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dark nightmere chapter 28 . 11/22
I think that dark Anakin should begin to become more evil as he use's Quark to renter Sith space where he aim's to pledge himself to the Sith cause as his feeling's for Sala grow ever stronger as he knows that he loves the half-Romulan as he knows that she may become his new wife and that together the Federation will full along with the Jedi as he has taken Ahsoka with him when he left with Quark after disposing of Quark as soon as they re-entered Sith space and wounded the other rebels as he signal's General Grievous to attack and destroy the ship the rebels are on while returning to count Dooku to continue his Sith training as another apprentice. I think that Sala should smile wickedly as she and dark Anakin meet up as Anakin converses his love for her Sala will smile as they make love as Anakin proposes to Sala stating that they are both Sith and that together the galaxy will be there's but Sala will state that the universe could be there new empire after they crush the federation under there heel as she becomes his wife soon after both of them should become true Sith as Anakin becomes Darth Vader and Sala becomes Darth Imera as they then overthrow Dooku and take the Sith imperium for there own and aim to use it to conquer the galaxy and destroy all there enemies. I think that light Anakin and Padme should prepare for the final battle with Dooku knowing that his end most be soon unfortunately the Jedi temple on Valken should be attacked soon by Vader and Imera as they deceive Barriss into helping them as they have already turned Ahsoka to the dark side turning her into Darth Cyrin as they turn Barriss into Darth Jadus as she becomes another apprentice as the war turns begins to turn against the Federation as they desperately try to claw there way back as Imera commands the Sith politics and the Navy while Vader commands the Sith warriors and inquisitors having returned to the day's of the old republic when the Sith where at there strongest and the Jedi almost fell to them. I think that Obi-Won should be sent to Bajor to stop Darth Hereticious after Plo-Koon who survived the massacre of the Jedi order on Valken led about by Barriss and Ahsoka's treachery as Barriss handed over the security codes to Vader after Ahsoka Tano convinced her to abandon the Jedi as she got to close to dark Anakin when he was still in deep space nine the danger now is that two of the most promising Padawons have betrayed them and the Sith most be weakened before they gain anymore power at this rate the Jedi order maybe wiped out in both galaxy's if they are not careful so Obi-Won most succeed and strike down Darth Hereticious to weaken the Sith.
rbrooks25 chapter 28 . 11/22
I'm sure Anakin in green will run into Sela soon now. Is it me or did Esyllaa sound the way many people perceive Trump to be? I can see an all out war between the Anakins breaking out soon and since one will join the jedi and the other the sith most likely then all parties would be involved. An interesting start to their little civil war I must say.
Starway Man chapter 28 . 11/21
Some good developments, mixing politics and military strategy plus Tom and B'elanna getting married. Liked the meetings between Padme and the Anakins, and the that thing with the Ferengi plots at the end. Looking forward to more!
dark nightmere chapter 27 . 11/12
I think that Sala should smile wickedly as she hears the news about Trench's fleet being destroyed and that the Borg have destroyed the Undine which is all good in her opinion as it proves that Dooku is an old fool to much of a Gambler as he gambled that Trench would defeat the Borg even she was surprised at the suicidal final attack which destroyed the Borg Apocalypse weapon and Trench's fleet but this gives her the time to begin taking out Dooku' support and begin to make it hers and the young girl that she kidnapped from the Apocalypse weapon will be a great help as she transported Leia off of the ship just before it hit Trench's fleet to train her as her apprentice. I think that dark Anakin should trick Ahsoka into helping him escape from deep space nine after Padme chooses his light side over him as his rage against Padme and the Jedi finely make him embrace the darkness as he knows that Sala hates the Jedi just as much as him and together they would make a great dark partnership as he has feeling's for Stella and that could give him the advantage over his enemies as she will become his new wife as he knows that she has feeling's for him even though she may not have acknowledged them as he begins to plot his revenge on the Jedi and the Federation for abandoning him as he and Ahsoka return to Dooku. I think that Queen Seven meanwhile should begin to rebuild the Borg collective knowing that the undine have gravely damaged there forces but not enough to cause series damage as she attacks the Gamma quadrant aiming to find more recruits to turn as she begins to rebuild the delta quadrant as well as she attacks Bajor turning most of the Population into Borg while sending her remaining forces to turn the Gamma quadrant into more drones as she has five of twelve prepare the Borg armies to crush the Alpha quadrant and these Sith fools who think to defeat them as she begins to move her forces closer to the Bata quadrant desiring to conquer earth most of all. I think that Dooku meanwhile should have his own problems after losing all of the Cardassion support after executing Demur for treason as most of them join up with Sala as he hears that she is building her own army to usurp him as he learns that Anakin has joined her or Vader as his passion has been compromised knowing that apprentices eventually betray there masters yes but the situation is worse if Sala sizes control of the imperium he knows that she is a genesis strategist and that he gambled that he would conquer the transwarp hub and lost a massive amount of his forces which Sala or dark Anakin could take advantage of and defeat him as he knows that the Jedi have been waiting for an opportunity to crush him once and for all and he most stop all of them before they can lunch there attacks against him.
Starway Man chapter 27 . 11/9
So, in this AU Chakotay and Janeway got together? Somehow, I'm not surprised. You got rid of the Undine, spanked the Sith and returned Voyager home early, well done - and that Borg Princess OC was a nice touch!
rbrooks25 chapter 27 . 11/8
The Voyager making it out of the wormhole will be interesting. I think this chapter was a really good look at the depth of Janeways character. The question is how will they now deal with all of the changes. Good job on this one.
dark nightmere chapter 26 . 10/26
I think that Leia, Miral and Hodq should be sent in to assist the enterprise E destroy Trench's fleet size's control of the Borg Transport hub but be unprepared for Sala to make an appearance as that was not recorded in the timeline as Leia recklessly attack's the Sith women but because she has never fought Sala as she was long dead as she was only a kid as Janeway had killed in within the Borg apocalypse weapon when she and Luke were five just as the Sith initiative rose to power as her uncle killed her father and mother soon after forcing Janeway to raise the two orphans. I think that Sala should prove to be much stronger than Leia as she easily kills off Miral and Hodq as she duals Leia proving to match the young woman in everything as Leia enraged should unleash the darkside which will be a fatal mistake as Sala see's that Leia has great potential which she can exploit as she knocks Leia out with her force lightning as Sala picks up her future apprentice smiling wickedly at the girl knowing that she most be from the future and can reveal much and help her change the future for her and Vader's benefit as she knows that once she has the girl everything will become clear and she can use the girl to destroy all her enemies. I think that Janeway should be horrified to learn that Leia was captured by Sala as she realises that Sala is still alive in this time as it wasn't until after the Undine and Trench destroyed the Borg in the Delta quadrant that she killed Sala on the Apocalypse weapon if Leia reveals the future then Darth Imera may survive worse yet Barriss and Ahsoka might become Sith as that almost happened in the last timeline as Vader recruited both former Padawons after gaining Ahsoka's trust and then having Barriss betray the Jedi so that he could lunch the attack on the temple and if Barriss hadn't regretted her actions at the last minute she may have joined in the slaughter like Ahsoka did who became Darth Cyrin. I think that Ahsoka should escape and free dark Anakin who will reveal to Ahsoka that Padme has rejected him and that from Obi-Won's actions it proves the Jedi have betrayed him as Ahsoka points out that he did try to kill his brother but he will tell Ahsoka that the Jedi will betray her as well someday and that he will continue her training as Ahsoka jumps at the chance to become Anakin's apprentice once more only to realise to late that he will teach her the dark side and that he intends to take Barriss as another apprentice as he reunites with Sala who reveals her apprentice Leia who she captured and corrupted to serve her and become her apprentice.
rbrooks25 chapter 26 . 10/9
Lots of interesting things here. I'm sure that Obi-Wan can get them out of trouble. I think Anakin 1 or 2 may want to go by another name soon. :) Molly wasn't very surprising except with how easily she let Vebb be separated from her before she continues training. I wonder if she'll be tempted to go dark and slaughter her parents...

Riker apparently isn't a fan of Threepio LOL. I also think Leia may be getting a little too careless about the Borg.

All in all a good chapter and it'll be interesting to see where things are going next.
Starway Man chapter 26 . 10/9
Liked the conversation between Kira and Winn at the start, although I think you mixed up "internal" torment with eternal torment (that was good for a giggle, though). The court hearing with Molly O'Brien was also good - painful, but good. The bar fight was classic, along with Obi-Wan's "How uncivilized" comment! Winn's murder scene wasn't too bad, and Lon Suder as a Sith acolyte was a nice touch spying on Riker and Troi. And you can't go wrong with a good Janeway time travel plot either!
dark nightmere chapter 25 . 10/4
I think that Darth Vader should come about soon as Padme rejects the dark Anakin choosing the light Anakin over him as this enrages dark Anakin who succumbs to the dark side and unleashes a deadly attack trying to kill his light side only to be driven back by light Anakin and Obi-Won after fleeing deep space 9 he should seek out Sala who he grew a very strong attraction to her and makes love to her as they both seek to destroy the Federation maybe for slightly different reasons but there hatred for the Jedi and all that they represent makes there hatred grow ever stronger as they unite as soon Vader should marry Sala in an ancient Sith wedding. I think that Sala should prepare her armies to attack Moripsa knowing that her forces will crush the clone factories and finely bring an end to the Federation as the Sith empire rises to take it's place as Sala knows that soon she most return to Romulus to talk with her father over splitting from the Federation as she knows that her father hates the Federation just as much as she does and with his insight she maybe able to find a new more powerful master than Dooku as she can see how old and week he is well he still is strong in the force and has impressive lightsaber techniques but still she wants to delve even deeper into the darkside and claim more power to crush the Federation. I think that Picard should quickly assemble his crew to try to destroy the 4000 strong Sith army that is besieging Borg space trying to claim the transport hub knowing that his forces don't stand a chance he just has to hope the Voyager can assist him from the other side and help to drive the Sith away from Borg space though he knows that two star ships won't stand a chance against an enemy force this strong but he just has to hope that the Federation can rebuild fast and send him aid as he is almost certain that Sala was part of the massacre of Cait System and that the Sith forces will attack Moripsa soon as they know the cloning factories are there. I think that Ahsoka should soon be forced into making a choice between her loyalty to the Jedi or Barriss as her sister is in trouble as she meets with Vader who has her hand over the security codes for the Jedi temple on Valken therefore allowing Vader and Sala to lunch an attack on the temple killing most of the Jedi and scattering those who are left to the winds as Sala begins to lead an attack on Cardassia prime offing the young Padawon a chance to serve her as she gives both Ahsoka and Barriss a chance to become Sith and destroy what remains of the Jedi order as Sala revels she plans to kill Dooku and have herself and Vader take his place as she promises that Ahsoka can finely train with her rightful master once more in darkness.
rbrooks25 chapter 25 . 9/29
It was an interesting space battle to be sure and it'll be interesting to see how anyone can possibly defeat a fleet like that.
Starway Man chapter 24 . 9/19
Some good stuff in this chapter - Damar's speech, Plo Kloon's soliloquy, Picard's maneuverer, and Dooku dealing with his minions in true Sith style. Hope we see more soon!
rbrooks25 chapter 24 . 9/18
Very interesting to see Tyranus take that approach with his apprentice. Sela is still my favorite of that group and I'm awaiting anxiously the time when she and Anakin take over.
rbrooks25 chapter 23 . 9/4
I foresee big trouble with attempting to change the past. I hope they consider the butterfly effect. I can't wait to see how this all turns out.
Celgress chapter 13 . 8/13

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