Reviews for Amortentia
Alytiger chapter 102 . 8/15
"Amortentia has updated" sweet! "Chapter Title: Convenient ways to kill a man" Ooooooh heck yeah
*Realizes that I haven't read what this is based off* fuck *scrambles to find it* *realizes that it is over 400k* fuck *starts furiously reading*
OMG THIS WAS GREAT and amazing and I loved it almost as much as How To Win Friends and Influence People
rcgvnseyiii chapter 102 . 8/12
IVE MISSED H2W SO MUCH? I love love love these characters and their banter and their crime fighting ways. Also now I’m obsessed with the name Guinevere.
yoyodonnapinciotti chapter 98 . 8/12
I think I can speak for all of us when I say there NEEDS to be more TheoDaph
aurorarsinistra chapter 102 . 8/12
CAD STOP SLICING OFF DAPHNE'S CLOTHES I CANNOT TAKE IT (READ: CAD KEEP SLICING OFF DAPHNE'S CLOTHES IT'S THE BEST THING EVER WHERE IS MINE) but daphne DESERVES this she waited SO LONG and even though she was DEVASTATED she was FINE and i'm so proud of her and her extremely sword savvy lover you're doing AMAZING sweetie also pregnant!pansy was an absolute delight and harry's dramatic entrance was perfect and theo's daddy issues save the day and i didn't realize how much i missed everyone in this fic? but i'm FINE don't worry about me i will survive until the demon inevitably breaks free and writes the spy plot we all know you want to write so thank you for this and also in advance okay that's all love you byeeee
TamraPraxidike chapter 102 . 8/11
THANK YOU FOR THIS. This ship is an irresistible delight. I enjoy the H2W universe SO HARD. 3
2manythingstolove chapter 66 . 8/11
That...was fucking awesome! This is the first thing I've ever read by you and I was blown away! Seriously, I freaking loved it! Excellently written, such a fresh idea, such excellent characterisations - the dopplegangers were so similar and yet, very different. I truly loved this and now I'm excited to start the multi-chaptered Paradox because I am dying to know what happens next!
cocoartist chapter 102 . 8/11
WE DEFINITELY WANTED IT. 'Eight fucking months later' - a beautiful bit of comic detailing. I loved this, I love Daphne, I love Cad, I loved Harry's dramatic entrance, the banter, and the softness of the love story in among all the mafia shit. Fab.
Guest chapter 101 . 8/11
Story 101
Wow, just wow! How delightful, the whole thing had a dreamy quality, for a bit I thought it was going to turn sad, and one of them was really dead or something. The story was beautiful! Thank if I could dream of a Pegasus-Unicorn and call it Draco...
mollsballs chapter 102 . 8/11
This chapter is just the best companion! Cute, I always got Cadmus and Cadwell switched up, so it makes sense that Daphne loves them both
chaste-aeon chapter 102 . 8/10
Ahhhhhh Yesss! thank you! that was beautiful! Daphne finally gets her happy ending. Was this planned right at the startttt? Cadell and Daphne? so brilliant.
EGGITY chapter 102 . 8/10
thank you so much for this wonderful piece... i just can't's too good...
sanbeegoldiewhitey chapter 1 . 8/9
Your fondness for junior ferret Death Eater Draco Malfoy is mind-boggling.
sunset oasis chapter 102 . 8/9
ahhhhhh i'm just absolutely in love with your daphne she's amazing.

"i heard patricide and came running" ohhhh theo. omg.

cadell and daphne's dance is elegant and graceful and sharp i love it

i love the crouch plot too and also percy and his vast amount of knowledge that could come in handy

thanks for writing this!
Gaeleria chapter 102 . 8/8
What a fun story! I love it! It had the perfect blend of intrigue/espionage with romantic pining. “It’s just a few weeks, it’ll be easy” 8 FUCKING MONTHS LATER. I love this pair and what they had to go through. THEN when Cadell said “arrest me too,” my heart just broke. But it was a great ending! And Pansy’s baby! And some fun Parkweasel banter :) Really great, thanks for writing!
amr56 chapter 102 . 8/8
This was great! I loved that we got to see more of Daphne, and get a glimpse of her happy ending. She's brilliant, and I like that her insights were instrumental. I really liked the scene with Daphne, Pansy, Theo, and Percy, figuring out the guy's daddy issues. They all made me laugh. I think Daphne and Cadell are great together. They've both been shaped by past loves, and can really appreciate each other for who they are now. Also, Pansy is amazing. Thanks for sharing!
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