Reviews for The Elvenqueen
Sylphrena33 chapter 22 . 9h
Wow. I was not expecting that. I'm loving this story so far though, and I'm excited to see where it goes. Great job with this, I'm really enjoying it, and I'm excited for the next chapter. :)
Sylphrena33 chapter 16 . 11h
This is a great chapter. I love Estel. His thought process as a child cracks me up. I love how he thought Thranduil was stuck in the mirror. That's hilarious. Also, his musings about his Nana's "queen face", and Thranduil and Legolas' expressions made me laugh. His thoughts about whether he will one day have a scary royal face are great. Yes, he will. He gets a scary and intimidating ranger face. :)
Sylphrena33 chapter 6 . 13h
I love this so far. I love Hermione's connection to the Greenwood. I also love the relationship between her and Thranduil. It's my favorite. :)
PoorlyThoughtOutPlan chapter 22 . 2/17
Well hot damn. Theodred turned into a centaur. I did not see that coming, what the hell. Seems pretty interesting though, I'm looking forward to the end! Keep it up!
Astoria Vine chapter 3 . 2/12
Awwww so sweat of him! I absolutely love this masterpiece!
elleismyname chapter 22 . 2/10
The fact that you created this masterpiece has my jaw on the floor. The premise alone is fascinating. You match the writing style of Tolkien so well, I feel as if I'm reading Return of the King. The parallels! Witches and Wizardry, wraiths and death eaters ... I love this story. Hermione is amazing. Ignore the haters and nitpickers. You created something beautiful.
Guest chapter 22 . 1/21
Some choice. They didn't really know what it entailed, did they?
Hermione is horrible now. It's sad to see her this way.
Child of Dreams chapter 22 . 1/20
Oh my God...
Yui's Sweet Dream chapter 1 . 1/18
Ohhh! I'm really liking this beginning! Also, l like Hermione's reasoning on why she didn't want to marry Ron. It's definitely legit and your explanation on how magic may have come from the High Elves are awesome! I can't wait to read what happens next!
tigersmeleth chapter 22 . 1/17
Whoa...I was not expecting that! But fitting, and another great chapter!
mama123 chapter 22 . 1/14
This is an amazing story! Thanks for sharing.
Embrathiel chapter 22 . 1/13
That was brilliant, I had no clue where you were going with the ritual and at first I was unsure about it. I am so glad to read another of your posts. Excellent work!
onceuponadawn chapter 22 . 1/13
I love this! So unique and wonderful! Thank you for writing and posting!
Spriggan chapter 22 . 1/13
ahhhh I liked treebeard, but I suppose someone so old would be lonely and hope for his time on arda to end.
Annabelle Black chapter 22 . 1/12
That. Was. So. Cool. I have no other words. Hermione is a badass. This chapter has blown my mind, I really cannot wait to see how this continues to play out! Truly wonderful writing.
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