Reviews for Ghosts of the Past
Mugen no Tenma chapter 46 . 4/23
moonprincess97524 chapter 5 . 4/23
This chapter makes me want pictures to be able to really see all of the things that were in the museum.
Mugen no Tenma chapter 44 . 4/23
Okay. All that, escalated from a relatively simple, not deadly at all, Triwizard Task. I actually forgot it WAS a task! Dave's appearance completely distracted me.
Mugen no Tenma chapter 42 . 4/22
Man, with all these Eldritch Abominations in the trials, I sure hope Cedric comes out of this tournament alive!
*nervous laugh*
Mugen no Tenma chapter 37 . 4/21
*Puts on Shipping Goggles*
Good. Goood. The fluff side is strong with this one. Would Hermione find out the truth about Wanda? Would Ron find out the truth about the Winter Soldier? We shall see...
WolfBetter chapter 62 . 4/21
Great chapter! Please don’t kill off boldly at the end of this year like most fanfics do, I like recurring villains.
When I need to read Unfinished Business exactly?
Mugen no Tenma chapter 33 . 4/20
Since the first book, I've suspected that you're actively using a LOT of tvtropes terms in this story. That's okay, tropes are tools. But seeing 'Evil Overlord List' just confirms it to me. Very cool. Just wanna say that.
Mugen no Tenma chapter 29 . 4/20
Wow, didn't expect Peter to be turned into a Vampire and Strange to be... dead? I don't believe it if there's no body. Hmm. This is quite the conundrum for the good guys...
chris green chapter 8 . 4/20
being meaning to ask but what happened to lucius and zemo after child of storm?
CynicArchon chapter 66 . 4/19
in the last 2 weekes i have read over 140 chapters and all i can say is bravo! while i am kind of sad to see how some of the dresden files threads are being tied up off screen (what are your plans for the eldest carpenter child?) I am enjoying it immensely. honest question though, how many words did i read? because i am unsure of word count vs narrative word count vs author note word count? keep up the good work! I'll doubtless have more questions as i digest everything.
Mugen no Tenma chapter 27 . 4/19
Cosmic Plaything, Harry is. Go through suffering and humiliation, he would.
Guest chapter 66 . 4/19
Heyo! Just wanted to say that this is one of my favorite fics I’ve ever read. I’ve never actually reviewed on here before, but this was definitely worth it. So good in fact, that in kept me from doing rather any of my uni work, or sleep, or really do much of anything besides read it for the past three days. Since I’m now caught up I will be crashing heavily and getting back to the essays I’ve been putting off, but I wanted to say your world-building, characterization and the relationships you have written in this and Child of the Storm were absolutely phenomenal, and your weaving of so many diverse characters and fandoms into one story that is new territory/growth for the characters while keeping them recognizable is remarkable. Anyways, I’m sure I will have to go back and reread your work more slowly at some point when I have more time, but for now, just wanted to let you know that you are an extremely talented author and I’ve been loving your stories.
Mugen no Tenma chapter 22 . 4/18
Hey, I know that you like leaving things vague, like Strange always does, and I might not get a clear answer... so that's why I will ask you a question:
Would Ron and Hermione get something like powerups, or relevancy in combat related things? Aside from being Harry's part of "normal life"?
Mugen no Tenma chapter 20 . 4/18
Kilgharrah? Wow, a Merlin reference! And it's rather relevant. Also wow, so much infodumps.
Mugen no Tenma chapter 19 . 4/18
Ah, so it's Comic Book Thanos' motivation. Glad to see it here. If something wants to end all existence, it's either him or Darkseid.
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