Reviews for Sex Ed
Guest chapter 9 . 9/10
Hippogriffs and dragons...priceless
frankieloo1 chapter 30 . 9/4
" thanks for being such a fuck up "

oh my God this story is too good
frankieloo1 chapter 31 . 9/4
ugh. so perfect. thank you
frankieloo1 chapter 24 . 9/3

PlannerMichi chapter 31 . 9/2
Omg I loved this so much! So well written, so funny, so sexy, so adorable! I love the way you portray the characters. Some of the best variation ice read so far and I've read A LOT. hahahaha. Thank you for sharing this story! That ending was perfect too. Omg I thoroughly enjoyed this. Adding to my faves now!
PlannerMichi chapter 8 . 8/31
I cannot believe how hysterical I find this story to be. I can vividly picture everything, but my fave bits are all the funny things these two shoot between each other. Draco shouting 10 pts to Gryffindor as he left her classroom had me laughing so hard bc I can seriously see it in my head. Oh my gosh. I love this story so much! Looking forward to binging the rest!
ForeverDramione chapter 17 . 8/27
it was ok but it made me pretty mad that Neville assumes that Draco sold his body. Like COME ON! he should support Hermione. I get that he can't control his feelings but still! But, I liked the LEMON last chapter. You're a great writer. 3 :)
Bookloverdream chapter 31 . 8/22
Thank you for entertaining us so thoroughly! I can’t brlieve I just flew through that so fast! Well done, as always!
hshepherd1235 chapter 31 . 8/20
This was an amazing fic! thanks so much for sharing it xx
Alina Marie chapter 31 . 8/14
I loved every moment of it! Such a wonderful story)
You should put a warning in your story: smiling and laughing through the story, don’t read at work)))
Thank you for sharing it)
Alina Marie chapter 17 . 8/12
Poor, poor Neville! His mind couldn’t take it!
What will he do now? Hmm...
Loved HD date, so not boring dinner)
Alina Marie chapter 12 . 8/12
This: "Longbottom, I'll give you a week's worth of sweets to hand the bowl to me!” - just undid me! I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes! You are brilliant!
Alina Marie chapter 10 . 8/12
Ron, as always is jealous git and can’t keep his mouth shut!
Loved the dates))) Neville is so gentle and kind but Draco is fire in Slytherin robes!
Alina Marie chapter 7 . 8/12
OMG! Your name came up few times as recommended to read. I was finishing my reading list before I’ll start your stories!
And let me tell you! I am enjoying it so much!
I have started reading it at work and people may think I am crazy as I am smiling like lunatic and trying not to laugh too loudly!
It is priceless! It is gem and absolute delight!
Thank you for writing it!
Off to read next chapter!
CeruleanDreamCat chapter 31 . 8/11
This was amazing and I loved it!
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