Reviews for Antithesis
WittyBasketcase chapter 72 . 6h
I was practically jumping up and down in joy when
Adrian confronted James and lily. It was so beautiful. They deserved every justifiably harsh word! Honestly, kinda wanted Adrian to kill James. Who the fuck does he think he is - how... the blood wards... BITCH THATA YOUR SON TOO!
WittyBasketcase chapter 70 . 11h
I almost don’t want this story to end. It means so much to me.
winterstar77 chapter 77 . 16h
Hi! I have literally been reading your story non stop for the past few days. They way you write is amazing, I can picture every moment like a movie playing in my head. I had really random thought over the last two chapters: have you ever seen the Fifth Element (if you haven’t you really need to!)? The last few chapter reminds me of Leeloo. She reminds of Adrian in a way. Towards the end of the movie she finds out the meaning of war. “You humans act so strange. Everything you create is used to destroy...” and “I do not know love, I was created to protect, not love.” This has been a roller coaster of a ride. Please, please tell me that Adrian has a decent ending? You’ve made me love him...don’t make me hate you!
angelofdarknessfire chapter 77 . 10/22
Omg. This chapter made me cry
WittyBasketcase chapter 64 . 10/22
Yasss. Go Adrian!
WittyBasketcase chapter 63 . 10/22
That reveal was worth the wait! Kudos to skylar for telling off his parents!
WittyBasketcase chapter 61 . 10/22
Oh thank god Remus isn’t dead!
WittyBasketcase chapter 59 . 10/22
Ummm.. what the fuck?! Adrian is going to die? I mean, I should have known but also noooo!
Man, each chapter my heart breaks a little more for Adrian. Also FUCK barty crouch jr!
WittyBasketcase chapter 56 . 10/22
Why can’t Adrian see that Sirius and Remus genuinely care for him?!
2notgood chapter 54 . 10/21
After taking a quick breather I'm not sure if I will continue reading this fic. Don't get me wrong its possible one of the best written fic I have ever seen, but that's the problem. I am becoming emotionally connected to the characters, but I know their is nothing but tragedy in store. I feel (and hope) that this was the most impactful moment in the story. You are a great author and I might get sucked back in but for now I will just hope you will eventually write something with a lighter tone.
Stacey's Universe chapter 43 . 10/21
A little bit confused over what contract stuff Adrian had made with other students that had to be broken...
Might just be my brain not working right now but wanted to ask and not be clueless, thanks
2notgood chapter 54 . 10/21
I am actually crying.
WittyBasketcase chapter 54 . 10/21
Oh my god! Noooo! Not LUNA!
winterstar77 chapter 54 . 10/21
OMFG...what have you done! I should have suspected that Luna would die by the end of this chapter given the small interludes and snippets of conversation between them...but seriously? Of all the characters you choose poor Luna copped it? Bloody buggering hell. I want that Basilisks head mounted on my wall...
Clee211 chapter 2 . 10/21
I am really enjoying this story so far and can’t wait to keep reading. I was wondering if Harry was going to have a snake familiar?
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