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dark nightmere chapter 42 . 6/23
I think that Imera and Vader should prepare to attack the smaller worlds of the Federation while Imera has Shinzon prepare his attack on the Romulan government and to unleash the Scimitar against her enemies knowing that this will force the independents to act against the Federation but the chances of victory are slim so she will turn to Darth Hereticious on Bajor which has recently joined the Sith Imperium after the conquest of deep space 9 and the death of commander Sisko and his wife Kassidy after her conquest of Bajor she liberated Gal Doket and had him lead the attack on deep space 9 which fell to the Sith because most of the fleet where off defending Mariposa giving her a window to conquer deep space nine. I think that Darth Hereticious should smile evilly as she conquers deep space 9 imprisoning most important people as she prepares for the next phase of her conquest knowing that Vader and Imera will play a sufficient role in the final conquest of the galaxy and the end of Tyranus as she knows that Mariposa has been scared by the Federation but the fools don't know that she planned this knowing that Tyranus will blame Vader and Imera for there failure which will turn them against him and they will meet Darth Tenebrous which will be good as all the pierces are in place now meaning that soon victory will be theirs despite the clones the Federation has already lost as she targets earth next aiming to conquer it. I think that Picard should quickly return to deep space 9 only to discover that Vader and Imera are preparing for the clone attack on Batazord and unleash there devastating powers dark powers against the clones as they fail to reclaim Batazord as Imera smiles wickedly at Picard stating that he may win small victories but the larger ones will be won by her and Vader as she shows no mercy to the Federation forces leaving only rain and destruction behind her as she and Vader prove to be the darkest enemies that Picard and Obi-Won meet and they most stop them before the darkness truly covers the whole galaxy or possibly the universe itself. I think that Obi-Won and Ahsoka should be sent in to deal with Darth Hereticious but underestimate her skills with the dark side and her lightsaber skills which will quickly overwhelm Ahsoka while Obi-Won manages to hold his own against the dark lady but he will quickly realise that he cannot win this battle believing Ahsoka dead he should full back but Ahsoka will be revealed to have survived her duel with Hereticious as she climbs up and tries to attack Hereticious but be no match for the Sith as she smiles stating that Ahsoka will become her apprentice and help her to kill Tyranus and bring forth the new Sith empire which will rise to control the universe as the darkness falls across all galaxies.
TheVampireStrahd chapter 42 . 6/22
Interesting...Vader's fleet took a beating. Granted, it took the reinforcements from Mariposa to seal the win, but a win is a win for the good guys. Let's see if they can do it again.
Starway Man chapter 42 . 6/22
Short but good, and I definitely agree with the subtle hints that morals are being thrown out in a time of war! Looking forward to the next part soon.
rbrooks25 chapter 41 . 6/20
I would think Picard has a back up plan for Betazed possibly. It's about time Geordi got married lol. Just curious though I always thought this was after Insurrection but I thought Riker and Troi were married in that movie. Just something I thought about. If Picard doesn't do something about Betazed I think Troi, Riker, and maybe Crusher will.
Starway Man chapter 41 . 6/19
Interesting take on military priorities, I'd say you've captured the horrors of war and making unpalatable yet necessary choices fairly well in this chapter. Guinan's input was especially good, well done there!
TheVampireStrahd chapter 40 . 6/18
Wow, such betrayal...Kira and Jadzia should really have expected that.

The Admiral was an idiot. He should have ordered a retreat, not a surrender. He should be posthumously court martialed and stripped of his rank.

Things are really rolling for the Sith roflstompage on all fronts.

Wondering if the Star Wars dimension will be breaking into this dimension again...Sidious would be pissed to find his former apprentice large and in charge.
TheVampireStrahd chapter 39 . 6/18
This is a case where I do wish Qui Gon's prophetic words do come true to Vader and that Vader does remember this vision and all he can do is suffer. He must suffer. Let him have his happiness for now but in the end, let it fall through his fingers.
Starway Man chapter 40 . 6/18
Good betrayal scenes at the start with Kira and Jadzia, and I liked the 'girl talk' conversation between Ahsoka and Satine too! The action is seems to be heating up nicely as well; first the mass killing in space and then the conquest of Betazed, well done!
rbrooks25 chapter 40 . 6/18
The conquering of Betazed was well done, but I don't know if they would have trusted Vader in order to surrender. One side note. I think Lwaxana and Troi would be a good team along with Lwaxana's crush Picard :) In her case I think she may also try to play them to get into a position to possibly defeat them or stall their plans. She's extremely stubborn :)
dark nightmere chapter 40 . 6/18
I think that Vader and Imera should quickly plunder Batazord as Imera finds Diana Troy while Will Riker is abound the enterprise as Imera smiles at Diana aiming to torture the girl and find out the location of Padme knowing that Lwaxana does not know the location as she and Vader order the attack on Mariposa which even though it may not have any space defences left the clones will still put up a valiant but futile battle against the Sith forces as they are easily crushed as Imera steels the Romulan DNA for males and females as she then destroys the DNA chamber while Vader goes off on killing spree massacring the clones throughout the barracks leaving Jen'Dhasi the docks and other places. I think that Obi-Won, Ahsoka and Anakin should quickly hurry to Mariposa but because it is such a distance they fear that they will arrive to late but just reach the facility in time as Anakin goes after Imera while Obi-Won engages Vader in a brutal lightsaber duel which will climax with Obi-Won defeating Vader but fail to kill him as Jen'Dhasi engages Obi-Won as Vader unleashes force lightning against Obi-Won throwing him into the water but he will survive and slowly recover as Vader and Imera fall back thanks to Rex and Cody who managed to lead the fight back while rescuing the cadets and defended the barracks from all there enemies. I think that Ahsoka and Will Riker meanwhile will lead an assault on the Wrath Vader's flagship aiming to liberate the prisoners on-board managing to rescue Kira from the insane doctor, Jadzia Dax from the cell block and Diana and Lwaxana but fail to escape an unharmed as even with Ahsoka's help they are heavily outnumbered as they fight there way through the dark forces only for Diana to reveal the location of Padme on Utopia which will lead to the battle of Utopia after the disaster of Mariposa as the Sith fleet moves on crushing all there enemies as Kira seeks out Obi-Won telling him about Darth Hereticious and how Kia Min betrayed them and begs him to arrest her which Obi-Won and Ahsoka will do. I think that Darth Hereticious meanwhile will smile wickedly as she see's the destruction of the cloning facilities on Mariposa knowing that victory is almost theirs but to truly win that fool Tyranus most die and the Sith imperium placed under new leadership as she smiles knowing that Darth Vader is the rightful emperor of the universe and his wife Darth Imera will be empress of the universe once the federation finely falls which will be soon as she most find an apprentice and the young Ahsoka Tano will become her apprentice after she and Obi-Won's failed attack as she also gains Barriss Offee as another apprentice after she kills her master after she murdered Gaudi and her new daughter as both of them become Darth's and serve the new empire which will rule the whole galaxy or possibly two whole galaxies when they conquer the star wars one as well.
rbrooks25 chapter 39 . 6/14
It was interesting to see that the Emporer was the great uncle of Benjamin. Yes, I still call the kid Benjamin Solo lol. It was interesting to see Qui-Gonn make the attempt. He had to know what the outcome would be before he began though. I think Vader and Imela are on a quick path to getting killed but that's just my opinion.
Starway Man chapter 39 . 6/13
This chapter was short yet painful, reading how Vader chose to seal his fate that way. Still, what you can expect from a Sith Lord that hasn't been dumped into lava, and doesn't have a Luke Skywalker yet to pull him back from the depths of the abyss? Hope you update again soon!
Wandering Scion chapter 38 . 5/25
This is an incredible crossover. You could be considered a geek for having such deep knowledge of both worlds and having such beautiful mesh of both. I've binged read the chapters and was pleased with the fact of small changes for Star Trek, such as Kirk surviving the events of the Nexus.

Having 2 Anakins complicates things immensly, and now we have the oh so lovable Mud to...mud things up. I bet Kirk would be so pleased to see him again.

I hope you can continue your updates. Peace
dark nightmere chapter 38 . 5/10
I think that Imera should smile as her forces lunch the attack on Mariposa but she will make certain not to send all of her forces into battle as she aims to find Padme while faking the attack on Mariposa knowing that the time is not right yet to destroy the cloning facilities which is good as she smiles as she learns of the chips implanted in the clones from her surviving forces after they are defeated which will make her smile as she leads the real attack on Utopia the Federation fleet yards as she aims to kidnap Padme for her husband Vader to torture her and claim her children just as she feels a small kick from inside her knowing that her own pregnancy is well under way. I think that Vader should lead the attack on Mariposa with Jen'Dhasi as he has sent Imera his wife off to hunt down Padme as he knows that he may finely get to fight Obi-Won or possibly his brother after sending Jen'Dhasi off to steal the DNA he will be confronted by Obi-Won after attempting to storm the Barracks only for the clones to fight his forces back as he and Jen'Dhasi escape but manage to steel the DNA sample for the Romulan clone troopers Male and Female which will be very useful in the coming war as he hears that Imera kidnapped Padme from Utopia smiling at his wife's success he just has to hope that the rest of his soon to be empire survives until Dooku falls. I think that Kirk should attack Pabac catching the Jem'Hadar guards off guard as he aims to lay waste to the camp only to be intercepted by Cad Banes fleet which has been ordered back to Pabac to collect supplies to continue the assault on Romulus as he quickly sets off the explosives destroying part of the plant while rescuing Pal and the other Ferengi rebels who he will aim to drop off at the nearest Star Base only to be forced into a space battle with the former bounty hunter who will prove to be an expert Tahitian who will force Kirk to retreat as Bane scares the Pabac plant. I think that Darth Hereticious should quickly dispose of the new path after there failure as she herself destroys the government and takes full control of Bajor only to learn that Sisko is going to attempt to have Gal-Dukat executed for war crimes as she quickly has her forces rescue Dukat only for Obi-Won and Ahsoka to attack her as she quickly funds them off and defeats Ahsoka while forcing Obi-Won to retreat as she corrupts Ahsoka to the dark side naming her Darth Cyrin her apprentice as Barriss Offee soon joins her after killing her former master Luminara Unadilla after she murdered Gaudi and her new daughter becoming Darth June her second apprentice in the dark side.
rbrooks25 chapter 38 . 5/10
Thanks for the update: I think the Ferengi won't know what hit them. It'll be an unfair fight but fun to see Kirk and Spock in action again. Vader and his wife are an interesting pair. I always forget her Darth name though. :) She is going to question the wrong person so long that I believe will be her undoing when the real battle starts. Again, very good chapter and to reiterate I am thrilled to see Kirk and Spock getting back into the mix.
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