Reviews for Forged Destiny
darkdraco0021 chapter 91 . 3/6
I dont see the poll but the only pairings ( besides harem ) that would seem fit would be jaune x salem ( her price for letting him become a hero ) or jaune x yang's mom
darkdraco0021 chapter 90 . 3/6
WHAAAAAT ? SINCE WHEN WAS THE PAIRING ANNOUNVED ? I have binged the series for the past few days and saw no mention of jaune x ruby only. I saw teases about the harem i came for but no single pairing. I figured something was wrong with jaune only focusing on blake. Neo kissing him before trying to kill him and the oasis scene with ruby was a step in the right ( harem ) direction but now its being stated as a single pairing ? ... Well i read this far i may as well finish it.
darkdraco0021 chapter 88 . 3/6
Yes . the contract will cost jaune his life. He will have to marry salem. Oh nooo.
darkdraco0021 chapter 79 . 3/5
Harem is still taking forever to start. At least neo got a kiss
darkdraco0021 chapter 70 . 3/5
Harem is taking forever. It is a harem right ? I typed jaune harem rwby in google and it showed this
darkdraco0021 chapter 63 . 3/4
I figured juane would've told blake the truth about his class before they did the did. Hope that doesnt bite him in the ass in the future.
darkdraco0021 chapter 58 . 3/4
Not sure about juane being salem's son. But if she is in the harem woukd he call her mommy ?
darkdraco0021 chapter 56 . 3/4
So cinder Isnt part of the harem ( unless her hubby dies ) after seeing the phoenix i really want to see juane get something similar like a flame dragon or one made out of metal / ore pulled from the earth as like a high level blacksmith skill ( or maybe the skill of a blacksmith fighter subclass he might unlock later ? )
darkdraco0021 chapter 44 . 3/3
Juane...buddy... Remember how your hot hand can melt stuff ? why not MELT SOMEBODIES HEAD YOU IDIOT ? just shove your hand onto their face and turn it on max heat.
darkdraco0021 chapter 23 . 3/2
* sees juane and blake kiss * cool. First harem member revealed.

* sees first part of next chapter * somethings wrong. I can feel it.
dragoninkt9357 chapter 1 . 2/27
Guest chapter 1 . 2/22
Did the guy under me actually just dox someone?
Voidborn II chapter 157 . 2/21
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i need help

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Asterius Vanafreyr chapter 157 . 2/19
i absolutely loved this
gorditas de nata teorias chapter 32 . 2/18
You habe luck they only exp i have with horses si that i almost lose 3 fingers animals hates me

Great story
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