Reviews for Sex Ed
abugbog chapter 31 . 7/7
Just nice
Guest chapter 31 . 5/29
Aww a baby, so cute! Love that for them. Lol I would hope that Liam would’ve improved especially dating Lidia but I guess not
Mnsk chapter 8 . 5/18
Guest chapter 12 . 3/27
Yesssss. This was so good. I loved how they let go of the drama for a day. Great chapter!
Guest chapter 23 . 3/25
I don't care how you're trying to cookie cut it. Hermione is in the f**king wrong. She goes and lies about her relationship with Longbottom, but gets upset at him because he hasn't told his parents. Didn't this relationship just started? He doesn't need to tell them. Unless they seen him with her and then he tried to cover it up that's a reason to be pissed. The whole Neville thinking Draco was an escort does not compare to the lie Hermione told Ron. I don't think Hermione should be upset with Draco not telling his parents when she's not willing to tell her friends over them, and I'm sure that's going to be your main focus but ignoring the fact that she's not willing to tell her friends.
Nelli Natisha chapter 27 . 3/20
Cissa really said forge her lineage. Im cackling. And well, the blood purity thing is stupid but I can respect Lulus stance to his son. Hes proud of him for standing for his own beliefs. I appreciate that. And Astoria really cane in clutch being a teammate there. Now hopefully Hermione tells Ron BEFORE he sees the paper
Nelli Natisha chapter 26 . 3/20
I like that Astoria isnt horrible here. Thank you for that
Nelli Natisha chapter 17 . 3/20
Holy shit. Neville. Please dont spread any rumors. Im cackling
Nelli Natisha chapter 17 . 3/20
I am LOVING how she out Slytherined him at dinner with the list idea
Nelli Natisha chapter 16 . 3/20
Neville gonna find the pictures... Shiiiiiiiiii-
Nelli Natisha chapter 9 . 3/19
And now we have yet another bet. Love it
Nelli Natisha chapter 7 . 3/19
I am fine talking about the body but i cant help but laugh. This story is great
Nelli Natisha chapter 4 . 3/18
i love their banter. Also sis said hi after he saved her. I aint even mad at her. That was a weird moment being saved like that
Nelli Natisha chapter 2 . 3/18
Im sorry but I wouldve laughed at all the innuendos
Minervaismyhero chapter 31 . 3/17
I unfortunately don't have words to say how much I enjoyed this. Good job.
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