Reviews for Can't Hold Us
Guest chapter 126 . 7/17
Great job! And don't worry on updating . You're one shot is great! Hope everything went okay with the surgery. Hugs
ElizellaGalaxyPrime chapter 126 . 7/15
Hey, this one only has Chapter 1 on it. Whatever you use to update is not really working. Try using Microsoft word. If you know what the doc is named you'll be able to have everything you wrote. Basically, it's easier to navigate.
Guest chapter 125 . 6/17
I totally agree with the your ideas about the new movie I’m excited to see it. I am also a HUGE Marvel nerd Infinity War was very emotional for me. Sorrry to hear about the stuff happening at school. However, your story has been on of my favorites recently hope you updated soon.
Wildwolf chapter 125 . 6/10
It was amazing! I hope you life gets a little less stressful!
Guest chapter 125 . 6/9
Update soon cant wait for more!
Guest chapter 125 . 6/8
Don't worry on updating! Life get busy, it's all good! . I love the trailer for Bumblebee! I have to agree with you on your points! I'm so glad, it's a fresh start...hoping lol.
Starimus chapter 125 . 6/7
Great chapter! You're keeping it interesting!

I believe this "Bumblebee" movie is the Transformers movie we've all been waiting for. Even with only one trailer, I can tell it's going to be a HUGE difference to Bay's movies. I absolutely plan on seeing it in theaters.

Random fact of the day: Bayverse Optimus Prime is LEFT-HANDED. I didn't notice this until I watched AoE for the fifth time and realized that the majority, if not all, of his sword-wielding is with his left hand. There are no words to describe how much I love this little detail.

Keep up this awesome work!
Chromefeather chapter 125 . 6/5
No worries, pal! It's tough to be an author while also juggling life; I csn't seem to update on mine just because I'm so stressed and exhausted myself. At least we know you are still alive! ;) Anyway, great job with the story, and keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 125 . 6/5
Chapter 125 is 124 again?
ElizellaGalaxyPrime chapter 125 . 6/5
It's the same as the previous chapter. Why do you keep uploading each chapter twice?
Patricia Louise A. Pena chapter 124 . 5/25
who among survivor those autobot ship beside arcee and sideswipe?
Starimus chapter 124 . 5/10
I am SO happy that you updated again! This chapter is really good, I'm excited to see Sideswipe and the gang and I'm so glad you've taken the time to actually tell us where the heck they came from.

Ugh, INFINITY WAR. One of the best movies I have ever seen, Part 2 will probably be even better!

I am ALL for no spoilers, just ask Agent Frostbite. Keep writing!
DTDerpy chapter 16 . 5/10
Just that small bit of interaction has m K
DTDerpy chapter 1 . 5/10
It says this is an Optimus Prime x OC, and I was just wondering when that’s going to happen. I’m not trying to rush anything but I’m excited lmao
Guest chapter 124 . 5/10
Great chapter! No worries on waiting here for uploads lol. Infinity War killed me but I have hopes . It also Tugged my emotions all over lol.
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