Reviews for this is unexpected
Ariana Deralte chapter 3 . 7/20
Lol. I am loving Obi-wan's choices here. Thanks for the entertainment!
SnowflakesandMozart chapter 1 . 7/4
This is a unique and creative Time Travel AU. I love the way Obi-Wan ties Palpatine and his plans in knots, while keeping the chancellor guessing just how much he actually knows.
Q-A the Authoress chapter 3 . 6/5
XD This has shades of How It Should've Ended. I love it.

Keep on Writin' and Rockin'
Rainbow Prime chapter 3 . 6/4
And there we go! That's how an Obi-Wan Kenobi time travel fic should be done! I mean, he was known as the Negotiator for a reason, you know.
Unless it's about Anakin Skywalker, who, according to George Lucas, was going to be able to overthrow the Emperor and kill him. In that case, Anakin should totally kill the Emperor and never turn to the Dark Side.
agnesiona chapter 1 . 5/31
wow. that was really good. i love the way kenobi defeated sidious.
TMI Fairy chapter 2 . 4/25
jsiemens365 chapter 3 . 3/18
Every now and then I peruse your latest works, and I find I am always astounded. Well done indeed. I will have to remember the lessons imparted here: it is a uniquely simple way of describing the phenomenon. I may have to borrow it.
ironspike68 chapter 3 . 1/29
Wow! This is an awesome alternative take on the entire series. I like it much better than what we received as E8.


MaraSkywhiner chapter 3 . 1/25
That's super clever! I love how well Obi-Wan plays the king game here!
Just a Guest chapter 3 . 1/25
Thank you for writing and sharing this wonderful piece of story. It is truly unique, I have never read anything along those lines and it proved to be most refreshing as well as thought-provoking. Thank you :)
Mystic 777 chapter 3 . 1/24
Heh, very nicely done. XD
InvisibleJediMaster chapter 3 . 1/15
I LOVE this idea.
Snapdragon chapter 3 . 12/16/2017
Damn, that's excellent. There's not even any need to ask where it goes from here, because it's blatantly obvious.

The bit about co-opting Maul was nice too, showing off one of the distinct disadvantages of training someone for absolute obedience to commands.
1sunfun chapter 3 . 12/13/2017
BenRG chapter 3 . 12/13/2017
After being so perfectly dismantled by Obi-Wan and being left so pitilessly a helpless pawn, I have no doubt that Palpatine will go his way wondering just which of them was the true Master of the Dark Side.

That was an excellent short! A wonderfully unique and thoughtful alternate look at how Wise Old Ben would have remade the galaxy to his own liking.
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