Reviews for The Stars Alone
The devil's advocates chapter 44 . 8/29
You're damn right this isn't a popular chapter. There's a difference between a story having realistic relationship stakes, and trying to justify someone cheating.
omh666 chapter 62 . 8/28
That does clear things up. And, I really love how you handled this story. So many authors make their characters more and more powerful without some kind of equalizing force on the other side. Or they make the bad guys more and more powerful to keep up. Some times they go the other way and have super strong bad guys, and their good guys have to play catch up. In this story, not only did you have the good and bad guys gaining more and more power... you had the good guys holding themselves in check with morals, drive, and so forth. Absolutely amazing story. Thank you for writing it, and again for posting it here for us to read.
omh666 chapter 61 . 8/28
I'm assuming that they were posted together given how confusing this chapter was. I'm... rather lost.
omh666 chapter 60 . 8/28
The end of this chapter, yet again managed to give me chills. This is going to be a beast of an ending to what was a fantastic story arc.
omh666 chapter 58 . 8/28
Auh shit. Not good.
omh666 chapter 51 . 8/28
Auh... shit.
omh666 chapter 50 . 8/28
Damn. Just... damn. She should have been dead. Given the relations between Jack and Hermione were consensual and he was killed. She raped Harry while he had no way of agreeing, and commited line-theft by baring his child... She should be dead.
omh666 chapter 49 . 8/28
Hahahahaha! I knew that battle was still going to happen. Harry's survived too many things with his power to not expect Anubis to do the same.
omh666 chapter 44 . 8/27
I appreciate how you handled this. It was really abrupt and a bit jarring for that. But, I love the realism to it.
omh666 chapter 39 . 8/27
What, the, hell? Gods forsaken child! She has the communication device to speak directly to Luna. Why wouldn't she just... talk to them about seeing her brother? Gaah!
omh666 chapter 38 . 8/27
And this, firmly displays the truth... there is no winner in war.
omh666 chapter 34 . 8/26
I was curious how they were going to teach english at the scale that was going to be necessary after losing their best teachers back to Earth. Nice.
omh666 chapter 32 . 8/26
You do really well with giving a strong closing line to your chapters, hooking but not leaving readers hanging from a cliff.
omh666 chapter 29 . 8/26
I really like how you handled this chapter. I was worried that there was going to be issues between Harry and Luna over their leaving the empire.
omh666 chapter 27 . 8/26
This part actually gave me chills.
Of course. "Go, then, I'll be along shortly!"
If the Akai'kheb was sending his own people in, then he had no intention of destroying the whole temple. Aldal ran back to the line where his troops waited.
"Protectors! The Akai'kheb calls on you to save our children! Form up by squads and follow me!"
More amazing, not a single one of his men hesitated. In fact, many had already broken formation when they heard Tel'gat shout back what her orders were.
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