Reviews for Ghosts of the Past
dreaddragonknight chapter 65 . 12/10/2020
I don’t remember how Harry’s arm got turned metal again so that part was confusing but other then that great chapter, Hermione getting to meet Lily was neet and Dumbledore getting to show why people respect him so much is always a great thing to read in fics
Greyff chapter 53 . 12/10/2020
Honestly, Ron is canonically a chess master of some kind - but also canonically he frequently doesn't seem to apply himself outside of such things. You'd think he'd at least glom that strangers in a tavern giving you advice is a red flag. Of course, you could completely surprise everyone by making Adam Black - Black Adam - Shazam's old nemesis.
Greyff chapter 51 . 12/9/2020
huh. i meant to ask where you got the name Askani, because i used the same word back in my D&D campaign for a clan of masked weapon-saint mercenaries. i have no idea where i'd gotten the name from myself, and a google search just brings up something about time travelers and Rachel Summers. Just curious if it came from a source i might have run across way back in the day.
So Surtur wants everything to burn and become flame. Except flame requires air and fuel. Unless magic handwavium is involved. It would be most amusing if someone could drop a null-magic bomb on Surtur's legions, causing the normal laws of thermodynamics to take hold for a few minutes.
Greyff chapter 49 . 12/9/2020
well by now you've seen Endgame. i didn't like fat Thor. While i understand he basically had PTSD, it seemed to be more designed to weaken him specifically for the fight sequences. Bleh. i really dislike it when professional authors/scriptwriters write themselves into a corner and then have to change the characters or pull something out of nowhere for things to fit.
In the meantime, i'm enjoying these scenes where Carol's friends are driving her up the wall - what are friends for after all.
CLBONE13 chapter 65 . 12/9/2020
A. I've said before and I will say again one thousand times: You are a BRILLIANT author. Take your time.
B. The "Hermione-Thing" well it's not the most serious way of describing an eldritch Abomination that MIND RAPES KIDS, but let's be honest this chapter needed a little burst of comedy.
C. And as silly as the name sounds that doesn't mean that the battle and Harry is ANY LESS AWESOME!
D. And you have GOT to love Hermione's overrall being weirded out by the experience of being inside Harry's mind.
E. ANNNNND that's the Red Son door. Good choice Hermione, good choice.
F. And she's seen...something with Harry and Carol.
G. Harry's nonchalance about the whole thing SOLD IT!
H. Okay, Harry's brief conversation with Hermione about what happened to Dudley and COULD happen to her was sweet AND sad by sheer virtue of the fact that he is talking about having to possibly put down HIS BEST FRIEND.
I. Okay, I LOVED Harry's battle with the "Hermione-thing" as shown through the eyes of an astounded Ron Weasley and his Krum's undisguised excitement at Harry and Hermione fighting the thing together while...let's say that Ron's a near perfect choice of Audience Surrogate for this section and leave at that.
J. On Ron's musings about Sirius. Although it's never outright stated, it's implied that the Doggie part of Sirius' Animagus mind is what made him a little bit more immune to the Dementors than most people. Specifically by focusing on the simple, uncomplicated emotions of a dog he give the monstrous things less to "eat". There's also the fact that JKR has gone on record stating that Dementors are a metaphor for depression. The mere prescience of a friendly dog can do a bit of temporary good for someone suffering from depression. The prescience of a faithful loving dog can do WONDERS for a depressed person. Ergo, Sirius' "inner" dog starved the Dementors off.
K. The Hermione-Thing's attack on Harry and its temporary gaining of the upper hand was HORRIFYING!
L. OF COURSE, Harry associates Hermione with libraries, they are her favorite places after all.
M. On the flower door: 1. It Sounds TRULY beautiful. With the intricate carving of flowers and the change from shimmering silver to ivory white it just sounds breathtaking. 2. On the use of flowers, the Viscaria as covered in a previous chapter translates to "Will you dance with me" and symbolizes Harry's romantic connection with Carol. 3. The Ivy, ivy frequently pops up in stories covering ruins and castles like Hogwarts, Harry also named his Sword Curtana after a blade belonging to Sir Tristan of the Round Table and Ivy grew on his grave in one version of the legend and represents fidelity and attachment again tying back to Carol but also to the other people in Harry's life. 4. The Roses: Each rose's color means a different thing and all three of them can tie back to Carol, the gold representing their undying friendship, the red their romantic love and passion and the blue thier unbreakable bond. However, it could be argued that the each of the rose represents Harry's connection with a different woman in his life. The gold representing his family love with Jean, the red his romantic love for Carol and blue his bond of shared trauma with Maddie.
N. Okay, when Hermione was walking past the "Secrets" door I held my breath. Those elephants in the room have GOT to be let out soon. However in fairness the case of the one regarding Hermione is complicated because technically speaking it NOT his secret to tell.
O. I LOVED Phoenix!Lily surprising Hermione in Harry's mindscape.
P. Okay, weird question were you...doing anything if you catch my drift when you were writing about Harry's battle with the Hermione-Thing because this one segment out of it sounds like something out of Lovecraftian Horror Story.
Q. And Dumbledore knew the Thing in the Fortress was there the entire time because of course he did.
R. Dumbledore's confrontation with the Creature was AWESOME! He makes it clear to whatever-the-hell it is that the only reason it's been allowed to hang around this long is because it HASN'T FRAKKED WITH HIS STUDENTS. And now it is so, there's going to be HELL to pay. I especially liked the discourse on the Elder Wand. That thing tries to taunt Dumbledore on the Deathstick's Dark History, but Albus KNOWS that history. He knows ALL ABOUT IT! He spent a period of his life that he no doubt would love to able to forget searching for it. And he WON the damn thing from one of its MOST notorious wielders. I also LOVED both Dumbledore helping to COMPLETELY SCHOOL that thing and stating point blank that while he's wielding the Wand of Antioch, the eldest Perverall brother who wanted an unbeatable wand he himself is choosing the road of youngest brother and arguably the Hero of the Tale of Three Brothers, Ignotus in waiting for Death to take him so he can greet her like an old friend. On a semi-unrelated note now that I know more about the Endless including this world's version of Death, I can't help but wonder how the Tale of the Three Brothers played out in this version. Unless it's a spoiler.
S. I LOVED Lily and Hermione's talk particularly Lily gently encouraging Hermione to open up with her powers and nudging her towards the truth about her and Wanda.
T. Speaking of which, Hermione seems to in denial about the whole thing despite the obvious signs. Again this is a talk that NEEDS to be had and SOON. Before she finds out some other way.
U. And the final stand against the monster from Harry and Betsy's in-tandem physic brawl to Ron, Sirius and Krum all going out of their way to contribute to Dumbledore's fighting back as hard he could. It was AWESOME!
V. "A Ratty Little Man Harry didn't recognize" I suppose it could be Pettigrew given use of "Ratty", but it also could be the piece of Voldemort that used to be inside him. The one that the Phoenix burned out. Speaking of which, this chapter has officially given me a GREAT mental image of that so thank you.
W. "Apart from the landscaping". And all of the...weird medical treatments. And the fact that Voldemort is apparently still in the forest, and...those consequences to mentioned.
Greyff chapter 46 . 12/9/2020
"But you must remember this: a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh." Except when people have been waiting for 3.5 years and several chapters. Then it's a milestone or achievement.
Masquerade360 chapter 65 . 12/8/2020
Loved it
Guest chapter 64 . 12/8/2020
Wakanda forever. Rest in peace Chadwick Bosemen, and never be forgotten.

I say that last piece because it is known to happen.
Jostanos chapter 65 . 12/8/2020
Nimbus, now worries. You are an excellent writer that writes excellent chapters that are joys to read and review. thank you. :)
Greyff chapter 45 . 12/8/2020
Whenever i first see the name Nathan, i usually think Nathan Brazil though i haven't read those books since the early 80s or so. That line at the end of the first book was particularly striking and i wondered if that was the first thing he wrote and the rest of the novel was just to reach that point. (Though going through some very weird territory in the meantime.)
Hogwarts valley (it's surrounded by mountains apparently?) would have some notice due to the volcano, though i'd imagine MI13 and the Obliviators would be able to do something about at least some official notice. Anti-muggle mental redirect warding is only going to be so effective, and i'd have to wonder about those who aren't quite muggle (mutants, squibs (which would include those descended from wizards who are not in on the Masquerade and fall just short of the threshold for magic use), aliens, psychics, those selected by various totems (it can't just be spiders), or god-descent/avatars/chosen.
Does the Forbidden Forest have dryads now? i'd thought that a pity that canon version didn't have more traditional magical denizens other than acromantula and centaurs.
ShadowLDrago chapter 65 . 12/8/2020
First off, apologies for this being a bit late. College has been, well, college.

Considering everything I know about Dumbledore, I think it stands to reason that his card's claim of him being the greatest wanded Wizard of the current era is more than likely not in the least bit hyperbole. Or at least if it IS hyperbole, not by very much.

The Forbidden Forest is alive and aware in some form. I'm not particularly surprised, but it is fun to have that confirmed.

Whenever I read Hermione-Thing, I can't help but think of John Carpenter's The Thing. But, this is a very different entity.

"Could you have headaches as a disembodied spirit?" In this case, I would say you're having more of a phantom headache, but simply put, apparently so.

"She'd about psychic wounds before" I think you may be missing a word there.

Fine is a dirty four letter F word.

And props to Hermione for leaving those bolted doors shut. I do love it when characters decide that their sense of, well, common sense has a point and that if something is closed, it's probably for a very good reason.

Also props for staying away from the DO NOT ENTER. Seriously, common sense, gotta love the stuff. Saves SO much trouble.

"Did you have to do that?" He's got to have his fun somehow. Especially considering what this day has been for him.

It's kinda fun to see Harry on the back foot for once.

Yeah, this being a slight variation on "A Form You Are Comfortable With" doesn't surprise me very much. It's a classic for a reason.

You know, if I wasn't aware of your lack of a penchant for anime, I'd have suspected the "excellent duelist but an average potion maker" to be a reference to the first dub of Dragon Ball Z. Oh well.

Hermione doing background reading? How utterly uncharacteristic.

Yeah, staying out of the 'Secrets' door is probably a smart move. Aside from the whole invasion of mental privacy thing, rifling through someone's secrets while in their mind is probably considered very rude.

Harry is capable of being incredibly kind to those he likes. But, by that same token, if you prove yourself to be a threat to him and his, well, I'd say ask Dracula how that went for him, but that might prove a little difficult.

Hermione having strategies/spells Harry doesn't have isn't particularly shocking either, but good to know. Glad to see her having agency in regaining her own body. The sentences I end up typing when I read fanfiction, I swear...

I wouldn't say Sirius shrugged off Azkaban, but the fact that he's still stable and (mostly) sane is nothing short of a testament to his Green Lantern levels of willpower.

Clever Krum. And clever Dumbledore for figuring out that what's going on isn't purely Harry.

This dome is like going deeper and deeper into the ocean. The pressure won't crush you instantly, but it most certainly will in time. Not a matter of if so much as when.

It's now an animal backed into a corner. Desperation is a scary thing.

I would not be surprised if Hermione has a splitting migraine after all this. She'd had a weird day.

73 different ways everything can go horribly wrong. A prime number. How fun.

Lily Potter, you're a pleasant surprise. Welcome back to the story.

Ooh, golden eyes. Phoenix time. How very fun.

I see what you mean by Dumbledore having decided to show that his reputation isn't just words. He does not mess around.

Oh good, this thing knows enough about him to be weary.

I kinda hear Judge Doom from Roger Rabbit when this thing speaks. Well, his true voice anyway. An unnaturally shrill shrieking voice.

This thing might have Hermione's body, but clearly not her intelligence if it thinks further provoking Albus Dumbledore is a wise decision. Still, props to Dumbledore for being willing to give it the option to leave of its own free will.

OK, not gonna lie, that was REALLY cool.

The answer to how he did that is actually a very simple one, and I shall elaborate henceforth: Fuck you, that's how.

And Dumbledore has just proven himself to be smarter and braver than most. Death is inevitable. So rather than fear it, do what you can in life, and when it comes, welcome it. Might not change your fate in the afterlife, but if there is a reaper or a similar figure, it'll at least be a welcome change of pace.

Making small talk with your friend's mother. Who's also kinda dead. And also not really here. What even IS Hermione's life anymore?

Being old and immensely powerful comes with a license to be cryptic. Comes with the contract. Sometimes just because it's fun, other times because there's stuff one's interlocutor isn't meant to know because Reasons.

I think Mrs Weasley would have quite liked Lily.

Hm, Wanda, wand, wonder if that was intentional on the part of her creators? Probably.

I wouldn't be surprised if Lily's nature as the Phoenix means she experiences time differently and has 'seen' Ron get into even more trouble because of a lack of impulse control?

The mental image of Dumbledore conducting this battle like an orchestra is a GLORIOUS one.

Sisyphus, now there's a name I'm familiar with.

A shapeshifter swan song. Now there's a trope I've not encountered in quite a while.

Yeah, I think everybody here could use an aspirin and a good night's rest.

"I am a person, not a bottle of wine." is an absolutely hilarious line. One that I find myself hard pressed to resist the urge to steal. Not sure when or where I'd have use for it though.

I greatly enjoyed this ending. And if you can't have another chapter out by Christmas, then so be it. I'm aware that writing is no easy task.
panzershrekunion chapter 61 . 12/8/2020
Jesus last chapter was intense, not going to lie I did cry and it took all I had not to bawl like a baby. fantastic writing and great job!
Zoe Walker chapter 65 . 12/7/2020
Well, I have to say, I wasn't expecting Dumbledore to be that heavy of a hitter. I guess fanfic has trained me to assume his reputation exceeds his abilities. Very well written. I approve.
Greyff chapter 42 . 12/7/2020
Old DM saying: plans do not survive the battle, the players will screw with your script, and the dice hate everyone equally.
i'm taking it that Mari is a winterfae or wildfae and based at least slightly on the legends of the Rhine maidens and similar stories. Not tempting or drowning mortals is taking away a good part of her modus operandi. Well, maybe she can make friends with the squid and the orca.
Slytherin Studios chapter 65 . 12/6/2020
I like it, nicely done.
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