Reviews for Red is the Color of Passion
Sj chapter 6 . 10/14
Hope we get different girls reactions to jaune's member like neo following him around
Dark Durian chapter 6 . 8/30
Hmhmhm, wow, the Rose's are absolutely frightening people. Funny how Qrow seems to be in denial of Ruby's actions while Taiyang tries to save his fellow blond. Damn, if Pyrrha doesn't make her move now, Ruby is gonna get Jaune and never let go. Lol.
Geor-sama chapter 6 . 8/25
Rarely have I ever laughed so hard.

I just...words fail me to express just how awesome this story has been. I eagerly look forward to the next chapter and the furthering traumatizing of Jaune and the disillusionment of Qrow.

God this is a great story.
solarisacorn chapter 6 . 8/19
Very entertiaining story. Good jobl
solarisacorn chapter 1 . 8/19
Haha looks great so far.
Solvdrage chapter 3 . 8/19
Poor Jaune. He's going to have permanently bruised and/or broken hips...
Solvdrage chapter 2 . 8/19
Taiyang's Protective Father Senses are tingling!
Solvdrage chapter 1 . 8/19
Spooks. I read the thing!
Mather12 chapter 3 . 8/16
Holy shit this is hilarious, I'd better stop here before I piss off the rest of the people sleeping in this cabin. And uh, kinda don't know who wrote what bits but it doesn't seem like there is two authors. I don't get any jarring switches in style of writing. That may be because I'm laughing through the chapter. It looks fine to me, but if you wanna improve your writing I'm all for it if it means more fanfiction lol. Seriously though, thanks for teaming up to write this.
BelionGamingFF chapter 1 . 8/10
Is it sad to say most of what Nora said about Canadians is true? I haven't even finished the first chapter and I already love the story so far.
Celestia's Paladin chapter 6 . 8/5
Not sure what's funnier, Taiyang having to save Jaune from Ruby or him/Qrow hanging their Rose from a coat hook.
wolf chapter 6 . 7/26
i can see raven actually doing that in canon to flont she stole the top male, well second but qrow is her brother, in beacon from the top female. corresponding with her survival of the fittest view she would only see tai as a prize of good combat genes to make strong offspring with made even better that she even snag him from the best female.
Lost Guy chapter 6 . 7/26
Okay this is one of my favourite stories do far on this site 10/10, perfection mwahaha.

I look forward to the next chapter, please update soon.
Alex TF chapter 1 . 7/26
O god! That's gold!
Rogue Hunter chapter 6 . 7/23
Poor Jaune. Qrow's coming for him and Ruby is too. Tai is taking the whole thing in stride. Then again based on his personal experience, he probably knows that Jaune is the one that needs to settle it one way or the other and is only making sure things don't go too far before he's made up his mind.

Loved the omake at the end. I can really almost imagine Raven going for Tai just to see Summer's reaction. Now we know one of the reasons Qrow started drinking.
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