Reviews for Sheep's Clothing
Calindy chapter 11 . 10/17
Just caught up. Will Harry get a clue?!
skyeryder01 chapter 11 . 10/14
I can't wait to see what happens next! I really hope Harry pulls his head out of his ass and makes things right for Hermione. Really loving this story!
Elvire chapter 11 . 10/12
Once again, super interesting idea on the provenance of the Dementors.
Can Harry wake up? You've written him into such a corner with his refusal to remove the vows and his recent actions. Can he be redeemed?
The talk between Astoria and Daphne was very touching. I do love the way you use the perspective of more minor characters to flesh out the story of your major players.
Catlimere chapter 11 . 10/12
Hermione/Lucius - who knew I'd love them so much together. This story and Rage they make a fabulous pairing.

So - I'm still curious to find out what Molly and Ginny did/know about Hermione's "inability to conceive". I don't think their guilt is solely that Hermione ended up heart broken and odd girl out. At least not both of them.

I love Neville...and Luna, Theo, and the Slytherin allies/family Hermione now has. Her relationship with Astoria is so sweet and it's nice to see a real, solid female friendship. While Hermione started out saving Astoria, now they both look after each other. It's nice to see Daphne joining the family as well.

The bond that developed between Lucius and Hermione is exciting. I love that it's given them both a very real connection and motivation to keep fighting. Harry not releasing Hermione from her vows, douche move. Not to mention the way he won't let her go completely. He's long past due for a "come to Jesus" meeting.

Narcissa as a portrait providing input and support has been great. Loved the glimpse of Severus earlier in the story as well. As always, I look forward to more.
Guest chapter 11 . 10/12
Wow, I love Draco and Hermione, but Astoria made me cry showing how broken she was while Hermione is resting, so I think it’s ok she is with Draco on this story lol! (But just in this one)

In part I do think it’s sad tha way that Harry is somehow broken, Harry and Hermione separated, and while he married Ginny he didn’t let her go. In a way Hermione was able to move on, while he stayed stuck on her.

Great chapter, it feels we are almost at an end, am I right?

Heksie chapter 11 . 10/11
viola1701e chapter 11 . 10/11
I think Harry will go crazy when he cant get to see Hermione ;)
mrs.haloona chapter 11 . 10/10
thank you for the update. I wonder what harry will do next, will Ginny and Neville get him to see reason ?
Matheus Vinicius chapter 11 . 10/10
Eu amo essa história! É tão refrescante, eu amo que você esteja brincando com as velhas magias, e que tenhamos tão boas perspectivas quanto a história se desenrola! Não posso esperar para ver o que está próximo :)
SereniteRose chapter 11 . 10/10
this chapter was worth the wait, thanks ever so much, GInny is such a jealous bitch harpy, I hope she get everything she deserves for taking Harry away from Hermione her and her mother Molly, and Ron as well what a waste of ink these three characters are, anyway thanks ever so much.
Erika chapter 11 . 10/10
Eu não tenho palavras para dizer o quanto você é incrível...mais uma vez parabéns...muita inspiração... que Deus te abençoe agora e sempre
Mistress-Cinder chapter 11 . 10/10
Cracker Jack Amazing Sauce Story So Far! I even read the last chapter twice. Love love love it!
moregoth chapter 11 . 10/10
Draco was going in this chapter! And lovely that Daphne is starting to understand.
laumirot chapter 11 . 10/10
Good chapter, thanks!
Susnsmsh chapter 11 . 10/10
Holy shit this story is captivating. I remain as amazed at your stories as I always am. Fantastic. Simply fantastic. Thank you for updating another story! I love them more than just about anyone's.
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