Reviews for Making Connections
Lw117149 chapter 21 . 9/17
Lol that's right sound waves thank you for the update.
gammathetaalpha chapter 21 . 9/12
Good job! I liked the end with Peter's determination.
dragonslayer111 chapter 21 . 9/11
venom weakness is electricity carnage is sound. anyway love the chapter update soon
kameeler02 chapter 21 . 9/11
I love this story! please do continue updating!
BrawlerGamer chapter 21 . 9/11
Now I'm pumped for the next chapter! Can the Avengers weaken Venom enough for Peter to reclaim his body? Will Peter be strong enough to seperate himself from Symbiote?
marhkandil chapter 21 . 9/11
OH COME ON! Please dont leave us hanging there for too long!
Warrior Nun chapter 21 . 9/10
It's cool! You know it's ironic that when they read, they don't read the entire thing. Anyways, great chapter as always!
Lilith Hawtrey chapter 21 . 9/10
Wow. For some reason, this chapter was one of my favorites. :) I don't know why, though. I like all of them! :D
Pokeevee57 chapter 20 . 9/8
Okay. To be honest? I actually cried. Seriously. Good job with that, by the way. Usually I'm pretty strong when it comes to stories, anime, etc. But you made me laugh a lot, and man, there were just those intense scenes (and cliffhangers) that I also really enjoyed. For some reason. Though this current one is killing me. Heheh.

I really want to see how this plays out, yet I'm pretty anxious too. Gosh, my mind just won't be made up, will it?
Swimming4eva123 chapter 20 . 9/4
Please update!
Guest chapter 20 . 8/25
I love your story I hope you update soon and maybe have the seen for the show Ultimate Spiderman when he first fight venom and carnage update soon
Guest chapter 20 . 8/22
Please continue! This is amazing, and has a great storyline!-KT
HanikahTheWriter chapter 20 . 8/18
This was really good! I can't wait to read more!
I had an idea for the upcoming chapters...
After the Avengers meet Venom for the first time, they can fall back to make a plan. Days later Venom can be back to causing mayhem in NY... the Avengers are sure that they can catch him. While Venom is deciding what to destroy next (he's on top of a tall building, standing close to the edge), when suddenly Venom transforms back to Peter Parker. Peter is so weak he can't keep himself upright, and ends up falling off the building. (The Avengers are watching from below) Tony (as Iron Man) can end up catching Peter before he hits the ground. After that they can take him back to Avengers Tower, and maybe Peter turns back to Venom a few times... maybe. It's up to you. Your the author... And an amazing one at that!
Yeah. That's just my idea. What ever you do it will be awesome to read! Please please please update soon!
Joe chapter 20 . 8/12
I skimmed through the story so i could review I don't want to be rude but i cn not get over that the avengers kidnap him, blackmail him, steel the web fluid formula he invented and he just forgives them right off the bat no rant no apology from the avengers nothing. He becomes all buddy buddy with them a steve, who unmasks him and in a very "civil war " like way says you cant be Spider-Man unless we say so and work for us. Then in a few chapters a bonding like surrogate family. Im sorry I believe you are a good writer and you've worked gard on this story but this is just gnawing at me and i can't enjoy the story. Good luck and keep writing and im sorry if i upset you in anyway but it just really bothered me.
Skylight crystal chapter 20 . 8/12
Please post soon
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