Reviews for Ghosts of the Past
AvocadoWolf chapter 74 . 11/23
Finally (nearly) up-to-date!
This story has been AMAZING (and no I’m not just saying that to be polite), and I hope The Phoenix and the Serpent lives up to it.
Umbridge will still be coming the Hogwarts? I guess that was inevitable, though it’s a little earlier than it was in canon but that’s okay, it’s your story after all!
I hope to get up-to-date soon!
-Wolf (:
Shiaira73 chapter 74 . 11/8
I am so glad that there is yet another installment of this story already in the works. Just... so much WOW! This has been such a fun and adventurous ride, well worth every minute of waiting. Thank you for taking the time to write and share this with us. Now... on to the sequel!
dextron11 chapter 28 . 11/7
The Doctor Who quote in in this chapter, when Harry is with the other champions and the headmasters, just doesn’t work. It is jarringly out of place, and undercuts what was otherwise a very emotional and charged scene. Pretty much every time you’ve included direct quotes from Doctor Who, or else contrived a scenario deliberately reminiscent of a particular scene, a la Harry and Carol’s psychic bonding, it feels out of place and forced in.

It might be because I’m very familiar with the show, and I have a memory for quotes. However, especially when you quote directly, the styles just don’t match. DW writing is, especially when the Doctor starts a big monologue, soaked in camp with a heavy side of cheese. That’s the tone of the show, and even then it can come off as preachy or contrived. Here, doubly so, as it doesn’t match the tone of the story or the scene. It doesn’t feel like Harry’s talking or baring his feelings. All I can do while reading it is compare this to the episode it was from and think, “no, these don’t fit together.”

Also, as you’ve established on multiple occasions, the show exists in universe, which makes it doubly confusing as to why Harry would be quoting it here. I’ve seen just about every reaction to high stress there is, from icy calm to violent rage, and I’ve yet to see someone resort to forcing a moralizing quote into a completely different context to its source.

I’m sorry if this is rant-ish or rude, especially for a review of an old chapter, but this is one of my pet peeves of fanfic writing, especially among authors who, such as yourself, can actually craft good original prose. Quotes from the works you’re adapting are fine, even expected. Quotes from other fandoms shoved in are, to me at least, annoying and disruptive to the flow of the narrative.
Shiaira73 chapter 60 . 11/6
It's like a cloud on your soul. There are sunny days and days the sun gets caught and can't break through. It does get better eventually but it never really seems to go away. Sometimes stupid... tiny stupid little things... things that are just so .. normal can trigger it and then all you can do is hold on for the ride and pray you make it to the other side reasonably intact and functional. PTSD is a special kind of hell. Harry is lucky to have the support and love he does. Most, unfortunately, do not and the struggle is real. Here's to all of us walking wounded, I wish us all the kind of love and support that Harry, in this chapter, received. This chapter was Very well written and understood. Thank you. Peace, Love and Light to you.
Gerolos chapter 74 . 11/1
I power read the last chapters of this book from oh, 66 onward to 74 then reviewed those chapters before scrapping that as I'm at the end of the book. I figured a full review of the book was better for chapter 74. There were questions, idle speculation and theories galore before it seemed like too much to dump on someone. I literally felt bad. So out went all the stuff about Apocalypse, Kang, the Great Captains, Voldemort, Malekith and Krypton's Doomsday.

Yes I have not slept. Yes I read my slides for school. No I do not look like a slightly wild eyed crazy person who rants about the end being nigh .


Harry really stepped into the protagonist role for better and for worse. Narratively I am aware Strange is more or less warping destiny around him to try and kill Thanos BUT the world also tightens up in a way I didn’t like after Child of the Storm hit what is my ideal balance of Marvel/Harry Potter. Of course I know that Harry is now capable of handling himself and as such we don’t need multiple Harry is at Hogwarts while the Avengers do the real work scenes like the first Battle of London. Carol makes for a fine deuteragonist. Not a standout for me but she’s more than alright. Character wise, this book does better than Child of the Storm regarding Ron and especially Hermione. At points in COS they felt almost like afterthoughts whereas here they’re present even if they’re not slugging it out with vampire kings, elder wyrms and mad god-witches. I also like Allison Carter a lot and to me she is more interesting than Carol, in a way it’s like getting a glimpse of the older, superior version of the character even if she’s an OC. BUT I was a tad disappointed that some of this didn’t go to Sharon, it’s like Peggy and Sharon in the MCU.

Madelyn Pryor AKA Rachel Grey is probably the dark horse of this book for me. She had an excellent arc in Forever Red which despite a reduced presence post Forever Red, carried her all the way through to the end for me. Gambit is another you did very well and his post Unfinished Business scenes with Scott and Doctor Strange were well done. Now speaking of Doctor Strange, I liked him very much although at times it felt like the layers were peeled back a little too much. If Child of the Storm was the master manipulator in the shadows to a sometimes irritating degree, well this one humanizes him a lot but does this thing where characters are like ugh, Strange you dick BUT you have a tragic backstory you shared so I GET it even if I don’t like it. I like my shadowy master manipulators in all of their shadowy, irritating glory more than I like having the character laid bare. But if he’s going to die I guess better to know him than not at all. Plus mysteries can be drawn out longer than they need to. No I am most certainly not referring to Starborn in the Dresden Files. Certainly not .

Of the Avengers, their lesser presence was a plus and a negative for me. It’s a plus because we do get more Harry and Ron and Hermione through the book AND we get to see Harry do things rather than relax at home which I say as much above. It’s a negative because less Loki. Yes Loki is still one of your biggest scene stealers to the point where his first appearance in many chapters (72) is an immediate favourite of mine. Also it’s a negative BECAUSE I don’t find Harry’s group very interesting outside of Maddie and to a lesser extent Clark.

For the story arcs, Forever Red, Bloody Hell, Dungeons and Dragons, Voidville and Spirited Away: Forever Red remains your crown jewel: epic in scale, deeply personal and containing a lot of depth beyond simple characterization and character arcs and it gave me my dark horse character in Madelyn. Mister Sinister also provides an intriguing if detached villain and I was sad to see him go precisely because it’s Sinister and he usually tends to royally FCK things up when he’s around. Of the remaining arcs: Bloody Hell is no.2 because Dracula, Unfinished Business gets no. 3 because of Nimue and the action plus a surprisingly well written Deadpool which I do not think I appreciated as much in the moment reading UB. Spirited Away is no. 4 because it’s got a lot of Ron and Hermione and finally gets the ball rolling on pieces of the plot that I’ve waited to take off. Dungeons and Dragons and Voidville were good but a step or three off the others. OH Nimue gets kicked down to the no. 3 spot because of that VERY EPIC Apocalypse backstory. Jesus. Your version seems like an utter nightmare and I am familiar with him as opposed to Nimue. That entire saga seems like a giant trilogy all on it’s own.

Minor hero name section: Is Harry’s name going to be Galahad? It doesn’t really hit but again I am not familiar with Arthurian legend. I have an alternative if you have no plans for Gabriel Summers: Vulcan.

As for Lord Voldemort, well I consider him above even the likes of Dracula, the Red Room and Malekith the Accursed. Your version of Voldemort makes me want him to stick around as a long term villain. To quote one Hector Barbossa, ‘So what now Jack Sparrow? Are we to be two immortals locked in battle till Judgement Day and trumpets sound?’ But less is more and I feel like after his own arc, any returns would diminish his presence which is a sentiment I’ve expressed regarding Count Dracula. I don’t have much to say regarding Surtur except that I hope we get more from him in the next book. The teases of what’s to come – Odin’s Muspelheim vision, Dave, EVERYTHING BURNS, Harry’s Norn-vision were all excellent but if this is building to Ragnarok then I hope he has more ‘directly-indirect’ presence in the next one given that it’s called the Phoenix and the Serpent and he is the Dark Phoenix Harry is going to have to face. (BTW That sequence describing the Great Captains? Excellent. I’d pick your brains because I have theories and speculation but I’m trying to…not).

If there's any complaints for this book it's that the last three arcs, 'Superman, Spirit, Super-Witch-Goddess' all went much bigger than I felt was necessary. Yes I understand the reasons for that both in world and from a writer's pov but the best way to describe it is that they all expanded (rapidly) outward rather than digging deeper. Fun at a surface level and initial read but little else there I'd return to and what depth they have isn't as connected to the set pieces as I'd like.

To compare this book to any of the Harry Potter books/movies, it's Half-Blood Prince meets Deathly Hallows one. This one likely has less crazy action but all the character beats to really hit the ground running with the next part of the story so I look forward to that. There is more that I could talk about but I’m trying to keep this as tight as I can without sprawling. So all in all, half of a story but very clear and excellent build to whatever is coming in The Phoenix and the Serpent which will be more Deathly Hallows 2 AKA the war movie.

So now that I'm at the end of Ghosts of the Pasts, all I can say is I think you've done a swell job of building this first half of the story and I hope the payoffs that may come in the next book can deliver after the excellent setup. Now I am going to bed so as with my review of COS, I say thank you for writing this story. I haven't followed even a tenth of the time it's been running but it has provided me with A LOT of entertainment in recent weeks and lots to think about.
Gerolos chapter 65 . 10/31
JESUS CHRIST I did not expect a tour into the forest to turn into Spirited Away.


Return to Hogwarts: I am SO, SO glad Sirius got some shine here because he really doesn't and he is a favorite of mine. Granted he's not a character I expect to be able to handle the shite Harry has to deal with but him showing up to check in on Harry was lovely and quite the misadventure.

Doctor Strange, Lois & Clark: Strange's sheer disgust for the Council was a surprise even knowing his history with them. Dresden's lightsaber origin story was interesting as well, Lois and Clark were fairly cute and probably the only couple alongside Jean X Scott and Peter X Mary Jane I wholeheartedly approve of starting to date in their teenage years and getting a happily ever after.

Big bads: I'm surprised they didn't go more into detail on Malekith considering the royal family's near collective brown pants moment earlier. I thought Harry and Sirius would end up on Svartalfheim with Hermione and Ron through the forest. I was thinking oh, shit, is this where this is going? Nope? Okay. Evil ghost-mist-thing is fine too. I guess. : Those were some intriguing visions by the way, Malekith obviously gets back the Aether, the fantastic four are apparently gladiators on Sakar plus teases of Thanos and Surtur. And yet Voldemort steals that brief everyone about the Enemy section because he manages to be a strange, creepy thing. He can make one's skin crawl. It's like Sinister but Sinister was too detached whereas with Voldemort there's an open love of being utterly vile.

Now the spirit-ghost-fortress-monster section: The BIG TAKEAWAY from all this is a weird focus on the future, the ghost-thing seems to know or foresee a time where Harry's lies will end up coming to light and it won't be good. It said the creepy chaos Hermione is what Hermione would be down the road and despite this arc's madness, it didn't match up to Hermione's chaos magic moment in the Nornheim segment. With Ron, I don't know what'll happen but Voldemort's clearly got something in mind AND he's going to obviously find out Bucky is the Winter Soldier, WAIT A MOMENT: Is Ron that armored knight? I JUST REMEMBERED VOLDEMORT'S EVIL CACKLE. I ALMOST HATE YOU FOR DOING THIS TO RON AND HERMIONE DUDE. Torment UHTRED, he's the OC AKA the perfect one to be a narrative punching bag although I do not care as much for him so it wouldn't really hit. And Carol is the future Mrs. Thorson so she'll likely be alright for now.

The Knight and the armored chaos-space-angel-witch: Great sequence, personally I thought chapter 64 would've been a perfect place to wrap up the encounter. Not because the duel in this chapter was bad. BUT. The snapshot fight at the end of 64 was VERY UNIQUE (for me, anyway) and well done. So I preferred it to the extra 10K word fight. Less is more worked here quite nicely for me.

Shouldn't Surtur be rampaging by now though? I mean White Phoenix even pushing a teeny bit of psychic power into the nine realms should have some ripple effect. Although I guess the ripple effect will be Hermione discovering her heritage. She's brilliant AND Lily was laying out the pieces like my gossipy divorced wine aunt and her gossipy divorced wine aunt friends when they want to STIR SHIT UP. You may think I am joking but I am not. That is precisely what that tea and a chat sequence felt like.

I capped it here because this is technically where I should've run off to read Unfinished Business but you know how that went. Again sorry for the rambling review, I'm supposed to have a lecture now but she's not out today and just emailed some slides which I will now look at like a devoted student.
Mari Wollsch chapter 74 . 10/28
super great xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Gerolos chapter 60 . 10/26
Post Gorakhnath - I feel like I just glimpsed the beginning of the end of Harry's friendship with Hermione and she doesn't even know about Wanda just yet. What made you decide to take this approach regarding Harry and his canon friendships?

Smallville - surprisingly small scale before a VERY, VERY BIG AND FLASHY ENDING. Normally your big chapters have a nice flow to them but something slightly felt off about the grand finale that I can't put my finger on. It's not bad, just A LITTLE disjointed. Harry stepping in as an older brother figure to Clark who is very innocent in a lot of ways just works well. Characters like Carol, Jean-Paul etc. have met and tackled darkness head on in a way Clark is unfamiliar with and I appreciate Harry attempting to keep Clark away from it, as best as he can.

Post Smallville - I remember Odin saying THANOS killed Krypton so it's nice to know that backstory. Did Strange not intervene further out of a fear of having to fight Thanos? Your version is enough of a ruthless pragmatist to let Krypton die if it means he lives to ensure Thanos dies later. No point saving Krypton if the universe dies a couple decades later.

THIS CHAPTER - MY GOODNESS, I wondered when Forever Red would 'hit' Harry and boy did it ever. Fortunately he's got a lot of people who love and care for him deeply to help him out. I won't comment much further other than saying I think was a job well done revolving around some very heavy content.

Yes, I continue to read whenever I have other things I probably should be taking care of x)
Gerolos chapter 53 . 10/25
OK I was SUPPOSED TO REVIEW SINCE DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS but group projects with a few less than cooperative group members are a royal pain. So I read over everything from Bloody Hell to Dungeons and Dragons to right here yesterday into today.

So here we go AGAIN:


I thought the wrap up of this arc was quick and thankfully not as drawn out as Forever Red though Harry & company came out of the arc without the kind of trauma the Red Room inflicted. What I really enjoyed about this and the post Dungeons and Dragons chapters is the focus on the little stuff elsewhere that makes it feel more like a world such as Gambit getting some focus on his storyline after Bloody Hell. Harry opening up with Dumbledore is overdue for the character. Strange killing Mavra offscreen is funny especially now that she's been shown as Vlad Drakul's lackey in the Dresden Files and he CURED LEA. She's one of my favorite characters in the Dresden Files alongside Rashid and Mab.

Surtur stuff: OK I am officially freaked out that Surtur's psychic presence, even while sealed up, could incinerate several very skilled psychics just following a trail in the astral plane. I am even more freaked out by the description of Muspelheim. I was expecting FIRE AND BRIMSTONE but a dead perfect world is freakier. The fire giants make me think of ants.


Part 1 - the MULTIVERSE, I don't have too much commentary on the visions other than the future Avengers and DARK PHOENIX HARRY. Unless I am off the ball, Kara Zor El is the mystery person of the prophecy that I couldn't figure. EVEN MORE HORRIFYING HOWEVER is that Dark Phoenix killed ODIN. The God who squared up to CHTHON HIMSELF. I was very surprised because Frey with a little training stalemated Surtur so Harry growing powerful enough to slay his BADARSE GRANDPA is shocking. Even more horrifying is the imagery of a burning Yggdrasil.

Part 2 - 4 - BARROW WIGHTS AND THE DRAGON, the barrow wights were predictably no issue for Harry. If he can throw down with the likes of Madelyn Pryor, Magneto and Count Dracula then swatting them down is no issue. Their master however, jeez, what a boss fight, I am not sure what size this thing is supposed to be, at times it seems like several hundred feet and others it feels like the Elder Wyrm is one or two thousand feet and counting. DAVE (lovely name by the way) being a planet killer is one of Surtur's big guns? Given the name of the arc I expected Harry to fight the world serpent. I finished it and it doesn't hit the way the first 2 major arcs did but it still hit. It is NOT BAD AT ALL. THE other two are just THAT GOOD and more to my own tastes.

POST Dungeons and Dragons (this will be the long part, I am sorry, I'll try to bounce around to not bore you with addressing everything)

EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT - Doctor Strange whipping everything back into shape overnight was surprising. I didn't exactly like that decision but the story can't continue if Hogwarts and it's surrounding environment is a volcanic hellscape. HARRY KNOWS WANDA'S secret. I actually thought he figured it out much, much earlier so this part was a surprise. IDKY, it just seemed like something that happened before it really did. Regarding Wanda keeping the secret, I don't agree with the choice but I understand WHY she is doing it. PLUS HERMIONE IS HER GHOST OF THE PAST. And likely a reminder of some self perceived failure.

Dir. Wisdom now has access to a mountain of vibranium and mithril. I want to hope he'll just use that for semi-boring political stuff but he seems to have grander ambitions. Wisdom is a man preparing for war against whoever wants to fck around and find out, be they dark wizards, vampire kings or nightmare kaiju planet killer super dragons. The way I see it, he either ends up very dead by the end or in a truly frightening position of power that makes this one look tame.

YULE BALL - Very cute, a bit TOO LONG but I'll give Harry a pass after the mountain of crap he's had to deal with. BTW Harry's small scenes with Betsy made me ship them and I wish she was either younger or Harry, older.

ASGARD/NORNHEIM - OKAY, I REALLY LOVED THESE 2 CHAPTERS. But. I also question the WHY of them or more specifically the Nornheim section. Regarding the Svartalfheim discussion, my guess of the King of the Wild was right and it seems he'll be a very big threat. Blockbuster villain, you said. I'm don't fancy the character, I thought Thor 2 was wasted potential and Malekith sort of overstayed his welcome in the comics by about one year and a half for me. But your writing is compelling enough to give him a chance though if he starts doing the I'M SO CRAZY elf Joker act, I'll tune out quick. Nothing against you. Malekith's personality is just not one that works for me. I thought you did a great job with Gravemoss so that will be a hard act to follow. He was utterly vile, insane in every way possible and practically a giggling maniac but it didn't cross into the territory of 'okay, get off the page' that Malekith, Joker, Batman Who Laughs tend to. Really any DC character 'WHO LAUGHS' for that matter.

Thor fought Jormungandr and won by throwing him into a neutron star. And HE is DAVE'S DAD. OKAY So I guess Harry and Earth might have gone bye bye if HE was the boss battle of D&D. You called Surtur Sauron on Steroids so he is Ancalagon on steroids and the Black Captain is the Witch King on steroids. Lovely. I'm sure they'll be dealt with with no issue whatsoever. Our heroes will be just fine.

NORNHEIM - AGAIN, I LOVE THE CHAPTER. BUT I QUESTION THE WHY. Was the chapter really necessary outside of teasing what is to come, we know Sunniva is going to train him and we know she fought my cosmic insect boy Annihilus, we know Malekith is preparing for war from the last chapter, that training with Gorakhnath is coming up, other aspects were fairly predictable - Hermione having a chaos breakdown, Clark, Harry dueling the Avalonian Swordsman (the sword of might?)

The only really surprising bits were the Shi'ar sitting atop one of Surtur's heavy hitters and Jean and Maddie tapping into the Phoenix together.

Why not drop them as surprises on the heroes rather than giving them a heads up? Is it that what's to come is going to be so bad that even knowing these events are coming and being able to prepare won't be enough?

ALSO SURTUR. HOLY FCK. I DID NOT EXPECT THAT AT ALL. That segment of the chapter is pure cinema. I was surprised Harry sort of punked him though. He got knocked out but I feel like Surtur came away more freaked out than Harry.

FINALLY, yes, finally, - GORAKTHNATH - His training with Harry didn't delve too deeply into the Phoenix, instead it seems more about managing emotions while wielding that power. So no baby dark phoenix incidents occur in future. Some aspects of their discussions came back around to what I was probing about in my post forever red review with Surtur being something of a ghost or an echo. I was expecting a straight forward duel between Phoenix and Dark Phoenix and it will be something more high concept, like stripping away Surtur of the ideology that continues to fuel him or burning it out, removing what keeps him going. Because if he is a super phoenix ghost thing driven by the same compulsions he held in life, if Harry could burn those out of him, he could weaken him or cause him to self destruct. If his compulsions are his RING and Harry can remove those, then Surtur could go COSMIC KABOOM as Sauron did at the end of Return of the King.

AS A WHOLE - this entire section of the story from post Bloody Hell onwards both knocked out another major arc, was filled with great writing and action, and post D&D the story seems to have hit a much needed breathing point, rather than jumping from major arc to major arc, while still pushing the MAJOR AND MINOR parts of the narrative forward. I will come back to the later chapters when I have some time not dealing with assignments and annoying group projects or annoying group members, more like.
Deana Gem chapter 74 . 10/21
I wonder if there's a World Recod for people wanting someone dead?
It be funny to see all the adjudicators, in there cute little suit, going around interviewing people.
The have to make sure that people want to kill him straight off of course, wanting to maim him repeatedly until he's almost dead, so you can try to kill him again doesn't count!
Gerolos chapter 33 . 10/20
I really should have posted smaller reviews but binge reading.


Well this was a lot of wrap up for Forever Red and the last chapters (19-20) were filled with Revelations. Blending Surtur with the Dark Phoenix and a splash of Tolkien wasn't what I expected but it works for this fic. Truth be told I've never found either Surtur or the Phoenix too interesting in the comics, though I think the Dark Phoenix saga is exceptional if a bit undermined by Jean's inability to stay dead. So this angle of epic myth and fantasy wrapped together with space opera has my interest when your typical fire giant king Surtur wouldn't or Jean/Madelyn going Dark Phoenix.

Kinda dumb question but is Surtur truly alive? Harry's conversation with Jesus about what becoming the Dark Phoenix could do made me think of, well, the descriptions of ghosts as as imprint or echo of someone who lived in a particular place. Is the real Surtur even there anymore or is it more like an echo of him in his last days that's now fueled by the power of the Phoenix? He wanted to save everything and everyone in his last days and now what's left is just this Dark Phoenix 'thing' that's fulfilling those goals in the worst way possible.

I was very happy about the Annihilus mention as the Annihilation story was one of the first stories that I leapt into Marvel with.

Carol's situation with her dad is just sad and somewhat close to home. I both pity Mr Danvers and find him detestable.

Wanda's history with Constantine is messed up but in character for the man.

The meeting of the Council of Skyfathers was a bit off because of the argument that any of the gods are more of a threat to Earth than Harry, I disagree with that. On paper - they absolutely are. But if any of them were going to go bad then it'd have happened long ago. Sure, all of them could vaporize Earth and the solar system but they know better. Even Zeus wouldn't try that. They've got raw power exceeding Harry's but they're 'not' going to threaten the Earth in that manner because they know and understand the consequences of that.

Overall I felt the aftermath of Forever Red, for all it's epic size, was surprisingly tight and personal which I enjoyed. It focused on the characters who needed focus, teased some very exciting things for the future. Chapters 16 - 20 did A LOT but given everything that happened in Forever Red, it was less than expected but just enough. And NOT AS MOPEY AS I EXPECTED. Don't take it personally. I feel like many writers after telling such a tale would have the main character being depressingly emo for far too long. Understandable? Yes. Kind of a drag to read? Also yes.

Surtur is the big bad of The Phoenix and the Serpent ?

Return to Hogwarts chapters:

I don't have a whole lot to say about these chapters other than seeing how Harry fits in to Hogwarts or rather doesn't fit in after Forever Red has been something I didn't know I wanted from this fic. Your Erik has become quite the treat so mentor Erik and I look forward to the eventual revelations about Hermione.

COUNT DRACULA smacking down TOM RIDDLE is the introduction I needed dude. Here's your big watch him get swatted aside by a REAL villain.

Now onto the main event


Chicago - this was a nice au take on the events of Dead Beat although Selene's role can be summed up as cackling villain. I literally wrapped up the arc wondering why she got a mention in the prophecy with such a little albeit action packed part. Even Cowl with his dialogue with Wanda felt like he carried more weight in this part of BH. And Voldemort is creepy AF AND HAS THE FRICKING DARKHALLOW. Given his brief tutoring from Selene, his own evil maniacal brilliance, that is NOT GOOD for anyone. However I feel Voldemort performing his own ascension rite is just going to give Thor and Loki and Wanda ALL THE EXCUSES they need to wipe him from every layer of reality. Is he going to mass sacrifice the Hogwarts students? It seems like something he'd do but that's too small a meal for a proper Darkhallow, I think. Wanda becoming sorceress supreme and having to deal with a flock of warlocks on the same night is like the worst graduation party ever.

New York: this was the really good part of the arc. Carol's run in with the vampires, defending her baby bro, poor PETER got snacked on. Bruce may not be Batman in this but Peter became one for a night. Doctor Doom is the biggest surprise since I didn't expect to see him until the FF4 showed up. Do they have their powers yet? Your Doom is not what I expected. Something about him lacked a bit of the slightly extra regal flair I like from the character. I figure he isn't there yet or lacks that in this story.

now for the real meat and bones - COUNT DRACULA. Reading your take on the Count was a true treat and I have no clue how you'll top this guy for sheer awesome. I did not expect the level of BRUTAL ARSE KICKING that he laid down on Harry while having psychic duels with Xavier. Honorable evil can be hard to pull off but you did it with Dracula so well. I almost feel sad that he'll probably take a big backseat now. He doesn't even snap until near the end when his ritual has been foiled and he's had a false Phoenix scare which is impressive. It is not often I get such a thrill reading someone's take on a big bad.

Bloody Hell, despite being shorter and more action packed than psychological scifi horror that was Forever Red progressed the story a lot more than expected setting up evil necromancer plots with Voldemort and getting 2 of the villains out of the way (Dracula and Selene).

I don't see this arc having the aftermath FR did and needing like 5 chapters of wrap-up and a few more beyond it which is great because not every arc needs to be a monster in size and depth. Given everything we learned of Surtur, I suspect that'll be the really big one.

Now it's the King of the Wild left for villains along from Voldemort and Surtur and the 2 people Harry has to meet of which I know Clark is one. I think I know who the King is but I'll wait till hints are dropped. I'm ninety six percent sure I got it.

Sorry this review is so long and kind of a mess, I am typing having read it after a week of study and a couple exams so my brain is more or less gone at the moment. Will read more soon :)
AmyHF chapter 54 . 10/20
I'm thinking Adam Black is either Lucius Malfoy, or a clone of Essex's that has been altered. I'm leaning more towards Malfoy...
Guest chapter 74 . 10/18
Dolores Umbridge. A woman who is vehemently a blood purist. One wonders how she would react to a muggleborn witch and mutant like Hermione Granger or a demigod wizard and mutant like Harry Potter. Fun, fun, fun.
erica.phoenix16 chapter 74 . 10/17
Thanks for writing such a wonderful story. :)
Guest chapter 60 . 10/17
One of the things I like about your Harry Thorson stories is your emotional literacy. Your stories have heart.
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