Reviews for Amortentia
Guest chapter 91 . 9h
Goddamn. Just... God damn... Glorious.
Guest chapter 47 . 6/17
The Real World series is so spectacular, all of the characters are so hillarious.
Katydid42 chapter 73 . 6/17
I’m tearing out the epilogue in book 7 and putting this in its place
Katydid42 chapter 1 . 6/17
Ugh I never knew I needed a Mulan Hermione but here we are. Mage of fucking wisdom you are
TamraPraxidike chapter 99 . 6/8
Goddamn, this slayed me in all the ways.
UnicornShenanigans chapter 99 . 6/7
Loooooveeeee is my feeling for NottPott.

I pre-apologize for drive by haikus but that's what's prob gonna happen.

No need to worry
It's nothing but a death wish
Light brings a new day
brbobroboro chapter 66 . 6/7

okay so i came from your actual separate fic paradox and interesting wow
Guest chapter 65 . 6/6
I was going to skip this one. I'm just here for the dramione but damn that was delightful.
malesdemim chapter 9 . 6/5
"Draco, is there something I should know?" ...
"hide the house elfs"
ScienceMama chapter 97 . 6/4
Oh, my God. HOW did I miss this chapter before? I am now utterly committed to ParkWeasel. I am STUNNED.

" "Do you feel that?" she whispers after she groans, her hips arching up as her own sensations cascade in waves and her fingers tighten in the soft strands of his hair. "Do you feel the way you make me come?"

He gives her a look like his soul is fucking escaping his body.

"Pansy," he says, more shudder than sound, and then, all at once, she no longer wonders.

By virtue of her wanting, she can see her debt is more than repaid."

I mean, I've been On Board with Percy for awhile, particularly since Modern Romance, but damn. This blew me away. (Also, the role playing and Murder Banter were delightful! Witty and charming and suddenly heartwarming in turns.)

The way you write Pansy with a snarky glaze over this sort of brittle, hard shell formed to survive the cutthroat Pureblood lifestyle, shielding an interior riddled with scars and insecurities, some bestowed by her closest companions...she's so compelling. You make me feel pity, then sympathy, then empathy, and then I'm crying for this girl that JKR clearly intended us all to hate without thought. You give her humanity.

Your characterizations, and the journey of watching them unfold, are my favorite thing about your excellent writing. They always feel canonical but your interpretation always seems to get to the heart of who they really are. My logical, scientist brain regions and my highly emotional regions are in total harmony. :) You're such a great writer!
ScienceMama chapter 95 . 6/4
Just read through this advent series again and was delighted anew! There are so many hilarious things I can't remember them all to list, so my unspecified, unorganized gushing will have to suffice.

You have such a clear interpretation of everyone's personality and humor; it's such a pleasure to read your comedies! (I mean, not to slight your angsty stuff! I eventually read it too, when I'm in the headspace to handle it; I just think comedy is harder to do consistently well, and you're brilliant at it.) I don't think I can pick a favorite vignette or pairing (Minerva and the portraits? Sorting Hat vs. Bowler Hat? Luna and Snape? Luna and Lockhart? Everything involving Cormac?) because they're all so vivid and memorable and amazeballs. I love all the ships (is this when I started shipping NottPott? I can't even remember the Before Times anymore!) but I'm so glad shouty Dramione got together again. The relief of Dramione tension is evergreen :)

To sum up: you're great, this is great, I loved it, and thanks!
Minelie chapter 99 . 6/3
Seriously olivie... after reading your work I can't even harbor the thought of reading anything else. It just have the same impact or emotion or even flow to it the way your words do. Please keep feeding this relentless fandom. Love love love them all!
Dreamshards8 chapter 13 . 6/2
I enjoyed The Bachlorette, Lee laughing my pants off.
Alina Marie chapter 99 . 6/2
I am officially in love with Harry/Theo! You have a special way with words. I am not just reading I am living through your stories! You have an amazing talent
Alina Marie chapter 98 . 6/2
I enjoyed it very much. Very beautiful story. Your Daphne and Theo are very likable and amazing characters)
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