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That guy chapter 22 . 1h
You now after the incident in the village he could use the "you have hands so work" for hi backstory and his reason for not using knight techniques

After all i cant see why theyvwould be born with those technique and how to use them

Msybe a really fast growth with them

But not Technical knowledge
Dark Durian chapter 21 . 1h
Wow, Ruby really stepped up here, she really helped Jaune not only physically but emotionally as well. It was a nice scene at the end with everyone relaxing after the hard work they did.
icemaxprime chapter 6 . 6h
Nicely done! I'm currently imagining walk a Raid would be like in this universe... don't forget the accursed jumping puzzles !
icemaxprime chapter 7 . 6h
Imagine a Raid boss...
SirRacha chapter 22 . 10h
Really enjoying the story I hope you don't turn this into a harem please don't turn this into a harem. Your use of Jaune is really great in this fic he isn't a good knight and probably will never be, but he fills a niche in the party of being a good friend and having insight on how to deal with npc. No need to make him a special snowflake blacksmith that can do the things heroes can. I never watched RWBY but I dislike Jaune because everyone uses him as their self insert and turn him into an edgy badass asshole who women all love for some reason and is always betrayed good job for not doing that.
UNSC ODST chapter 22 . 3/25
I love the last two chapters, it really shows how people get stuck into their class and how it influences their thinking. For Jaune's persistence and endurance/single mindedness with the rescue, was that in any way related to the Resilience stat that was talked about earlier by Oobleck?
Vashne chapter 22 . 3/25
Action really picks up in this chapter! Can't wait for Monday now.
Jedias Gloshma chapter 22 . 3/24
Ah yes, everything has finally gone wrong. Not as bad as I thought it would so that's nice. I really can't tell if this is going to be Jaune-Ruby or Jaune-Blake or neither. Keeps me on my toes. I like it.
potatoslayer4 chapter 22 . 3/23
I don't remember if I've commented on your stuff before, but if I haven't I'm very sorry. I absolutely love your style. Your exposition and your action scenes are wonderful, but more than that, your characterization is phenomenal. You can have the greatest prose in the world, if you don't write convincing and interesting characters then you're doomed to fail. I started reading your material when you started "One Good turn Deserves Another" and I was hooked. They way your characters interact is both interesting AND true to the character. That is the most difficult part of writing fanfiction, and you make it look easy. I'm enthralled with Forged Destiny so far, and I hope you continue writing, because you've earned yourself a huge fan. Keep up the good work.
GreyscaleWriter chapter 21 . 3/23
we just got a peak at what the resilience section does
Neetti chapter 22 . 3/22
Now that you mentioned it, Blake is pretty strong. I'm going to assume she lower lvl than Pyrrha, who was 24 at the beginning (26-27 now?), but I guess she is higher than average, which is slightly suspicious. You get a lot of exp by killing PEOPLE after all, and it's very likely there is shady part in her past, like in the show, worrying.

This isn't the first time similiar events have happened in your different fics in short time you know. The Jaune introduces his family to the gang in both PA and NTTF, Yang and Jaune facing Malachites in FD and the Entertainer. There is probably more, but these really stood out since those fics came on the same weekdays at the time.

I have a feeling that the Stoke the Forge is coming more than handy in followng chaps...
Ultimate Pervy Sage chapter 22 . 3/22
First off, great chapter. I love how you keep driving home how every character you mention, regardless if we learn their name or not, still have their own stories. It is something you rarely see in any form of media and makes this stand out as a beacon of what a truly great story should feel like ( for lack of a better term )

A loyal fan
5 Coloured Walker chapter 22 . 3/22
And there's the Resilience stat at play again.
Body: 'Keeping her in front really f*cking hurts.'
Stat: 'So?'
Body: 'Ok.'

A good chapter, I eagerly await more.
Cookie Montser chapter 22 . 3/22
4everfictional chapter 22 . 3/21
I wasn't expecting that, but I feel like I should've. I love it! XD So excited to see how they'll all get back together/if they'll ever get or even know what loot was dropped in that last fight. ;)
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