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Lucifer666 chapter 60 . 8/5
This story is amazing with a lot of action. So please hurry up and post more pages, as I would like to read the fight between Harry and Thanos.
diabolicArbitor chapter 26 . 7/31
TBH, Ruth reminds me of a slightly more batty Luna with how you have written her. Also R.I.P. Luna. Excellent story though.
TheDancingBerry chapter 61 . 7/30
You updated this two year to the day after I first read the first chapter. Good anniversary.

I didn't read Chapter 60, but I've got the gist of it. Harry's state at the beginning of the chapter further convinces me that you simply enjoy hurting the poor boy.

Natasha and Steve's talk is one of your writing idiosyncrasies that makes me groan a bit when it comes up. How many times can one read a blunt conversation between two people discussing the mental state and life of a third party, probably in hushed tones, before it becomes trite? If you love the fic, apparently an infinite amount.

The description of Harry Coming Back to Hogwarts Damaged Another Fucking Time was very funny, and I was going to say that I'd appreciate it being "played out", so to speak, but then realized that it's a lot of material and better just to tell us and move along.

Everything from meeting Sirius to Strange vs the Council was incredible. I adore Peter Wisdom, and the feeling that, story-wise, we're standing on a precipice. Sirius is always a welcome presence, and I'm disturbed yet intrigued by whatever the hell Voldy is doing.

I always enjoy detaching from Harry and seeing what everyone else is doing, and the Headmaster's meeting was well-done. Seeing the preparations that go into running Hogwarts, plus the Tournament, is good-but knowing that shit will go down in the Forest is better. Is Harry's little sojourn into the Forest with Sirius and Bucky going to come in handy?

Someone needs to give the Senior Council a good kicking. Have you read Peace Talks? Curious to hear your thoughts.

Not going to lie, I skipped the majority of Clark and Lois at first. The writing was good but it didn't grab my attention, and seemed almost unnecessary. I do love Superman though, and Lois Lane. Mixed feelings.

On a different note...I realized while writing this. This series has been a part of my life for nearly five years, if I'm doing math right. I've quite literally grown up with your writing, and as I'm about to head off to college again on Tuesday...I'm grateful. Truly, personally, grateful.
TheAvengingKnight chapter 61 . 7/30
And so we get Harry on Carol on the road out of hell though it may not be too long and hard given who they are to each other. I'm interested to see how things progress with them...and valentine's isn't far off in universe.

I feel like what Voldemort's been doing with the wolves is a test run for something much worse down the road whenever he makes his move. That said I'm curious as to how he'd do if Doom caught up to him. More than likely he'd slip off in the nick of time.

The forest is bigger on the inside? Let me guess - parts of the forbidden forest touch the Nevernever? Specifically Faerie, considering it's the part of the NN that touches the mortal realm. Which means the champions are...oh dear, oh me, oh my. Trouble's a brewin.

I've wondered about Nicodemus for some time. Interesting that he doesn't particularly fear Asgard (or SHIELD) but not surprising. And Anduriel (ever since we learned what it can do) has always been creepier than the other Denarians.

Harry's only been doing his thing a year and has built quite the rogues gallery. I'd forgotten about the Welshman till he was referenced by Wisdom. I vaguely recall your mentioning a part in this book, is that still on the table or has his role been cut? Dracula vs Doom is another potential conflict that could be very interesting.

It's funny that svartalfheim is brought up and nothing more on the topic is said though Malekith and his aims are nowhere near as well known as Surtur's aims (kill everything and rebuild it all on my terms, again - mcu Thanos anyone?) I have to admit I found the transition to Wisdom's expanding on the threat of Surtur just a teensy bit clunky. Idky. That's just how it felt. I'm sure the Ministry officials and school heads are just thinkin atm because how else do you react to learning a galaxy destroyer, his star busting generals and their armies of planet killers are on the move?

they were commanded by creatures that snuffed out stars as you or I would a candle.

In many ways I am more interested in the Great Captains than Surtur himself. He's the almighty big bad, mirror Harry gone bad in some ways. Dark Phoenix to Harry's Phoenix - but he's still a being on such an entirely different level that it's hard to be as interested as I am in seeing what the Captains are like and capable of. It's like the Emperor and Vader, sure the Emperor is more powerful and the greater scope villain but we all love Vader. Even Sauron was more interesting than Morgoth in some ways and the Witch-King more interesting than Sauron for some. How would a fully powered Great Captain do against a non Phoenix Harry, Jean or Maddie? Could Mab defeat one at full strength?

In any case I'm definitely expecting insane set pieces whenever you get to the Captain/Surtur stuff. I have no doubt you have some crazy ideas in mind.

Yep, whatever Voldemort has in mind for the Word of Kemmler is not going to be pleasant and I eagerly await the horrors he'll put our heroes through.

Having finished that section - have you decided to do the second task before the other cosmic arc you mentioned?

Strange and the Council's section was interesting. I laughed when I read the opening because all I could think was yup that is Peabody turned into paste on the floor. Will we be seeing the original Merlin appear at some point in any significant role? What about Morgana?

I almost wish you'd done that thing you sometimes do where we get information we already know all over again as a new party in universe learns for the first time. I'd have loved to get the Council's reactions to Strange explaining Surtur and Thanos. But I just enjoy the lore building around those big bad types. They said after an entire paragraph of being like yeah I'm not THAT interested in Surtur.

And a softer ending with Kal and Lois. It'll be funny when Lois meets Clark.

Now my biggest question to you is (and you knew this was coming) what are your thoughts on Peace Talks? Assuming you've read it already. Without spoilers - there is some interesting stuff in there but my feelings are really mixed on the quality of that book as an individual release.

Cheers mate.
TheAvengingKnight chapter 60 . 7/30
I got here pretty late and all I can say at this point is well done. There's always some worry that when a writer tackles the topic you did in this chapter that it'll end up a bit of a mess to put it lightly. But it didn't in this chapter and I'm happy about that. I really enjoyed the section where everyone just offers Harry a kind word and an offer to help.

The two massive presences Harry sensed - one was Odin and the other Asgard herself? For a moment I assumed Lily though that probably couldn't happen for obvious reasons.

Hope you are well and that things have been alright (at least) these last months.
rsure2003 chapter 61 . 7/28
re-doing since i was private last time lol

I've been reading this story since the beginning and i have to say this is one of the best written if not the best fanfic i've read. Your ideas are just amazing and can't wait to see what happens next. I was re-reading from the start and i was wondering when will Hermione find out about Wanda, can we expect that anytime soon? You probably have plans in place but yeah im just keen for that story line.
kesh chapter 61 . 7/28
I've been reading this story since the beginning and i have to say this is one of the best written if not the best fanfic i've read. Your ideas are just amazing and can't wait to see what happens next. I was re-reading from the start and i was wondering when will Hermione find out about Wanda, can we expect that anytime soon? You probably have plans in place but yeah im just keen for that story line.
CLBONE13 chapter 61 . 7/27
B. Natasha teasing Steve and talking about Harry and Carol's potential...future was both ADORABLE and HILARIOUS.
C. Okay, I LOVED the written montage of Harry's support network coming through for him at Hogwarts. Special mention goes to Betsy and Hermione hugging him and MacGonnagal's impromptu counseling session.
D. Cedric's getting that Magic Psych book for Harry was an ADORABLE big brother moment. Also A. Hogwarts even HAS that. AWESOME and B. Is this also Draco's way of show support or was he looking for it for another reason?
E. Strange ALREADY caught her and she's STILL gathering rumors on Ginny, does she have NO SHAME.
F. I knew it. I KNEW IT. I KNEW that everything regarding Ginny's sexuality would be fine so long as her family was okay with it. I understand Molly and Percy's apparent reservations and I LOVED how the MOMENT Great-Aunt Muriel made the wrong comment Molly STILL jumped to her Daughter's defense (PS SICK Mythology Gag there). Also does Harry have anything to do with the backfiring of Homophobic Hate Mail on the Scum of the Wizarding World (also what kind of MONSTER does that).
G. Okay, I'm just going to ask this now: Is Wisdom hoping to "pick a fight" with the Ministry in order to get Fudge and some of Fudge's more...toxic supporters (*cough* Umbridge *cough*) out of office or is there a more...complicated reason. Would he have less issue with a Minister more willing to take action say Scrimegour (I probably spelled that wrong) or Kingsley.
H. The Hexenwolves sound like something that would be AWESOME if used for good, but the idea of Voldemort gaining control of them is HORRIFYING. Ditto for the fact that this new rash of them is apparently the work of young Wizards then...
I. Okay, so Doom wants a piece of Voldemort. Do we want to know why?
J. About the meeting between the officials: 1. Somebody tell Crouch to check on his kid. 2 I found the COMPLETELY MATTER-OF-FACT breakdown of Harry's various enemies HILARIOUS, 3. I kind of knew that the growing Threat of the End of the World wouldn't result in the Tournament being shut down but still...4. You know I wasn't surprised that Bagman actually had to ASK what Ragnarok was (Rowling did imply was a little thick if that whole "not knowing Rookwood was a Death Eater thing" is anything to go by), but when Karkaroff asked "So, you knew about this?" as though he didn't know what Ragnarok was either after he IS from that part of the world and it's kind of a common myth and 5. I LOVED seeing Wisdom troll Karkaroff and Bucky casually deflect that he IS the Winter Soldier.
K. Not that Strange's plan ISN'T awesome, but doesn't the little problem of most Wandless Wizards being Walking Techbanes make the issue of "using Modern technology to create an AWESOME MAGICAL CEREBRO kind of...a crapshoot.
L. I LOVED Strange calling out the Merlin and saying that he has NO RIGHT to carry the name of his "Brother" Merlin.
M. Okay, the dread in the room when Strange mentions Thanos is HORRIFYING and with Harry's fight with him being foreshadowed more and more well...seriously how soon is he putting an in-person appearance?
N. The Idea of Voldemort teaming up with those Blackened Denarius people is HORRIFYING
O. Okay, I'm getting the vibe here that Sam Lane's parenting leaves a bit to be desired. Lois calls him "The General" in her mind at least twice and she admits that it ISN'T meant to be affectionate. He's implied to have shipped both his daughter's off to Smallville ON A WHIM (okay not on a whim but still) and the fact that he's leaving both of his daughters alone with aides all day...I don't doubt that he loves his daughters but still...
P. When you say that your Lois is very much an army are NOT messing around. I mean she smokes, she drinks, she swears AND she knows how to tell a "Rookie" from a Shell-Shocked Veteran.
Q. I LOVED the sweet, supportive conversation between Clark and Lois and I CANNOT wait for Lois to meet Clark in person and figure out who he is.
R. Lois's come back to the glorified babysitter was AWESOME and I hope things work out between her and Lucy. Also, I'm fully on Lois's side. War Machine is a SO MUCH cooler name than Iron Patriot. Especially since they're essentially forcing Rhodey to slap on a gaudy Iron Man rip off armor that just so happens to be red, white and blue and give him an Iron Man ripoff name too. He's basically being downgraded to sidekick status.
MerlinTheArchmage chapter 61 . 7/26
Love this! Finally caught up and can't wait for the next update! Also, hope you are safe during this 3
Speed Reader chapter 61 . 7/26
Excellent interaction between all the different parties (don't want to spoil anything). Seriously, love the villain dossier, the strength of H&C's relationship, and especially the second conversation between * and *
Pspcole chapter 53 . 7/25
Frankly could be either Voldemort or Adam from good omens. Either one has hints leading to them.
beahliezl.marasigan chapter 61 . 7/25
Waiting for the next chapters. Can't believe I finished both fics in just two days. Please continue writing. ️
beahliezl.marasigan chapter 60 . 7/25
You made me cry.
SilverLion80 chapter 61 . 7/24
Uh-oh. A class trip to New Orleans? One that might involve Monica Rambeau? I smell a Captain Marvel joining the cast. If I'm right, will she be getting Carol's comic powers (since Carol is Miss America now) or the powers she wields as Captain Marvel/Photon/Spectrum? Curiouser and curiouser.

That meeting with Wisdom, Bucky, Crouch, Bagman, McGonagall and the School Heads gave vague Illuminati vibes. I can see your version of Marvel's Illuminati comprising Tony, Reed, T'Challa, Charles, Wisdom and Albus. Possibly with other members. We'll see.
Loisceles chapter 61 . 7/23
Good that Harry is healing. Pepper is a lifesaver, though she has Tony’s experience to guide her, she is very versatile.
With everything going on the tournament seemed to fall in the background, but it's good that they are taken serious precautions. Everything to avoid people getting killed is good, even if sometimes it is unavoidable.
On an absolutely non-related comment, I've only ever had read peckish coming from Aziraphale’s mouth. :D
Strange would do whatever he wants to the white council anyways. Only thing they can do is make it easier on themselves.
Oooooh Clark is being cute! Louis definitely left an impression.

Loved the chapter! I'll be waiting for the trip to New Orleans! Be well.
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