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Cootles chapter 18 . 6/11
I love that this story was something different. And it could be a difficult read for a lot of people. But like always Killian loves her even though she takes her sweet time to figure out her feelings. He has all the patience in the world for her and I will never be tired of that.
CSColifer Fan chapter 18 . 11/21/2017
Whilst this wasn't the easiest of stories to read, it was so well written. The journey that you took them on was brilliant. Loved that they both found their happy ending. Would you ever consider revisiting this story and give a flash forward to their future?
Mrs Sparky chapter 17 . 9/29/2017
For a moment I was confused why Emma’s dreams shifted from killing Gold to killing Graham or Killian. Does that mean that despite what Gold has done, Emma still thought of him as a human being and therefore respected his life? Considering what Gold obviously has done combined with the fact that he probably would have killed her given the chance, she has had more than enough logical reasons to kill him. But like Merlin said, she is only human and even FBI agents are no robots. I believe Jen said in an interview something along allowing yourself to be vulnerable would take courage and it is just so lovely to see this Emma finally allowing herself this “weakness”. Not only for Killian but for herself too; you could see that in Merlin’s office when she swallowed her usual reaction and told him what was going on inside her. I especially liked how she thought of Killian’s reaction when she wanted to hide her real problems in her session. That was rather adorable! And luckily it did not stop there: The sweetness continued to soughing out his comfort and closeness later at home. It is amazing how much she has changed during the last chapters. I hope you don’t mind if I add a “finally” there :-)
As for the second half of the chapter, I think Emma and Killian might add the “finally”! Their mutual impatience was glorious but I guess 6 weeks will do that do you. Poor Ruby, talking to a brick wall might have been the same as talking to these two in their state of mind. But after everything they have been through I was glad to see them enjoy a happy, carefree and sexy afternoon - and hopefully evening! The good thing about your love scenes? They are always the right mix of steamy and emotional. And this one was especially emotional considering the bombshell Emma dropped on both her and Killian. Her accidental “I love you” put a huge smile on my face. I rather liked that she said it for the first time in such a casual, unintentional way; it felt very special and Killian’s reaction spoke for itself: “His smile was tentative, but his eyes burned with desire and love.” – such a beautiful line! The next beautiful thing was Emma voicing her desire for a future with Killian. That was another major favorite scene from the show and I was more than happy to encounter it in your story as well. With these last obstacles taken, they now can fully settle into their relationship. That means I am nearing the end, aren’t I? Ha-ha, well, obviously since I am at chapter 17 from 18. However, I would like to tell you that this is the first story I managed to write a review for each chapter. Actually, I meant to do it in time with your updates but as you can see I was not overly successful in that regard. I am not good at writing reviews because I never know what to write, what the author would like to hear form me but I figured some kind of response is better than none, right? If not, I am truly sorry for wasting your time xD Now let’s see what you prepared for their epilogue!
Mrs Sparky chapter 16 . 9/27/2017
Okay, I so love you for including Merlin as Emmas shrink. I loved Merlin on the show! He had such a powerful presence – and I don’t mean his magic. I like Archie but for this Emma I think he would have been too soft? I don’t know. I liked Merlins no-shit-attitude; it was exactly what petulant Emma needed considering she was faced with nothing but gentleness and indulgence from Killians side (not that he is to blame). Yeah, Merlin was badass and went straight to her tender spot. It was kind of hilarious to read how vividly Emma refused to acknowledge that what she was missing was not sex but intimacy especially after the progress she made last chapter. I encountered an interesting change of mind this chapter: At first I was angry at her for being moody and ignoring almost every positive feeling regarding Killian. Then, after Merlin gave her his well-timed lecture, all I wanted to do was take her into my arms and tell her everything is going to be all right. She really came around and opened herself up to Killian so he could get his chance to say "I love you" without her taking flight. I hope for Killians sake she sticks to her acceptance (?) this time because they are so good together. I do not dare to hope for more - there are still two chapters left, after all ;)
Mrs Sparky chapter 15 . 9/15/2017
God, someone please help these two! That was my thought after reading the first bits of this chapter. They were clearly coexisting without really seeing each other. So painful to read! But also normal I guess after everything they have been through. Recovery is time consuming and difficult and it does not mean just physical recovery but psychical as well (if not even more). So I was very glad that each of them managed to open up enough to tell the other what was bothering them to avoid full damage. It did surprise me that Emma was the first one to take a step in this direction. It must have bugged her really bad that Killian kept his distance. Not so long ago, she would have given everything to keep Killian on the “sex only” side and now all she wants is to cuddle - she even says so (sort of)! Yay, Emma! :-) I almost could not believe the progress she made (she has been stubborn as hell in this story about her feelings): From telling him that she wanted whatever “they” were to admitting the true reasons for her guilt. It really has been an awful situation for her but you handled it perfectly as usual. Her breakdown was beautiful (can I say that?). It feels like Killian should be able to tell her that he loves her soon. That he does so must be clear to her by now, given what he has been through for her and with her. He has been her everything: fake-fiancé, nursemaid, punching bag, support system. In addition to that, he has given her his distance and his comfort, his silence and his eloquence. God, I love this man. His point of view was as hard to read as Emmas, especially when he did not want to touch her in fear of hurting her further, but she could not ask for a better partner: He loves her, he is strong-willed and he knows what she is going through. Yay, Killian!
On that note, until the next chapter!
Mrs Sparky chapter 14 . 9/15/2017
It would not be Emma is she did not save herself but I am glad that Killian was there to catch her in more than one way. I only hope that she lets herself accept Killians help and care even though he approached it the wrong way. He knows her better than to tell her “she was saved by them” or basically implying she is going to be under strict watch during her recovery. But I think he deserves more than a pass for this; the poor guy was totally out of it and his slightly overbearing comments only showed how much this whole situation affected him. However, I also can understand Emma: If I had to work so hard to gain independence like she did I would not want to be smothered 24/7 either. Though her thoughts during this chapter gave the impression that she is clearly on her way; she does want him by her side and she can see him as something more than “just sex”. It was so heartwarming to read how relieved she was that he was there in the first place and stayed through everything. You also absolutely melted my heart with the scene where Emma wakes before Killian, has time to wonder about the meaning of love – holy moly – and eventually has to beg the freshly awoken Killian for a kiss before trying to send him home for sleep. Not to forget her “He’s my fiancé” to ensure he could stay with her. Such a sweet and tender moment despite everything!
However, I hope we are going to hear a bit more about the failed FBI operation. It ended rather quickly and I find myself still curious about the how and when (on both sides). Until the next chapter!
Mrs Sparky chapter 13 . 8/22/2017
Look at that. Well, obviously something has gone completely wrong. I mean, I knew Emma would be captured at some point (I stumbled across this fact through your reviews – my fault for spoiling myself) but I did not expect this to happen so quickly. They barely got out of the car and BAM! Graham is dead and Emma is captured. I am very curious about what Gold plans to do with her. Why only kill Graham and not Emma too when he knew their true identity? If he is going to keep her as leverage for blackmail then why only use one agent instead of two? Oh yeah, I need to read the next chapter, like, now. Anyhow, it may sound stupid but I hope her time with Gold is going to help her realize that Killian is not like others before, that he is worth of taking a risk (she was already pretty close this time!). You know, along with dealing with Grahams death and her general perilous situation at the moment.
Now, Killian. I can’t really say anything about his reaction because I think you did it rather perfect. He already had to experience such a situation with Milah and now he has to go through something similar again which is a nightmare and beyond horrible. I am truly glad he has Ruby and David by his side this time to help him get through this. I also hope that he gets the chance to actually do something, besides sitting in a chair at the headquarter. Otherwise I think he will go mad and do something really stupid. Until the next chapter! :)
Mrs Sparky chapter 12 . 8/20/2017
It feels like there was a lot of development this chapter, for everyone and everything! First, Emma. Although she battled her feelings consantly (which has to be exhausting at some point), she admitted some big thingsshe wants Killian but is not sure how to progress itshe cannot lose Killian like she lost other loved ones before (BTW thanks for using this line; it's one of my favourites and it is so very important for both characters). Second, Killianhe got the chance to show her how their relationship could be (evenings, nights, mornings, passion and tendernesshe could finally tell her about Milah and share a crucial part of his past this way. Yay to that!
Also bless Ruby once again for being such a good friend to Emma. I feared for a moment that Ruby's probing was going to send Emma running but it seemed to crack her open a bit. The last scene however left me once again as a nervous wreck. I liked how their conversation turned from being about Milah to her upcoming assignment and a sort of goodbye. What I did not like was the air of finality somehow; I hope Emma plans on seeing him again. However, since I know what you are capable of, I won't try to guess what might be in store for them next. Except for some masterfully angst. Until the next chapter then!
PS I finally got your title
Mrs Sparky chapter 11 . 7/9/2017
Damn it. I don’t like them not working together. It leaves me as anxious as Killian but he is right: It might be dangerous for both of them if Killian is that emotionally involved. For the moment he (or rather Regina) made the right decision though I do hope that was not the last time of them working together because they do make quite the team. That has to play out somehow! However, it benefited him already as it pushed Emma one step closer into his direction – closer, but not close enough for my liking. The built up of their fight at his apartment was beautiful (it had me literally sitting on the edge of my chair) and just when I thought it would escalate, Emma snapped and turned their rather emotional fight into something sexual. Just like Killian did last time. (They drive me crazy with that: They keep dancing around this line about their feelings and every time I think somebody will finally cross it, they deflect at the last moment.) Except this time was not at all like last time. Even though Emma refused – kind of – to address her feelings, she let Killian make love to her. Considering their last time, it was a very welcome change for them. That she stayed when she had the opportunity to leave even more so. It felt a little bittersweet though: Now, after she finally allowed herself to stay, this might be the last time for her to do so any time soon? You are cruel :-) I hope Emma’s plan will not take months to play out. Regardless, I am as curious as ever about the course of the case and their relationship. Until the next chapter!
Mrs Sparky chapter 10 . 6/18/2017
What a lovely chapter! First of all, I completely agree with Emma: Them sharing the bed and her comforting Killian after his nightmare felt way more intimate that their sex. I am so glad Emma fought against her instincts/feelings and stayed that long. My heart broke for Killian and I am once again in awe how deeply this man feels. His nightmare and his confession that he could not lose her killed me. I cant tell the amount of times I have read this scene alone, you did a wonderful job with displaying their emotions and their obvious struggle with it. While this part was very emotional and kind of angsty I guess, the second part displayed a nice balance to this heavy emotions and let them have a careless and fun time. It was good to see Emma relax in Killians company, the dart game was a clever idea to ease the tension between them (bless Ruby for playing matchmaker). The end of the chapter was especially nice and I hope she was sober enough to think about what Killians restraint meant. If I did not already love his character, his patience and care surely would do the trick.
Guest chapter 18 . 5/28/2017
Thank you for an awesome story! :) I really enjoyed readiting it. :)
Guest chapter 18 . 5/28/2017
Thank you for an awesome story! :) I really enjoyed reading it. :)
Guest chapter 17 . 5/28/2017
Awesome chapter! I love that Emma is opening up to Killian. :)
Guest chapter 16 . 5/28/2017
Wonderful chapter as always! :)
Guest chapter 15 . 5/28/2017
Oh, Emma...this is going to be a long road for both of them. Thanks for the lovely chapter! :)
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