Reviews for Guardian Of Life
Eriyum chapter 1 . 5/23
im not even a part of this fandom and I love this story! so good!
Not-Gonna-Update chapter 10 . 4/30
Aww... I just want them to all be happy together. Shipping Harker and the pharaoh a bit more now compared to the pharaoh & Carol.

Thanks for updating! o Looking forward to read what happens next...
sousie chapter 10 . 4/30
can't wait to see how you will write the next "Arc" of the story
RevengeOfTheFangirls chapter 10 . 4/30
Poor Harker,Memphis was almost decent then went on asshole the imagery
DeathlyIceMaiden chapter 10 . 4/30
oh harker...the pain your experiencing...but on other hand he is great for the story and i look forward to him ismir. at least harker saved hittite princess. is harker bi?
RevengeOfTheFangirls chapter 9 . 4/28
I really love your story. Especially you took the time to write it in a way that is very reminiscent of old shojo. I can't wait for Harker to meet Ismir.
JaceSienna98 chapter 9 . 4/25
I don't know if I've mentioned how much I love this story, but I do. It's hard to find something unique on fanfiction. Usually it's the same ten or so ideas, but I've never read anything like this. It's awesome and a joy to read.
Sleeping Moon chapter 9 . 4/23
You did an amazing job with this chapter! Carol and Harker singing a song unlike what Egypt has ever heard of before, to the Hittite princess wanting to take the latter away from the creepy Pharaoh. Things are going get heated soon, I can feel it! Please update soon!
sousie chapter 9 . 4/23
it seem the princess brother will be in egypt soon
AmandaPandaOh chapter 9 . 4/23
Pharoh been a creepy creeper who needs to get a punchin'! An princess is over here making me Ship it. Stahp!

I do feel bad for traitor gaurd tho. They both so mad and he was just doing his job.

Singing was so cute~~!

I love this story so much!
DeathlyIceMaiden chapter 9 . 4/22
lol just realizing i said that last update too. hahaha oops
DeathlyIceMaiden chapter 9 . 4/22
yay a update! harker is amazing!
sousie chapter 8 . 3/31
thank for the update!
AmandaPandaOh chapter 8 . 3/25
In which the pharoh maintains his "thirsty jacka**" status and harkers ongoing campain to keep his head down continues to fail!

I love this fic so much! So much poetry and High Drama~~ harker is the only sane man here and he is Tired. Glorious wordsmithing~~~~~~
Guest chapter 1 . 3/25
Thank you thank you thank you! I love this series and it is very hard to find a good writer. You do it justice and I appreciate so much that you're working so hard on this. I love the fact that Carol and Harker are turning into friends instead of romance that I see in a lot of other stories. And I like the fact that you're keeping the history and the characters in personality and not distorting them! So thank you thank you thank you!
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