Reviews for Amortentia
asjblackthorne chapter 60 . 3/16/2023
This was adorable and funny until Hermione got the letter from her parents, at which point I burst into tears from the sweetness of Draco.
asjblackthorne chapter 43 . 3/9/2023
That poetry was hilarious. Poor, poor smitten Draco.
asjblackthorne chapter 38 . 3/8/2023
In order of appearance: Star Wars (original trilogy), Ferris Beuler's Day Off, Forrest Gump, The Lion King, Cool Runnings, Notting Hill, Flash dance, Braveheart. I had to look up the Notting Hill quote, because I've never seen it, but I got the rest in my own.
This whole story is absolutely absurd. I like it. Granger should assault Malfoy with her mouth to shut his whiny ass up.
asjblackthorne chapter 28 . 3/8/2023
Before this I could have NEVER imagined a Sons of Anarchy and Harry Potter crossover, but here it is. And it was pretty great. Especially if you've never seen the show. It screamed SOA from the beginning, so when it got the the AN and you mentioned it, I was like "AHA! I fucking knew it!" I'll def read more of it.
asjblackthorne chapter 27 . 3/8/2023
I had a freaking exhausting day then I came home and read that. It was soooo fluffy, and I thank you. My dig thanks you. Fuck, even the wine I'm drinking thanks you.
Also, I think your utterly fantastic version of Theo is rubbing off on me.
katsweetybooks chapter 36 . 3/7/2023
I always love coming back to these…reality show ones. They are hilarioua
asjblackthorne chapter 23 . 3/7/2023
I normally despise any pairing involving Tom, but this was actually...nice.
asjblackthorne chapter 22 . 3/7/2023
This was beautiful, I'd actually live to see more of it. I imagine Henry hiding Pansy somewhere safe while he overthrows Tom, then them ruling happily together. Or it going tragically wrong and then dying in one another's arms. I also have the urge to listen to Six:the musical now.
asjblackthorne chapter 19 . 3/6/2023
That story made little rivers of my eyes. *sniffles*
asjblackthorne chapter 18 . 3/6/2023
Thinly Veiled Death Threat - meh, it's okay.

Therapeutic Arson - hey, I've engaged in that! *Cackles madly*

Unapologetic Erection - please excuse me while I choke on this candy bar I was eating and die giggling.
asjblackthorne chapter 16 . 3/6/2023
See, like I said before, Hermione needs Theo to lighten her up a bit. *Wink*
asjblackthorne chapter 14 . 3/6/2023
Never seen a Viktor/Ginny pairing before. Hot!
Looked for Epistles, but couldn't find it, sadly. At least not the one you mentioned. Found four others, but they were the wrong pairing.
asjblackthorne chapter 13 . 3/6/2023
I really want to know who was doing all the off camera muttering. :D I was kinda Team Theo, because Draco and Hermione are sometimes too serious and need someone to lighten them up. Looking forward to your Theomione!
asjblackthorne chapter 11 . 3/6/2023
This was freaking hilarious and I wish it had gone on longer. The only thing that could have made it better is a delightfully unhinged Theo & Luna (I'm imagining them married to one another) showing up to bring their own brand of quirky to the situation.
HelpmeHermione chapter 5 . 3/24/2022
This is really good! What a great idea!
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