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HenloDude chapter 41 . 4h
I thought this chapter was pretty good as it gave more "fluff" on the characters and their issues haha, nothing too big progressing the story but that's fine. I do also highly appreciate the conversations between Dva and Sombra as i personally love that ship. Hopefully you can crank out another story soon as it sucks having to wait for them haha, but i'll wait til the time is right
Cubite chapter 41 . 4h
I was shaking nervously to myself the entire time reading this because I needed one thing.
I needed them to talk.
Ahhhhhhhh lol. But its cool. In regards to your closing comments, you have been doing a fantastic job creating YOUR story so keep making YOUR story. You have the best WidowTracer Fanfic on the entire internet and I want nothing more than to see you and Widowtracer flourish instead of adding more angst. I think your best writing comes when you have then doing little meaningless things together or just talking in general. I do want them to fight in combat together though. That tag team is sick if you think about it in a actual combat situation. Anyways, I do love how Widow is over thinking the situation but they have been on this "Widow needs to talk, but she won't phase" for a good minute. One other critique I would say is to not lose focus on why we are here. I don't mean this in any negative way either. You have this masterpiece of a story and I understand other characters are needed but the readers are here for the Two Main Gals. So having them not actually talking for the past three chapters hurts my heart haha.

This has been the first review I wrote so, again, me and the Widowtracer shippers truly appreciate this story. So much I can't read any other fanfics about these two lovely girls lol. I never felt the need to review before because the story was so damn good, but reading the closing comments just made me want to share some love back to you. You are really good at this. I will daydream about this OTP at work even more now haha. Anticipating the next chapter!
tatzecom chapter 41 . 21h
dude, I love you! Can we have a child together as a gay couple? at first I thought you abandoned this masterpiece, but I read your afterword of this chapter and I gotta say, man, you have some real trouble going on there.

Im not completely sure what Amelie means with "Ahhh, your muse is back", did you came back together with your girl or did the imagination and stuff came back? Hit me up fam!

Also, this dude who just writes a metric shitton of reviews. bro. Bro. BRO. Calm down, enjoy the story. If the author intended to make it a story where you as the reader completely influence the story, he would have said something, probably in the description of the story. Also, if you want another end that fits your wanton more, go ahead and don't be shy to write a DLC or an alternative timeline for that story. don't forget to mention E82 along with this story as the OP and original content.

E82, this is still the best Overwatch story there is, I still love it and I will continue to read it and leave reviews (I hope you read and appreciate them 3)

keep up the good work and kepp going, if you need a random fella to talk about stuff, hit me up, I'm here.

sincerely and respectfully
Flimcycronet 63 chapter 1 . 4/25
also for some reason all my replies are on chaper 1 idk why lol, but this is the best story in all of fanfiction so who cares.
Flimcycronet 63 chapter 1 . 4/25
great chapter again! I personally think that you should stick to what feels good to write, if that makes sense to you. just follow your original idea, you've got a great muse so far cuz of how amazing this story is (it's like waaaaaaaaaay better than the book we need to read for school, and I asked but the teacher didn't allow me to do a presentation about Addictions Dso just stick to that. you're the best writer i have ever seen, including all of the other onesyou know, the writers who's books we need to read for school). and i nojust wrote a huge repy so I'll just end it here. keep working you're magic and if you ever doubt your writing skills again think about this repy and what blueberry would say (aka you're the best).
Sye-inv chapter 41 . 4/25
awesome chapter! you should stick with your plan and end the story how you want it to be. It is YOUR story after all. From time to time, people want to give valid criticism to the story or their opinion on things, and it is up to you how you want to deal with it. As for me, I am only interest in widowtracer, but I don't mind somva or pharmercy on the side, so the story seems to go at a nice pace for meI would hate it when I'm a writer who write for fun and some people want me to just change the plot altogether to suit their own headcanon.
Ulcaasi chapter 41 . 4/25
Whew. That was some intense interrogation. Hot damn. Oh hey and you're not dead too! Awesome. All that tension between Tracer and Widow is still boiling up to a pop some time soon. They're going to have to talk about it at some point and I can't wait. Not that I enjoy them suffering or talking about messed up feelings but that's how characters grow together and all that jazz. So yeah. Can't wait :3

Regarding readers who complain and don't even have the guts to make an account to do it? Just ignore em. Delete their reviews if it really starts to grate on you.
Greggreg chapter 41 . 4/25
So... is there gonna be anything between Dva and sombra or am i the only one hopeing for that? Good chapter dude. Sorry for the haters. Keep it up dude.
Kwib-Kwib chapter 41 . 4/25
Expected a climatic showdown between Lena and Amélie. Got some hot girl on girl sexy-time instead. Never ever have I thought before, that I would actually complain about that)))) Damn, you got me teased)))
Kwib-Kwib chapter 41 . 4/25
OMG, IT‘S HAPPENING! Chapter 41 is GINALLY HERE *passed out from sheer hype overdose*
RK-Armageddon chapter 41 . 4/25
You’re just hinting at more ships and it’s destroying me inside. I’ve been dying to see your interpretation of Pharmercy since like chapter 5 or whichever the one was where Pharah was shot. And now you’ve got me rooting for some SomVa. I know life can be a bitch but we loyal fans eagerly await more updates!
Asshole chapter 41 . 4/24
Okay so for starters I just wanted to say yes this really is the person from before I swear, there’s really no reason for me to lie or anything and it’s not just someone who’s trying to pretend to be that person to make you feel better it really is me.
Now that that’s out of the way id like to sincerely apologize for my behavior before. I can’t begin to say how sad I am that this hurt you in any way and I wish I could take it back. I was drunk when Id posted it and I know this is no excuse for my behavior. To everyone giving me shit: yeah I pretty much deserve it. I love this story and I love everything that you (author) creates. You are deeply talented and I hope you never give up on this. I have no idea what possessed me to write what I had before and I really hope you can forgive me, even though I probably don’t deserve it. The moment I had read the a/n I felt absolutely horrible and rightly so. I really do love this story and the writing and the plot is great. I’m just very sorry.
Now, why would I name myself “asshole” if this is the original person who posted that review(s). I realize how bad it was and I always check this story for updates and to realize that I had been the one to stop it made me realize how grotesque my actions were. I didn’t post it with an account that time (or this time which is why I’m reinforcing that it’s me) because I honestly don’t have one. If I’m not asking too much (probably am considering what I did) could you possibly somehow respond to this? I know that sounds bad but I’m drowning and guilt and I really swear that I deeply regret this. This is one of my favorite things to read and I really hope I didn’t hurt you. Keep going strong, you’re amazing
-asshat supreme
Drbook chapter 41 . 4/24
Loved this chapter may I make a suggestion check out robohero on tumblr he/she makes some amazing widow tracer art that I think you would love!
Zecr chapter 41 . 4/24
Yes Yes Yes! Honestly, whenever you release a new chapter it is like an awesome movie comes out. Please update more often plz!
Infinitus Confictura chapter 41 . 4/24
Well, there goes my reason not to critics.

Anyway, thank you very much for the latest addition in Addictions series. Love the way you keep the quality of the storyline and quantity of words in this chapter as high as the first time you publish first chapter in this series, despite troubles in real life.
Talking about real life, there are 7 billion people live on this Earth. So, by nature, there will be a couple or more assholes doing nonsense against us without provocation, somewhere...someday...
I am truly sorry to hear about those unknown entity distrubing your writing process. I don't really understand the hardship of your real life or the real deal those pricks have in picking you.
But understands this. I believe you are the one who control your way of life, you are the hero of your own story, and you are definitely the god of the universe we came to know and loved as "Addictions".
Therefore, if you feel some comments weighing you down, brush them aside and pay no attention to such stuffs. Then, carry on as usual.
Your decision to not annouce the names of the peoples writing that to you are, to me, very commendable of you. It reinforce the feel that you are waaaaay above them in many aspects.
Finally, once more, thank you to keep writing this wonderful series. I'll gladly wait for more until the very end. And say my hi to Amelie, wonder how she can change skintone so drastically, hehe, LOL.
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