Reviews for The Shock of it All
kushka chapter 58 . 11/29
Great story
SeraphimBlue chapter 3 . 11/4
well that was most certainly rape from Dumbledore... off to a momentous start I see
Guest chapter 58 . 10/10
Thank you for your wonderful story
subhogue chapter 58 . 10/6
Great story, loved every minute of it. The prank at the end was brilliant and so detailed. I think one of my favorite reoccurring bits was Harry adding points back. I usually like McGonagall but has many faults even in canon and I think you did perfectly fine here. I also love that you left it so the story is wrapped up with a neat little bow on top but can be continued if desired.
blcoachmac chapter 58 . 10/2
Absolutely loved the story!
blcoachmac chapter 51 . 10/2
Harry should channel his inner Spider-Man and tack the Goblin to the ceiling with webbing!
blcoachmac chapter 50 . 10/2
You could turn everyone into a copy of McGonagall and she could see just how abrasive and overbearing she is!
blcoachmac chapter 49 . 10/2
Will McGonagall get rehabbed?
blcoachmac chapter 48 . 10/2
There isn't a drop in readers, it's just sometimes you do a damn good job and we just have nothing to add! Good work!
blcoachmac chapter 43 . 10/1
Lol! Magic!
blcoachmac chapter 39 . 10/1
McGonagall needs to be taken down a few notches!
blcoachmac chapter 38 . 10/1
When Harry figures out it was Snape and by proxy Dumbledore in letting Snape hear the prophecy he is gonna be irate!
blcoachmac chapter 36 . 10/1
Please let Harry and Luna make it together! Also having Luna a little stronger will be great!
blcoachmac chapter 33 . 10/1
Remus always takes up for Dumbledore, needs to wake up and smell the coffee!
blcoachmac chapter 31 . 10/1
Your writing is awesome, don't change a thing! How many will lose their magic?
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