Reviews for Ghosts of the Past
ThatCrazyBrit94 chapter 66 . 9/20
Hmm is this dead then?
dogman999 chapter 66 . 9/7
Keep up the good work.
Nikolai Locke chapter 66 . 9/4
Please don't leave us hanging on this! Also stop making me cry. This may be my first review of your work, but I binged both CotS and this one, basically in one go, and it keeps surprising me, hitting me out of left field with its tragedy and joy and wit and strangeness (heh heh). It's better than a significant portion of the things it draws from, with a healthy dollop of pure freebase snark and a truckload of honesty and genuine love of the source material and stories in general. Please, when you can, because I know you're probably insanely busy, keep this pain train going.

And maybe ease up on Ron. He doesn't deserve this. Not that that's ever stopped you before, but still. Give the poor boy a break.
Yut Taha Aki chapter 66 . 8/14
It’s been months, can you please update
Magus0096 chapter 1 . 8/6
Adam Warlock Adam Warlock Adam Warlock

Thrice I Name Thee….. Thrice I Call Thee….. Thrice I Summon Thee

By the Rule of Three I command Thee hence!

SiriuslyPotter19 chapter 1 . 7/28
Hope you are doing well can’t wait to see another chapter in this story
hikolb6 chapter 66 . 7/22
hope update soon its been almost 8 months since last update
Rama-Tut chapter 1 . 7/19
Anyway will Kang the Conqueror appear in this fic cause what I'm seeing from the MCU he's really gonna be the Main Villain of Phase 4. So it would be really interesting if he was an arc villain in this fic.
Rama-Tut chapter 1 . 7/19
I've never really read the whole story but I really do understand the main plot of the story is , I can't believe you made a Marty Sue/Godlike Harry Potter so interesting. Harry and his merry friends don't easily curbstomp enemies like most HP/Crossover fics. There are lot of things I'm really annoyed with in this story so that's why I'm never gonna read it all. Anyway you have my respect and I can see why this fic is really popular.
dextron11 chapter 45 . 7/2
I’ve been rereading this series, and having recently reread all of Tolkien, I really appreciate the various references, both subtle and overt. Surtur strikes me as being heavily inspired by Melkor/Morgoth, with the way he twisted and created his facsimiles of life.
Additionally, while Dave’s speech in the barrow was wonderfully Smaug-esque, his emergence and battle reminded me much more of the emergence of Glaurung at Ard-Galen, even if Dave’s defeat was more final. That does lead me to wonder if Jormugand will be appearing as the Ancalagon figure, or does Surtur have even greater servants to command?
JacksonX2 chapter 66 . 6/24
Wow . Just finished rereading this. So long but so good! Looking forward to seeing where this will go next! ️️️
SkeltonFlu chapter 41 . 6/21
we need a spinoff story about this Harry.
Dives chapter 66 . 6/16
Please update soon
Anonapotimus1 chapter 66 . 6/8
Ok first off, I love this story so far and I am rabidly awaiting the next chapter, any chance of wade Wilson making an appearance? P.S. really hope your not dead from the covid19
MrKrazyman chapter 66 . 5/30
This entire story has been sooooo good! I've been binging the both books throughout the last few weeks while at work. The way you have mixed all these universes has been perfect. All of the characterisations are spot on or well adapted to the story you are telling! I know you have been struggling with some stuff and I want you to know that you can take as much time you need for yourself! Keep up the good work!
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