Reviews for Air Force vs Navy
Guest 0815 chapter 4 . 8/24
You should continue, it would be a waste to let a story as nice as this going to Neverland without at least a try of finishing it.
LM395 chapter 4 . 8/6
Still reading! I was so happy to find this updated. They're going to kick some Navy ass lol!
sus chapter 4 . 7/17
Yes, yes, yes! Definitely interested that you finish this story. I love it. Especially because in the show we seldom see Sam as a pilot. As good as never I would say.
So good luck with real life and read you again with the next chapter.
Bye, Sus
Odonata chapter 4 . 7/16
Welcome back! Thanks for sharing :) wanted to let you know i’m still reading
GrandCayman chapter 4 . 7/15
Yay! Thankyou for posting another chapter, hope there's more coming soon!
djenie chapter 4 . 7/13
Really nice to see another chapter! I did go back and read the others, tho. Sam and Jack are going to get themselves in big trouble here! Hope you keep it up!
Hazmatt chapter 4 . 7/12
Great story so far! I look forward to reading more!
Guest chapter 4 . 7/11
I was just thinking about this story and really wishing you would finish it and bam! You did! I hope you keep going. I really want to know what happens
Samisim chapter 4 . 7/11
I hope you do keep this up. Great chapter!
M1CH3 chapter 4 . 7/11
YES YES YES YES YES still interested. keep writing PLEASE!
Dafidowndilly chapter 4 . 7/11
Thank you for continuing the story and yes there is definitely interest in what happens. Hope to see a new chapter soon.
Tango Mike Charlie chapter 4 . 7/11
Not sure if I read the older chapters before (they seemed familiar, so maybe I did), but definitely interested in reading anything more. So please keep writing. I'd love to finish reading this story and see how it ends :)
I like the jealousy back and forth, but would like for them to end up together of course ;-)
Guest chapter 4 . 7/11
Can't wait to read the rest of this sto ry. Hope Sam and jack end up togeather
fanficauther1226 chapter 4 . 7/11
You absolutely cannot leave it there! We need to read about the competition and Jack and Sam kicking ass!
kahuna chapter 4 . 7/10
It's nice to see an update. I hope you continue.
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