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Nathaniel Wright chapter 4 . 10/19
So so far the story is good. I like the idea but there is one problem you have. I don't know much about the elder wand lore but I thought that in order for it to respond to another host the person who was using it before had to die. so if that's the cause then Rita shouldn't be able to use the power from the elder wand because it still see Harry as it's master. the only way for it to work is if Rita killed Harry.
Guest chapter 49 . 10/17
Thank you so much for this chapter, can’t wait for the next one!
Blaze1992 chapter 49 . 10/1
This will not end well I can easily see Jason saying Harry tried to handle the monster himself without them.

Also that idiot really tried f**king with harry with work supplies, that is like Darwin stupid. For not only trying to prank a magic wielding son of a marauder but also misuse/wasting food via pranks.
CCSakuraforever chapter 49 . 10/1
esta muy bueno el capitulo mas como le va a harry en la escuela mas el problema con el nuevo compañero de trabajo mas que paso en el torneo mas que paso con la llegada de los mounstros mas que querra zedd con el trofeo
Uzushiogakure chapter 49 . 10/1
Nice chapter and I'm glad that more of the Rangers are starting to realize the problem that Harry has already explained to them. And I swear Jason better apologize to Harry after this memory mess (whatever is causing it) is solved. And no I didn't realize until he Gotan had already appeared lol. I look forward to the next chapter.
Wenderson Ferreira chapter 49 . 9/30
hello, the best birthday present I've won, I hope you're well.
I have some questions: 1Is Jason jealous of Harry or is it a spell?
2 Will you bring Tommy as White Rager?
3 will do zeo and ranger?
It's just a hug from Brazil.
god of all chapter 49 . 9/30
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
robert32514 chapter 49 . 9/30
Will Jason and Harry resolve their differences anytime soon?
LoamyCoffee chapter 49 . 9/30
Good stuff, it happens when one focuses on the obvious issues. As for the Rangers losing at something, I'm surprised it wasn't done in the series more as you can't win all the time, well except for monster battles for the aforementioned reasons. I mean if you never lose, you're not learning anything.
Star1X chapter 49 . 9/30
My only "complaint" is the Jason stuff is getting a bit old. Chapter 49 and they still dislike each other.

Great chapter tho, awesome as always.
Xion The XIV chapter 49 . 9/30
hmm quick question will you have Harry's zords be destroyed at the same time with the other rangers or no? Also will you go into the other seasons? Because from what I know and depending on what angle you are going with the MOD, Harry will almost live 2x longer then Trini or even infinitely longer. Also makes me wonder since Harry is his own Power grid will he be immortal with it since power will always be coursing through him.

Also why do I get the feeling soon you are going to stir up more drama with the team. Like major drama close to breaking Harry from the team with both of their actions.
TM11 chapter 49 . 9/30
If by verbose you mean that there was more dialogue, then I think you were more verbose in this chapter.
A great slice of life chapter to change the pace, I kinda liked it. Though, seriously, I'm dying to know what the hell is wrong with the Rangers. At least Zack acknowledged that something is up. Jason, though, I'm kinda wondering what you're going to do with him. Kinda hoping for Jason vs Harry. I really want to see Jason getting is butt kicked. Also, something that came to me recently. I know that the Grid makes it so the crime rate in Angel Grove is not as high as it would normally be. But, if that wasn't the case, would you have Harry fight crime like Spider-Man does? If not, what would be your excuse? What would be Zordon's excuse to not allow the Rangers to use their powers to fight crime instead of only Rita and Zedd?
Guest chapter 11 . 9/29
Maybe the only reason the Green Ranger kicked you out of the Dino Megazord, was because you didn’t lock the back door.
imperator277 chapter 48 . 9/28
A cliffhanger with the dark rangers. Interesting to see how harry will react to them. He doesn’t like bullies. Maybe a magical induced prank? Also harry is going to start thinking of getting his own place soon. Maybe he can use his magic to manipulate the outome of the lottery? Or hit Vegas with some magic? Can’t see him doing any of those things but they are ideas. Update soon!
Mark Adaar chapter 48 . 9/24
Dude, you rock!
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