Reviews for Amortentia
UnicornShenanigans chapter 90 . 1/17
Man, imagine all the things we could avoid if we could put taboos on stuff. Amazing.

A haiku in remembrance of the bees-

When you feel the urge
Go ahead and grab your cape
It's mimosa time
UnicornShenanigans chapter 89 . 1/17
I think I'll pull a Pansy when it's my funeral. I got some shit to say and I want people to hear it but also have no desire to be around for the fallout.

Haiku of the Hour-

Go get you a man
That writes four pages about
Your glorious breasts
UnicornShenanigans chapter 88 . 1/17
So I have to know, when you were younger did you ever think to yourself, as an adult I am totally going to write the words Winky is lit? Because I never thought I would read them.

But I'm glad they exist.

It's a mad, mad world
Drunk elves and spaghetti time
And mistakes were made
UnicornShenanigans chapter 87 . 1/17
I have no idea what happened but you're getting a sex haiku anyhow-

Wands disappearing
Into the great golden snatch
Just to tame the strange
UnicornShenanigans chapter 86 . 1/17
Oh my god okay this one is flawless and it was on my birthday, seriously, perfection in words.

I laughed the entire time. I have a cramp now because I refuse to explain myself twice.

Whimsical moonbeams
Deliver poisonous plants
With good intentions
UnicornShenanigans chapter 85 . 1/17
I am just so sorry in advance for this-

If Dumbledore has
Just one thing to say, it is
Release the penis

UnicornShenanigans chapter 84 . 1/17
I had to explain myself just now. Gigglesnorts apparently call attention to oneself?


Haikus from the hellmouth-

Now listen to me
You heaven slapped swot monster
My eyes are up here

Yeah, I know, they're getting worse but just remember how pretty I think you are.
UnicornShenanigans chapter 83 . 1/17
And suddenly she was Kingsley. Only I don't like pumpkin spice. I mean, I like cinnamon. But that's where it ends? I don't even love pumpkin pie? But I do have a strangely good pumpkin cake recipe. You know what? I lost my point.


My sad devotion
Won't help my evolution
There's no solution

Look, I wanted it to rhyme. That's it. That's where my creativity started and obviously stopped.
UnicornShenanigans chapter 82 . 1/17
I feel so close to Pansy right now.

Haiku I apologize for in advance:

Sex in the bathroom?
In the sacred library?
Alternative facts
UnicornShenanigans chapter 81 . 1/17
So I called someone a twat ball because you inspired me so.

It was Mr. Shenans. He had it coming.

So imma drop as many haikus as I can on you before someone else wants another piece of my soul-

And what's this, my dear?
Just some existentialism
How unfortunate

They don't have to make sense right? Because they're not gonna, let's be real about my skills okay? Good luck and god speed to us both.
biko45 chapter 66 . 1/16
Oh my god! This was so awesome!
That part with not-Hermione and Draco, the "blood means nothing" & "magic means everything" -part was really powerful. And because of that I thought real Hermione and real Draco would've perhaps worked had this story ended that way. And you actually got me, I really thought that the real versions went back!
I'm always a sucker for Draco dropping the Hermione is the best -bombs like not-Draco did here with the "spent a bit of time collecting information about you" bit so naturally I loved it, a lot.
Thanks x
irishflute chapter 19 . 1/16
Oh my goodness this is BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely love the story, and I love the way you tell it, and it's just absolutely perfect and beautiful. What a narrator! And just the EMOTION of it and EVERYTHING - truly lovely. Thank you for sharing!
Guest chapter 64 . 1/14
I reread this after finding a direct link on your tumblr, and it left me with the same glow of satisfaction as the first time I read it. Your characterization is as always beautiful, and now there are some echoes in here that reminds me of nobility, which I also love. Thanks for all the effort you put into these amazing stories :)
Guest chapter 97 . 1/11
That has to be the sweetest one shot I've read in a long while. And a rare pairing, too. Well done.
lhbmac chapter 97 . 1/8
this story is lovely and cute and clever and I'm glad I caught the AN at the end of the last chapter of "how to win friends" so I could read it.
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