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18th Portal chapter 62 . 11m
The good ole times. I hope it comes back to this state. I was furious when in the reveal they all turned thwir back on him, and then agry when they encircled him like he needed protection. As if they had forgotten the last year and a half with him, where they slept together, ate together, fought together. As though suddenly that knowledge changed him from who they’ve known before. He saved their lives on each Salem encounter, and they just turn their backs. How disgruntling
Guest chapter 97 . 6h
Lol jaune with an oc? No one wants to read that. Just make it knight shade already ffs
18th Portal chapter 60 . 8h
Ah I see, Tyrian was reliving the same situation against his Queen, making him take a poor decision.

I just wished Jaune realized how strong Qrow was in this. He a druid took on a Paragon, in melee combat, while being weighed down by Salem, and managed to keep up, if barely. Jaune didn’t select Qrow as one of the 3. If this doesn’t scream Qrow needs to also be a hybrid class, I don’t know what does. Maybe a Witcher *nudge nudge*

Still, despite being a decade and a half younger, Cinder really shows up against Qrow. Guess that shows how much of a bad idea it is to not maximize your potential and instead go with a path that a druid isn’t meant to traverse without great struggle.
xkcloud chapter 1 . 9h
I can't see why y'all are arguing about Lancaster or Knightshade when Ellayne exists in this story...
18th Portal chapter 59 . 10h
Do things like age, mental health, sickness affect a person stat wise? Like a knight who was 80 years old and retired, but is level 70 or so.

I guess the reason I ask this is because Tyrian’s intellect must be astronomical, but he fell for an easy bait by Jaune. He was there when Jaune tried to cut Salems hand, and saw it go through without any harm., he should be smart enough to connect and come to the same conclusion Jaune had, that Salem couldn’t be harmed at that point. I’d think insanity would effect a person’s intellect, but I’m not sure. Not that I think intellect has a direct correlation in how creative or smart they are. However unlike Strength and Charisma, Dexterity and Intellect are the least straight forward. We know experience taught effects Jaune’s sword skills, it’s not just dexterity, however I find it hard to separate that dexterity affects how he can hit objects, yet not how skillful he is with a weapon (which he’d learn from Beacan or mentoring). Because lets face it, Jaune has maybe gone up 8 points in dex since level 12, and yet he acts as though he is much more skillful then before due to training. Just like I find it hard to imagine how Intellect affects how smart a person is, yet how smart they are isn’t boxed into that stat alone.
Guest chapter 94 . 10h
Argument Wonder if Blake is going to appolgisw to jaune for
Guest chapter 94 . 10h
Guest chapter 95 . 10h
And Ruby could be quite a speedster in bed
Guest chapter 96 . 10h
Who knows, Blake could be bi
Guest chapter 97 . 10h
How about we compromise and go for both
Guest chapter 1 . 10h
This is weird, most of the reviews are based on knightshade and Lancaster.
Guest chapter 97 . 11h
Lol fuck off venting fan lancaster head no merrit ever. He planned knightshade from the start and was just dicking around with you lancaster fans.

Knightshade will always be better writtwn and makes more sense even in canon.
A venting fan chapter 90 . 12h
You know I don’t think you could have killed of Lancaster in a more sad way. You had Ruby “give up” on Jaune without really showing us by having Jaune and Ruby have a scene similar to Phrrya in the roof of the trading town. You didn’t even try to keep Lancaster a viable option that you felt a switch was so “out of nowhere”. That’s what make the state Lancaster in for this story so sad, it was killed off screen and didn’t get a proper funeral like arkos. That the only reason Lancaster not dead in this story is because EB called the out the fact that for a Lancaster story nightshade was so dominanting even above world building. Lancaster has to argue its case of story theme and elements while nightshade just have to say it’s all that written so far. The author favorite pairing vs a pair with a character he thinks is flat and uninteresting. Blake can be unsupportive for all of Jaune chooses and still be his lover while Ruby would be “the rebound” or the friend and can’t be the someone Jaune love because she’s “better” for him. It’s worse when you plan on teasing Lancaster till the very end even when you never intended to make the story Lancaster. And the poll all the reasoning for Lancaster gets it an option in a poll that will be considered but not necessarily followed through. It’s sad when a phyric Lancaster story is the best we can hope for because that about how much you care to explore Lancaster.

On a different note it would be interesting see Jaune pursue Ruby and see her guilt of what happen between Jaune and Blake along with her moving on from her “gived up” feeling.
Guest chapter 10 . 12h
And Blake like haunter
Guest chapter 9 . 12h
Weiss is more like piplup
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