Reviews for Silly Songbird
CMdkelley chapter 2 . 7/18
So he is stuck with a peerage of weaklings who were originally handpicked to each fulfill a harem stereotype...
Guest chapter 6 . 5/7
Your story is completely nonsensical, half of it is already just paragprahs of description of how beautiful a character is blah blah blah with repetition for each entrance of character , and poetic nonsense with no meaning but only redundant words for the sake of the illusion of something.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/29
If he becomes powerful enough to surpass the dragon gods I’m going to get annoyed. Though this is obviously abandoned so not like it matter. Also his goal is in no way unique to his character seeing how every single setting like this is exactly the same of power hungry idiot MC who only cares about power because writers can’t be bothered to actually care about an actual story and character interactions.
GodsReader15 chapter 14 . 4/23
Shi is hella good.
drkprince chapter 2 . 3/7
iam not riser ! first thing to do call a family meeting! yeet
Atlas8 chapter 9 . 2/7
Sigh. Seriously, it's crazy how much Author makes the phenex family all-powerful for the sake of plot. Well, it all makes sense with a single acronym attached to it: AU. Still, I never really fancied Rizer phenex as a protagonist and while his family as main supporting role is okay, their power (both political and literal) makes me cringe sometimes.

Anyway, this is just my personal opinion on things, so take it with a grain of salt.

I can't say this story is my kind of story. I think that's the main problem. I keep hoping it'll change or mend into what I like to read, but sadly that's not the case. Well, tough luck, me. Not every story is made for everyone.

This is a well written story, but I can't like it. I may or may not still finish it coz I don't have many good stories to read right now, but I am already giving up on enjoying it.
Atlas8 chapter 7 . 2/6
Definitely a great chapter writing-wise, but I still feel everything here is so pointless. Rias is hot, yes, but this version is still not worth all this trouble and BS. Meh, maybe if it were one of the better versions.

This one isn't worth all that effort.

Again, great Chapter, but I can't wait to get over Rias and the engagement/marriage BS.
Atlas8 chapter 6 . 2/6
Ah, other than that, this story is quite good. I know I've only been complaining, but this is actually a pretty decent fic.
Atlas8 chapter 6 . 2/6
I honestly don't understand MC's bizarre interest with the whole fighting and winning against Rias's peerage, making the entire main cast his enemies. Like, seriously, if he doesn't care about any of them, he shouldn't even be bothering.

Yeah, I honestly don't understand it. It feels forced to me.

Also, while this chapter was a decent power fantasy, it was directed towards a bunch of weaklings. It was literally bullying. One I couldn't enjoy, probably because I am biased towards the main cast.

There's a few things about this story that irk and baffle me. This is the third one in 6 chapters.

Sigh, I hope the future events will be better than the MC forcefully wanting to piss and/or fight the main cast. Like, I honestly don't see the merit in it.

For all his smartness and paranoia, he acts really stupid or nonsensical sometimes. Actually, maybe MC is just plain old crazy. Hmm, maybe I should start seeing him as that. The story would make more sense.

Sorry if I seem like I'm ranting and complaining too much. But it's because I see potential in this story. The idea was great and the background and magical explainations have been quite above average for a DxD fan fic. I was just hoping the MC would find a better hobby.

Would love to see him dumb Rias and instead focus on his own peerage girls or something. There's so many good options even if you discount the Rias's peerage.

DxD is MADE for Harem.
Atlas8 chapter 5 . 2/6
Okay, what the actual hell just happened in this chapter? It is so confusing at times.

Where did this Revive dude and the necromancy or whatever crap come from out of nowhere?

I feel like I skipped a chapter or something. So disconnected and unexplained. Sigh, this is like the second big thing I don't understand about this story. The first being Riser's call to his family and whatever nonsense Author spouted then. Like, seriously. That and this scene are so, so bizarre to me.

Maybe I'm too dumb to understand or the Author's story is too smart. But yeah, no. Some things just don't make sense.

Wish we would focus a bit more on the story progression and less on whatever Master Plan MC is cooking.

Like, I wanna see the results of all this long stretched 'training montage' and preferably more canon storyline (or whatever alternative Author has planned).

Okay, now I'm not ranting and whining, but I do still think my first point about the two scenes has a... well, point.
primalparadox chapter 6 . 1/12
So potentially murdering a good chunk of Lucifer's baby sisters peerage just to pull off a massively overkill attack, when a simple flame spear would have been plenty for the target.
CelticWiccan chapter 9 . 12/14/2022
Your story is very well written and I somewhat enjoy it but it's not entirely my cup of tea. Don't give up and have a good day
MoinLeute chapter 12 . 12/13/2022
i honestly have not the slightest idea whats going on now...
Astramilitarum01 chapter 18 . 12/2/2022
Sorry but just no.
The story made little to no sense and was a complete mess.
First we have the insane amounts of pure internal Monologue and explanations in the first halve of the story, Monologe and explanations for fake Magic, basic training and some other crap.
In the later half we have an MC that is supposed to be OP but basically gets forced into situations and things all the time. Let's not even start with that the Intentions of the MC in the first chapter doesn't Match his actions in the rest of the story. I have no idea for what reason the MC should do 99% of the things he does.

So yeah it was a confusing waste of time
Guest chapter 10 . 11/15/2022
haha the qay events play out here is just so ridiculous xD a bunch of trash honestly
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