Reviews for Prodigal Witch
Emily chapter 39 . 7/15
That was beautiful and fantastic I loved it so much!
ZaniOne chapter 39 . 7/11
You write really nice stories. I enjoyed this one immensely. You tied all the story lines up in the end. Your descriptions are very clear. Wonderful.
muzzarae chapter 39 . 7/3
Spectacularly written. Loved this story
Lady AlyseB630 chapter 1 . 6/30
I loved this story! Thank you so much for posting it here so I can read it again.
Guest chapter 14 . 6/22
That was so incredibly sweet. I wasn't expecting that date from Marcus at all.
skyeryder01 chapter 39 . 6/23
I absolutely LOVED this story! I really love how you wrote the characters and their relationships with everyone. Especially Hermione with the guys and the guys with each other.
littlesleepingbird chapter 39 . 6/3
What a wonderful story! I've never seen one with the sorceress twist before and I really enjoyed it! Definitely adding to my favorites. I love pucey and flint. We don't see them often enough!
taisha.beedle chapter 39 . 6/1
wonderful story loved it
EmiSchwalger chapter 39 . 4/30
Apparently I’m super late to this party! I thoroughly enjoyed this and plan on reading it many more times! Very well written, beautiful story! Thank you!
LeaperSonata chapter 39 . 4/19
I've lost count of how many times I've reread this story, but I'm terrible about remembering to review, for which I apologize. This is really one of my favorite fics in the world. It's so lovely how hey wizards dote on Hermione, and how (with the notable exceptions of Figgelowe and Turpin) she's not in competition with other women-I especially love that she gets along with and helps out poor Ginger. And the house porn! And the epilogue with all the kids! And it's just all so glorious and comforting and it's one of my favorite things to read to cheer myself up. I wish there were a thousand fics in the same genre so I could read them forever!

Thank you so much for writing it and sharing it, and I hope you're having a wonderful day.
Biavecc2 chapter 39 . 4/13
Best fanfic I have ever read!
esotericcure chapter 38 . 4/11
I called into work today to finish reading this. fantastically done!
Rlkotatis chapter 1 . 3/28
This gets better every time ! You are so awesome for writing this story !
Jessahmahkah chapter 39 . 3/16
This whole story is amazing. Thank you!
Saylahvie chapter 39 . 3/10
Ugh. Still so damn good even after this my third read.
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