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PINKDIAMOND4000 chapter 17 . 6/28
I feel so happy and sad that the story is already over, but Im happy that finally we could now the end of it. I would like to know what would Soren do when Ike dies, if he would go to Almedah, kill himself or what TWT is so sad, becuase Soren will watch him die.

Yes! :v I want more of Ike and Soren even if is a one shot ;n;
Infamint chapter 17 . 6/28
i'm so glad i bookmarked this two years ago! ngl, i was starting to lose hope, but it's great that you finished it~ it's always interesting to see people explore to ikesoren dynamic! looking forward to more from you
PINKDIAMOND4000 chapter 16 . 6/27
adfkdasjlfasñdkfjasdkñasfl OMFG! After a year you updated! I was waiting for this! It was so intense, OMG did Soren died! Im glad he saved Sothe, but this was amazing,Ill be waiting for the next chapter. You made my day, nearly jumped out of my bed when I read my email and saw the update. TWT Thank you!
Saany chapter 15 . 11/16/2017
Well, I hope your computer is doing better because I need more chapters of this fic ! This is very good. I'm glad we get to see the other mercenaries because I really like them all :)

This is also a very interesting plot, I hope you can finish this story !
DestructoKat chapter 15 . 7/11/2017
I'm on mobile so excuse me for any mistakes.

Sorry I haven't reviewed by in a while! However, I love what you've done. The political intrigue, while not super complicated, still kept me on my toes and the extent of which the intrigue surrounding the Throne group did feel terrifying.

I also love seeing Ike and Soren together when the stakes are high like that. Their conversation wasn't incredibly corny (and I feel like that happens a lot in fics where one if them is peril) and it stayed true to their characters. I also liked how Soren was willing to die with Ike in the castle when neither one if them wanted to be there in the first place, as morbid as that was.

Anyway, I hope your computer holds out!
PINKDIAMOND4000 chapter 15 . 7/7/2017
OMFG! so is almost over! Too intese! So it was Almedha who saved their lives TwT I m so glad I was sure that either Ike or Soren would die that day. Sad thing Soren wont be king, but at least he will be at peace with Ike. I hope that after the battle Soren can sort things out with Almedha, but thats just me hoping XD. And well... Ill cross my fingers so you can write those chapters that you need to write. I feel so bad for not noticing the other update, guess thesis is consuming too much of my time.
PINKDIAMOND4000 chapter 14 . 7/7/2017
OMG! OMFG! I want to kill myself! I didnt noticed you uploaded another chapter, TwT Im happy but sad that didnt read this one before.
ScarletTearss chapter 14 . 5/7/2017
Oh wow ! You actually updated ! This chapter was intense and you left it at such a cliffhanger , Damn it Oh well , can't wait for the next chapter , please update soon.
PINKDIAMOND4000 chapter 13 . 2/13/2017
TwT OMG! I felt this chapter so short, it was so exciting to read! You made my day with this :3 It was surprising to se Soren get captured like that, I was literary screaming to the monitor. Now Soren owes Shinon, interesting, and the castle will be attacked hmmm something tells me that in the end Soren will have to rule. I will cross my fingers so you dont blocked and can update this anytime soon XD.
PINKDIAMOND4000 chapter 12 . 12/26/2016
OMG no! what was that dream!? D: someone will die TnT oh no! hope you can update soon.
PINKDIAMOND4000 chapter 11 . 12/26/2016
Soren, seriosly just talk to your mother XD! but Damn...the ending of this chapter left me pretty shocked...poor Ike
PINKDIAMOND4000 chapter 10 . 12/26/2016
Awww you really write them so well... I feel sad that I getting already to chapter 12 TwT awwwww
PINKDIAMOND4000 chapter 9 . 12/26/2016
Awww I feel so bad for Almedha, I really hoped Soren could talk to her and damn...things are getting from bad to worse... oh Soren... you really honor the fanfics name as the princes of ice
PINKDIAMOND4000 chapter 8 . 12/26/2016
OMG! And now things are getting more and more interesting! It might be my guess but Soren in the end will rule :v I hope he does... you even make me like Micaiah. will end his encounter with Almedha? :v!
PINKDIAMOND4000 chapter 7 . 12/26/2016
Ok! I forgot to review the other chapters XD And only notived this when you sent me the pm, but I do love this fanfic alot, the idea of Soren being told the truth is something that I love people to write about. I was really wondering if by any chance he was going to accept the throne, seems I was wrong. Hmmm I love the relationship that both Soren and Ike have, I have read a lot of fanfic with them together, but what I love the most about yours is the fact that Soren and Ike dont need to hugh or kiss each other to make you know that they are a couple. The way they trust each other and share their problems is what makes the both of them so connected.

I really would have loved to see Soren and Almedah having a talk, Im guessing that they will talk at some point heeheh. Glad to know that you will continue this fanfic, since Ill waiting for new chapters.
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