Reviews for Addictions
datonegudguy chapter 45 . 10/20
dude i found this story last week and i am fully hyped to see the next chapter good luck on school and such
Allyon chapter 45 . 10/17
Thank you for the update XD
Tohka123 chapter 45 . 10/11
Quite enjoyable, keep up the hard work
Ulcaasi chapter 45 . 10/10
Nice. Well. I mean. Athena's infected with a godprogram and they're evacuating and Sombra's doing some shit. But like. Updates. Nice. :D

Also Reaper being a complete badass. Hell yeah.
Infinitus Confictura chapter 45 . 10/8
Thank you for the update, great as usual.

And remember, your life first then this FanFiction second (or third, whatever). Not the other way around.

Carry on, boss.
Ase Of SpADeZ chapter 45 . 10/7
Great chapter!
EllenRipley8 chapter 45 . 10/6
Omg I was so happy to see an update for this. Most stories tend to have slower updates as we get closer to the holidays. Also we are aware that life also happens and things occur. So thank you for the update, glad you are feeling well and looking forward to reading more.
Zecr chapter 45 . 10/6
Not bad, but there are a few small mistakes such as " Reyes' ". Otherwise it is a fairly nice chapter. Though I would be more happy if it was longer.
tatzecom chapter 45 . 10/6
Fuck you, you were sick, theres no "but i wanted to publish this"

We are a patient community. And we want to have a project finished, not a dead author or an author who developed a fear for writing. If you need some time take it

Also, i like your spproach of long break - frequent updates. Thats also nice. But dont overstress yourself, you hear me?

Also, good to hear that Addictions is coming to an end and all the ends are gonna get tied up, i cant wait to read the whole finished story in one go

Still love the story, gotta leave a tip for that!

sincerely and respectfully

- your everlasting fanboy who was there since chapter 5 or something, idk anymore
goddragonking chapter 45 . 10/6
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more:)
Nj the anonomys chapter 45 . 10/6
Yo! I’m glad to know your doing better fam, and please do take your time, I like to wait before reading do I can let the chapter sink in before endulging in the next one lol nd It won’t leave a empty feeling in my chest after finishing up the entire story. But as for the chapter I loved it, and the cliffhanger at the end makes it even better. The more you leave the reader hanging the better it is because then want to find out more which I’m pretty sure you already know lol but good stuff and I can’t wait for your reply! But take your time!
AnonymousArchon chapter 45 . 10/6
Oh no, you forgot the "o7" at the end of the post.
But thank you for the update and good luck with your master's thesis.
Seacret4 chapter 44 . 10/5
aboi chapter 44 . 9/30
Y no next chapter
JonFX chapter 44 . 9/26
I need more addictions, this story can’t be left unfinished I will literally die. Hopefully your waiting all this time just to screw around with our minds but it’s killing me. No rush, but please this fanfic is amazing. It’s a piece of art don’t leave us like this.
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