and wants) him and his instruction - what would she be willing to do to win him back?) In the days after to the bathroom scene, however, instead of introducing her to new levels of pain and humiliation, instead of teaching her the consequences of denying him, instead of aggressively and decisively reasserting control of her, Severus instead acts instead as if nothing much has happened and nothing much has changed? Really?

So, relatedly, 43 seemed off. I expected Severus on their next meeting to reassert his authority over her, or even to punish her harshly, but he instead submits to her? Again, really? Ok, there's some insinuation that he may not have much of a choice, that she has overpowered or at least influenced his mind here, but despite the indications in the text that Hermione is going to be a great power in the world, I have trouble accepting that at this point the pupil has become the master, that even on her best day at this level of training she could overcome the mind of the great legilimens who can subvert the will and vision of Voldemort himself.

Minor point: Severus, as ordered as his mind his, would never forget the injuries he has left Hermione with until he sees them again in the bathroom scene. This bothered me because, as harshly as he as treated her, nothing in here, I think, would destroy the trust Hermione has in him, but that kind of error threatens that trust.

This comment has gotten long, so I will comment further in another post. Hope this doesn't seem harsh, I love this story, I finally joined after years of lurking, just so I could comment on this story.
amortentia1992 chapter 44 . 11/8/2017
Oh Fuck. This doesn't look good. Poor Hermione. Great Chapter though. Looking forward to more.
ninaaaaa chapter 44 . 11/7/2017
Seriously... a magical school with known Death Eater kids and she leaves her wand behind? -_-
Why is she a stuttering mess? Where's Hermione's fire and fight? :/
ZoeyOlivia chapter 44 . 11/7/2017
Well fuck. That’s not going to end well...
skyeryder01 chapter 1 . 11/6/2017
I have a feeling this is not going to turn out well. Severus is going to be pissed, but I think he's going to be pissed at the wrong person.
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