Reviews for Outbreak 2
Guest chapter 1 . 4/25/2017
Rip Elwood City
TimmyTurnerFan chapter 1 . 7/27/2016
This story sure got my mouth opened wide when I read that the anchors were collapsing. Wowsers! I'm yet to see something like this happen so I'm sort of prepared for that now but I'm probably going to forget when it happens. But anchors are people too like we are. This sure was a scary story.

And then Jane falling down the stairs, aye yi yi! Boy I hope she's okay. And disaster can spread really fast. I was thinking of the Spanish Influenza when I read some of this, although I wasn't around when that happened. I almost wonder if Elwood City and surrounding areas even a 1000 miles away will get Black Plauge (that's how I like to call it not the other way). Now that I mentioned that, perhaps someone should write a fanfic of that. I'm good at coming up with ideas for fanfics but I'm not good at writing them.

And normally boiling water is encouraged but in this case, it was dangerous. This goes to show that some things are not always safe to do. I think almost nothing in this world is safe. Speaking from the movie "Final Destination," which I don't watch anymore and haven't since 2003:
-The airplanes we ride or walk out of
-The red lights we stop at or run
(Now adding my own words that I thought of)
-The food we eat or don't eat
-The water we drink or don't drink
-The air we breath or don't breath
-The burning buildings we run out of or stay in
-The trains we wait for or try to beat (I don't encourage trying to beat a train though!)
-The schools we go to or ditch (or not exactly playing hookie, there are some reasons to miss school)

I'll stop now.

Bottom line, nothing is safe and anything can kill you and you can die even when you're trying to be careful. You can narrowly escape a burning building only to killed in a drive-by shooting or choke on a feather (my mother told me about the feather). This world is not safe, and it's getting less safe as time goes by. I'm not trying to scare anyone but this is the sad truth. We are not safe anywhere.

However, it's better to die doing the right thing than die doing the wrong thing, especially knowingly.

Back to the fanfic: when I read of Buster and stealing in the same paragraph I was like "Oh, Buster!" Well, he can be a thief at times. There's another fanfic idea: a fanfic where Buster steals from Arthur, or takes things from Arthur without permission! Any takers on that one?

Sure hope the water-freezing thing works.

Commenting on the A/N, first, what are Smut Puppets? Just curious. I'd like DASL's answer but what are you guy's answers to that question?

We are misunderstood writers. We write stuff, and we warn people about what we write and yet it still gets to them and we still get criticised for it despite our best intentions. Goes to show there are some things we just cannot do no matter what.

Or what were you talking about DASL? I admit I've included some questionable things in some of my fanfics, like males peeing standing up, and it's been seen on some kid cartoons, even on Arthur once, and did plan to include it in some future fanfics, but it's not that good of an idea to do that, even if it's seen on some kid-shows and it is seen on kid-shows, but even that's no excuse. But I didn't do it to offend anyone, and I wouldn't have included it in every fanfic, and I didn't mention any sexual words or mention genitals or go too into detail. I would never do that and will not, and at least I don't write about circumcision, castration (a huge yucky and a high disturb to me!), rape, or anything like that. I also don't write religious or political stories (I thought of writing an Arthur fanfic featuring a Jehovah's Witness character, and it wasn't supposed to be offensive, but I decided I better not, no, I BEST not, it's not a good idea, so I won't, and I'm not going to no matter how many times you ask me to. If you write such a story though, I'm NOT going to read it even if you have good intentions.)

Some things are better left unwritten or unposted, not even thought about, but that's just me. We're all free to write, draw, and post what we want, but we have to think before we write or draw and even more so before we post because some things don't translate well with other people and will think the worst out of us no matter what we try to say or do and no matter what our intentions are and even if we mean well. And even if we warn readers of content in our material, even say things like "Don't like, don't read" or "If you're offended you must leave," people will still critisize for it.

One things for sure, I hate cyberbullies and hate being given a hard time about what I post. I mean I respect other people's opinions, I have to as I want mine respected, well, we all have to respect each other's opinions and view although that's not always going to happen, but I don't want to be dictated on what I write and how I write it. And I cannot and will not dictate what anyone writes. But I will try to be careful and considerate and respectful of others, I don't like to offend anyone, especially not on purpose. And if I don't like something, I usually just ignore it and not bother the person who posted it, or try to give a gentle comment.

Another thing, we cannot choose what other people say or do or how they react, but we can choose what we say or do and how we react.

That is all, thank you. DASL, your response (if you have one)?
BlackNeko20 chapter 1 . 6/30/2016
holy ykw you gave 'em brain rot. have you been playing skyrim again? my nephew just started and he refuses to cure that disease lol. it just sounds so funny.
i think they've decided to leave you alone about the copyright thing. what was your plan if they didn't? you mentioned that snapped story... nm, i understand now:D
good work on this, btw. i'm sure some sciency knowitalls could tell you otherwise but i think it's plausible. i'd go to bottled water now but it's contaminated too lol. guess i've got it too:D
DeviousBadgerCritic chapter 1 . 6/23/2016
I did not expect that ending. I thought there was going to be a slow buildup of it spreading to Elwood City and then you hit us with THAT. But when you look back at the beginning, it makes sense. This was an interesting read.