Reviews for The Shock of it All
JimSilver chapter 57 . 11/22
Wow, this is a lovely idea
maiqsmail chapter 58 . 11/15
If we agree that this have humour/parody tag and is overall goofy, this is quite a nice story and I'm happy for this Harry. Although I would prefer more pairing exposition for Harry and Hermione's pairing was an unexpected surprise.
maiqsmail chapter 42 . 11/14
So much for 'constant vigilance'.
maiqsmail chapter 28 . 11/13
A minor gripe I have with this is that set-up and background do not match. If he has no memory, but watched some Star Trek during the week on the run, he would not be able to learn so much about it. Even if he watched non-stop whole day every day, a week is not enough for both TOS and TNG.
SMB chapter 42 . 11/10
That's so f**king stupid and contrived. Harry is as big of a pussy as he always was. Why did you write him to be a moRon? It makes no f**king sense why he would ignore Luna's warning. I hope Harry f**king dies because he deserves it and the entire wizarding world f**king burns for his idiocy.
SMB chapter 33 . 11/10
CH33 It's really stupidly funny how you completely disregarded and ignored all of the reasons Harry wanted to leave immediately and you make up more crappy reasons for him to stay that make no sense. The story should be over already and it goes on for another 25 chapters.
SMB chapter 11 . 11/8
What about Harry's money he stole? That was in his trunk, too.
SMB chapter 10 . 11/8
Why? There was barely any confrontation at all. I wanted more coflict not less.
chrismhinsch chapter 58 . 11/7
Great read. Ya harry is a bit of an ass but thats part of the charm of your version of him. Thank you for the wonderful story
GBTtown chapter 58 . 10/23
Great story! Even second time 'round.
Darknessdawns chapter 58 . 10/20
This was an interesting piece. I quite liked the unique plot devices, especially the intent based magic and the Star Trek occlumency shield/mind palace. Honestly I can't see what the complaints in the reviews were about. It was a good story and considering you have dyslexia, it was damn near amazing. My brother has that and the poor guy can hardly write coherent sentences. So, please just ignore the uninformed idiots since they have no idea the struggle of writing with something like that. You did wonderfully. I only wish we could have seen some of the romance between Harry and Luna. At any rate, the ending wrapped things up well and I can understand why you stopped it here. It really can't be helped when writer's block sets in.
rune1806 chapter 58 . 10/8
Thank you for a very enjoyable tale.
Bluenait chapter 4 . 10/3
your fic is pure trash delete it will ya ?
Anne chapter 58 . 9/30
A very clever and engaging story. As a long time Star Trek fan, I loved Harry's mindscape.
Doggyniichan chapter 47 . 10/2
Dear Author,

I read through your entire fanfic. This story is a broken car, and I wish it went somewhere. How can something be free and still feel like a ripoff? The world may never know. But I digress, your skills are adequate, but your overarching plot is very similar to Voldy's nose, absent. All in all, you are the only negative review I've ever created. So at least there is a first for everything.

With malice,
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