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Surgeon shen chapter 5 . 14h
Creative strory line, very rare to see good fics this days, keep up the giod work :)
Ben56 chapter 5 . 9/19
Great way of make both meet, and the Chief as always prepare, Cortana ready to help to. This chapter was awesome, i will be waiting anssiusly the next one. Thank you.
DarkRising32 chapter 5 . 9/19
Good stuff, I hope the next chapter comes out sooner
Guest chapter 5 . 9/17
With the UNSC there, there should be a lot less fire now.
XxdarkangelxX2003 chapter 5 . 9/16
"We are the UNSC" awesome...

Sincerely XxDarkangelxX
New Universe Returns chapter 5 . 9/15
Not bad.

Now, I am wondering if the UNSC will save Queen Tyuule and her Warrior Bunny tribe on time? I do hope so, I hate to see Tyuule's fate at the end.
Axcel chapter 3 . 9/15
Honestly, training huge numbers of people, mandatory, and having them train more people and so-on while producing arms and everything else they need and then later conscripting them would have put people's minds at ease the most. They would have then been in a position where they could fight for their lives instead of being helpless. Sure, they would still have a high chance of dying, but at least there would also be a chance of surviving that way. Not to mention it would open people up a lot to children being given "special training" to ensure their safety so they could become Spartans. Later reveal to the public that the children voluntarily given up to training were in fact the Spartans and people (the majority, anyway) would be even more open to the idea since they see Spartans as un-killable and so they would see it as guaranteeing (or at least maximizing) their children's survival and making them heroes at the same time.

By the time 2553 rolled around all of humanity would have been on the road to mankind entirely becoming Spartan-IIs within a century at most.
ItzABlueWulf chapter 5 . 9/14
I thought this fic was dead, glad to see i was wrong.
Raraiki chapter 5 . 9/13
Well cortana didn't wrong with Guardian part
SPARTAN-626 chapter 5 . 9/13
An update?! YES! So looking forward to seeing more and I'm hoping we will see either Jorge, the Spirit of Fire with crew or both latter on.
Artyom-Dreizehn chapter 5 . 9/13
This is awesome, but how will you make up that they didn't go to installation 04 but gone to Falmart(continent)? It's the reason for the whole franchise name. Though I'm intrigue how will you come up through this and how will you handle the encounter with the JSDF(which uses outdated weapons when compared to US). UNSC kinetic weapons system is hitech compared to modern(us) standards eventhough you say they are or less likely the same, They use modular Titanium A plating on their soldiers(marines and etc) that can resist kinetic weapons(only can handle one or few plasma shots though) and MA series assault rifle would pierce through the JSDFs LAV and their body armor(unlikely prepared because they're against roman-esque soldiers) and UNSC Magnum would likely be frowned upon because of its semiAPHE rounds(effective against unshielded covies) and UNSC shotgun would be against our Conventions and UNSC's also because of it's devestating effect against unshielded targets(covies and humans) and allowed because of wartime with the covies. Anyway! Thumbs up and excited to see the enxt!
Madara123 chapter 5 . 9/13
ManwithaPlan113 chapter 5 . 9/13
Well it seems the Fire Dragon won't easily burn down Tula's village now
Mandalore the Freedom chapter 5 . 9/13
It's been a while, apologies I haven't reviewed lately, a lot of things have happened since we last spoke and things came up that took my mind elsewhere. Anyway I'm back now, been in a Halo mood anyway.

Now this is interesting, magic is certainly gonna become a matter that will catch UNSC forces off guard but technology wise made by them will balance things out along with having such skilled soldiers on their side will even the odds. The encounter with the Elves was something, I'm gonna guess they were using magic blend in. I am now certainly curious how will this now effect the survival of the Tribe.

That Dragon is sure as hell gonna find lots of damn trouble with the UNSC then it will with the JSDF. Better weaponry, better trained, far more experienced, war veterans, and of course they have the Master Chief, the very peculiar of what a Super Soldier is. That Dragon is gonna lose more then just a arm, like a UNSC Assault rifle uses M118 7.62x51mm Full Metal Jacket, Armor Piercing rounds as you know, something like that is certainly gonna hurt the Dragon a lot and any other magical creatures, and well I think you and I can agree the other weapons will get the job done.

Still one thing I am looking forward to is seeing more culture wise out of races. That was one of the things that annoyed me of about Gate, not enough about races or their culture, so I look forward in seeing how you intent continue the relations between these Elves and the UNSC, or other races in mind.

Now pairings is a little curious matter that's been on my mind if you plan do any in the story? It's not super important, it just kinda adds little more to some characters but eh, it's mostly just me being curious.

Anyway, looking forward where you take this next. Good luck, till next time.
Hunter63 chapter 5 . 9/13
Starting to pick up.

Interested now.
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