Reviews for your blood intoxicates me
RedDragon30000 chapter 2 . 7/11/2016
It was very interesting seeing Harvey as a vampire, and also very refreshing. For once in his life, he is a predator, and he is clearly revelling in his new-found power. I loved that he has apparently been constantly clamouring to go after Jeff, and am almost disappointed that the Headmaster stopped him doing so. At least the he could have got some pay-back. Despite wanting to please the Headmaster, and clearly very grateful that he was Turned, Harvey shows that he hasn't changed completely, as he missed his family and friends so much, as well as his girlfriend. He still shows some humanity, unlike the Headmaster (not that he has any empathy to begin with).

Once again, the Headmaster shines in this chapter. He does what he does best, which is manipulate people, and he has to do this with Harvey in a way that will keep him content to learn from him and stay by his side. Therefore, he reluctantly comforts Harvey when he breaks down over missing his family, yet does not hold back on is disappointment that his prize wasn't Turned, and he ended up with Harvey Hunter under his control, instead of Dinah. However, Harvey's attachment to his family provides the Headmaster with a chance to gain what he had missed before, and keep Harvey chained even more tightly to him. Now, he will have Dinah Turned as well, just as he wanted.
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 7/10/2016
You were obviously having a lot of fun with this concept of the Headmaster as a vampire, and you have clearly put a great deal of thought into this story. It was interesting to see how much value the Headmaster placed on maintaining control at all times, but it makes a great deal of sense. The Headmaster is a control freak, and as you show, he is extremely annoyed that a lapse when controlling his hunger caused him to drain his prey completely. This failure causes him to contemplate and he comes to the startling conclusion that Harvey Hunter's blood is the best he has ever tasted, and now he wants more of it, despite how much he loathes the boy personally.

When he enters Harvey's bedroom, his plans are upset because Harvey is having a nightmare, and he knows he doesn't have time to feed when Harvey is like this, otherwise he will disturb others in the house, and the Headmaster could end up being discovered. Instead, he decides on another tactic, one that is interesting, yet works, and FINALLY manages to overcome Harvey's Immunity to his control. I'm sure that was a very satisfying feeling. Unfortunately, Harvey's blood id so intoxicating to the Headmaster that the man realises that he has drained Harvey too much and realises that he can only experience that blood again if he turns Harvey into a vampire, no matter how much he hates Harvey personally.