Reviews for The Shock of it All
libbyxox1 chapter 58 . 11/30
fun story
LadyKirsten chapter 58 . 11/19
This story was a blast. I particularly enjoyed the last few paragraphs. Brilliant Thank you
abishasoans chapter 35 . 11/19
I wish he wasn't so rudesnarly. There's nothing endearing about it
FFFudgeUp chapter 58 . 11/19
love this story. hate how suddenly it ends. thanks for sharing!
Epeefencer chapter 58 . 11/12
I am disappointed that you did not show harry and Luna getting together
Epeefencer chapter 19 . 11/12
You over use snarled when harry is angry. Most of the time it is an inappropriate response unless harry is psychotic.
Epeefencer chapter 18 . 11/11
While there may not be skunks in Europe, parts of England, Wales and Scotland do have polecats, which also defend themselves with a spray of a fetid fluid, though they do not look look skunks, being more like a ferret.
Winterislate chapter 58 . 11/11
You made me cry.
Thank you, this was an amazing story, start to finish. 3
Jemma Blackwell chapter 43 . 11/7
ok, who the f was watching? Grr this is getting ridiculously hard to stomach.
tpthornburg chapter 58 . 11/5
ok so im at the end of your story and i must say - as a trekkie - i rather enjoyed that. i do have to admit that at times i really thought your harry was a prick but overall it was a well-told tale and very different to anything else ive read. I do have one small nit-pick thought - since you can make a word document - you can also run spell/grammar check before you post. that would go a long way in catching your misspelled or missing words. But overall - great job.
Guest chapter 50 . 11/4
ok i was liking this new harry at first but now he's just turned into a little prick. he's acting just like draco malfoy with some brains.
slytherinsal chapter 20 . 11/5
My Wiccan friend says that skyclad means wearing just a shift, which is born out by the rituals shown in the videos by the group 'Faun' whom I recommend if you don't know them. This is a lovely bit of light relief to read.
Motherofthehorde chapter 58 . 11/3
Good ride.
Thank you for taking the time to write.
Guest chapter 10 . 11/3
I actually LIKE your Harry. It's about time someone gave him a spine!
clockwork frog 13 chapter 58 . 10/30
Another great story.
Not sure if I liked Potty-mouthed Potter (it's the language more than the attitude), but this is your story and I wouldn't change it.
I would take no notice of those that try to correct your written grammar when writing speech. If you listened to how people really speak you will notice that not many speak grammatically correct, everybody will mash words together, often repeat themselves and a few have a verbal-tick 'like'.
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