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shadowed warrior chapter 62 . 1h
And so it least this part. This is one of my favorite fics ever, and definitely my favorite of yours. Your characters are always so well crafted, and your stories flow so well. Thanks for what you do!

I've had fun reading some of the reviews as well as the story itself as this epic fic progressed. I find it pretty hilarious to see how offended some people get with comments of "Hermione would NEVER do this" or "Harry isn't like that". Well, in cannon maybe they wouldn't, but this isn't cannon and people should remember that. Personally I found the evolution of the triads characters to be completely logical within the context of their experiences, and thought you created an amazing amount of complexity in not only their relationships with one another but also the ones they developed with the universe around them.

I understand why some readers might have felt betrayed by Daniels actions at the very end, but for me the only other way I could see it all ending was if all three of them died, which would be nearly impossible to accomplish, plus it would be out of character for Daniel. He made a hard choice. He understood that change had to happen for the good of the Empire and the galaxy, and there was truly only one way to bring that about. He will step into the power vacuum, probably with Cathy at his side eventually to guarantee the loyalty of the stranded soldiers of the Ori. I can see them changing the government and slowly turning the governing of the Empire over to a parliamentary body eventually, perhaps not in their lifetimes, but likely by the time Daniels grandchildren are grown. Cathy still has time to find someone and perhaps start a family again as well.

As Luna said, it was necessary that they go, Harry was too much changed to be anything other than a warrior and Hermione and Luna love him too much to ever try to curb him more than a little. Having Oma step in at the last minute surprised the hell out of me though, as did the return to their original dimension. Got to say I'm more than a little worried for the soldiers who landed on the ship with them, though. Actually, I'm rather concerned for that entire dimension now because now that they know where they are I doubt they will be willing to leave well enough alone.

But hey, there's always the Pegasus galaxy. The Wraith have had things all their way for far too long...right?
Michaelkoc1 chapter 62 . 1h
Waning interest? Wow im actually really surprised by that. Ive never been able to access your forum so maybe thats why i didnt realise..
But anyway that was a good ending, as good as could be hoped for. Little disappointed that Harry and the girls were exiled.
Could be an intersting sequel aboard the Dedtiny if you intend to write one i would definitely read that!
But overall this has been a fantastic series and thank you for writing it :)
Ron chapter 62 . 12h
As always, thanks for writing, and sharing, and finishing.
Not sure how I feel about the ending, but how I feel is, of course, not the point - for me at least the enjoyment of reading / sharing in the story is.
Does one need any knowledge of the Worm universe to be able to follow your next story, of which I notice you've already started posting?
Senyor Fier Mensheir chapter 62 . 5h
renextronex chapter 24 . 9h
wow this one was INTENSE
CosmicKobal chapter 1 . 9h
First off, I'd like to thank you for all the many hundreds, if not thousands, of hours that you have spent writing your stories for the rest of us to read... Reading fantastic stories of Far-Away places is what has allowed me to retain my sanity in this crazy, fup world that we live in. Being able to have your stories to look forward to each week has been just that little bit of stability that I needed to help balance out all of the uncertainty. when you don't have much in your life, you appreciate the small things so much more... Thank you again for all your hard work over the years.
mreweilk chapter 62 . 10h
I'm very surprised at how far this story has come. There were flaws to be sure but I enjoyed it all the same. Most of all I enjoyed how prompt you were with your chapter updates, It's rare I find a story to follow where an author adheres to such a tight schedule, well done!

Looking forward to what's next.
jimbowe chapter 62 . 10h
Well done, Darth, well done! I'm surprised to hear that your reviews are down. Luna's last line in the epilogue made me laugh out loud. Looking forward to your next epic.
renextronex chapter 14 . 13h
kara kesh?
wsbenge chapter 62 . 15h
Harry, Hermione, and Luna start the 4th chapter of their young immortal life, apparently on an Alteran ship, perhaps in their original dimension ~40 years later. Maybe they have matured, and became a bit wiser. If they are lucky, not forced to be emperors. I am curious if you will keep it going.
zArkham chapter 62 . 17h
I was wondering if we might see a bit of the SGU universe and once again you didn't disappoint. Actually I really was expecting Harry to die, especially when he got tagged as Arthur.

I hope this isn't your last fan-fiction but if it is, it was definitely worth it! Thanks so much for the all the free words we all never reviewed enough! (I know I should do better given I'm a fan-fic writer as well)
Pric3y chapter 62 . 18h
Damn... it’s the end... what a brilliant last few chapters!
Will your next fic be following on from this epilogue, or do you have something else in the works?
rantingbanshee chapter 62 . 18h
I have a mixed bag of feelings about this story. It seems like everyone, including the girls Hermione and Luna are constantly treating Harry as if he is a stain on the wall. For starters, the girls made a number of discretions by being disloyal to Harry, with Hermione opening her legs to strangers, cheating on Harry. And Luna by going behind Harry's back constantly making decisions for the trio that really should be made by all three of them as well as making faux pas at any "cute" bloke like Daniel or Scott - (Destiny scene).

It's like they don't respect Harry and only use him as a warm body in bed which doesn't really bode well for your portrayal of the flaky relationship they have going in this story. No matter how you perceive it, Hermione cheated on Harry, and the irony is that it is her own fault for not communicating properly with Harry that she was lonely and in need of some love. In that day and age, subspace communications, stargate travel, hyperspace technology is available to them, allowing them to see each other from across the galaxy in the span of a few minutes. Soldiers today aren't afforded that kind of luxury so at least their wives have a real excuse of long distance problems but not Hermione, Luna and Harry.

There is literally no excuse for cheating on Harry, period. And what was that kiss that Luna gave Daniel at the end? It seems like Harry got a shitty deal, being with immortal girls who are susceptible and prone to spreading their legs and cheating on him. The worst part is that Harry remained loyal to the girls and didn't cheat on them, which makes them vile women.

I also don't like the part where Daniel goes behind their back and sends them off to a deserted ghost ship to suffer for 20 years alone. I wouldn't be surprised if he did it with a smile on his face. It seems like the Jackson family have a history of betrayals. Cathy is responsible for the destruction of Earth, and half the Galaxy and raped Harry. We didn't see her getting her trial for her crimes at the end, and the worst part is that Daniel most likely let her go without delivering the proper justice.

Daniel for his part, just left a huge massive vacuum of power the wake of Harry, Hermione and Luna being forcefully booted out of their galaxy. Take for example, Alexander the Great left a massive power vacuum after his death which destroyed his empire. The entire thing fell apart overnight which is what I would liken to Daniel trying to fill in that role of ruling all of Kheb. The irony is that Daniel may have just caused even more deaths than Cathy ever did by causing this power vacuum.

Those two have caused more deaths than even Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Kim Il Sung, Ivan the Terrible, Joseph Stalin combined.

The last thing that bothers me is that Hermione's very nature would never have justifiably cheated on her partner in life for a quick tumble in the hay. It could never happen because her personality is unique in such a way that Ron Weasley was a very lucky man in Canon, which is all the more reason to believe that he used love potions to ensnare her in the books but I digress. I am getting off track, Hermione could never have cheated on Harry, period.
Guest chapter 62 . 19h
What about Ori remnants in their home galaxy? At least all those Priors should be exterminated for their crimes against humanity.

Ori could have made incursions into other galaxies too, IMO they needed to to be cleaned up as well.
gogo199432 chapter 62 . 18h
What an amazing ride! Really enjoyed it the whole way through, can't believe it's over :D
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