Reviews for RWBY - The Pen and the Sword
Man Man chapter 20 . 7/22
Dudes literally becoming Monsoon.
adpikaart222 chapter 11 . 7/22
When the hell did em and cinder become pinkie pie
Zeigst chapter 100 . 7/6
Daily reminder that you are a mad genius and this fic is one hell of a read.
Nameless hero 1128 chapter 100 . 7/5
I truly from the bottom of my heart hate aldric and no amount of “gray” will change that good story thanks
Akerembe chapter 100 . 6/27
Thank you, Aldric.
And thank you, author.
Both of you helped me in a way.
I wish you the best. Have a good day.
smolhauz chapter 100 . 5/28
Amazing. Just perfect. A complete story. Tragedy layered in tragedy, sacrifice and sacrifice. With a narrative of a broken man plunging a world into chaos in an attempt to win a war that was waged for countless years.

The result? A fucking tragedy. Him forever remembered and debated as the man who sold his soul for the world.

In the end? My opinion of him? Fucking hate him honestly. He's so well written, so Human, that i just can't help but hate him so utterly.

It's mostly cause he goes against my core values, and beliefs of what a man with godlike power should do. But meh, that ain't important.

Kudos good sir. You have made an unforgettable, realistic look into what untold damage a person can do to an entire world given the circumstance. Jesus.
smolhauz chapter 88 . 5/28
Is Myrtle seriously just gonna remain dead?

Cowabummer, dude.
smolhauz chapter 82 . 5/28
What in the ever loving fuck is Venom planning?
smolhauz chapter 64 . 5/28

What in the crispy fuck holy shit!
GymNatty321 chapter 36 . 5/17
aldric a bitch, he betrays his own people for some fictional world populace.

rats like him need to be exterminated.
GymNatty321 chapter 4 . 5/15
man if you in scp world, suicide isn't the coward's way out it's the only way out.

literally there things worse then death there.
JeebusCreebus chapter 100 . 4/17
Man, this is the only fanfic to actually make me cry. Props to you man
JangledSeaInk chapter 100 . 4/19
This was an experience to read, probably one of the best pieces of literature I've ever read. It's rare to find fanfiction tackling fundamental questions of the morality of Good and Evil, and the dichotomy of Correct versus Right choices, the way this one does. Especially ones of this magnitude and consistent quality throughout.

This being the only work of yours I've read, this could be taken with a grain of salt, but to quote another reviewer: "You did something akin magnum-fucking-opus when it comes to fanfiction."
Fanfiction doesn't get better than this.

Maybe it didn't have a satisfying and happy ending, but it left me satisfied and happy. Happy to have gone on this literary journey. That is the best kind of ending.
The perfect ending.
TheCarcassKing chapter 89 . 3/2
So you could call your fanfics as twofold: A story that serves as grounds for a narrative experiment.
TheCarcassKing chapter 88 . 3/1
Making up an embroidered sequence of events through bullshitting and rolling Nat20s on the goScreams of a genius
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