Reviews for Sting
CNJ chapter 1 . 11/9/2011
This one is much better than most of the others! What a pleasant surprise to see both Chris and Mary Beth truly in character here.

Now, there's the real Chris.

Wow, Donnelly was such an idiot; he sure hurt a lot of people, including poor Mary Beth. Good that Mary Beth had that good cry; she really needed to cry; she really was crushed over that incident.

I don't think Donnelly should have gotten any accolades at all; they should have just had the memorial for his death, consoled his family and that's it.

I think Chris and Mary Beth should have gotten the commendation; they did a wonderful job with that sting and got the criminal.

Great that you have Chris in character, using her head and that finally, she's not some helpless stalking or kidnapping victim.

Good story! Hope you get a chance to read my story *Autumn's Advance* soon and let me know what you think!
susan chapter 1 . 3/11/2003

I would just like like to say that I have read all of your fanfiction listed and think that it is all fantastic, have you written anymore Cagney and Lacey fanfiction, it would be great to read it if you have, heres an idea for a story how about Mary Beth has another cancer scare and everyone has to consider the prospect of loosing her, you could decide the ending, what do you think?

thanks again your fanfiction kept me amused for hours?